Fresh Diet: Eat Healthy Without the Hassle

Forbes "Most Promising U.S. Company" delivers fresh food to your door step.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Fresh Diet: Eat Healthy Without the Hassle
It might not feel like spring is almost here with this wicked winter storm hitting the East Coast. But now -- is definitely a time that you could start thinking about spring and summer. -- -- -- in those clothes eating healthy obviously a big part of it but cooking. Can definitely be a hassle want to bring in selling -- when he is founder and chairman of fresh diet the company that delivers fresh -- your doorstep also is all me. Managed to make it away from the storm in Miami this morning so you're enjoying things there -- trust. How how. -- -- your business is national though. How is it as a small business competing with all of these national companies in the -- space. -- definitely not easy you know compared to -- -- players like and future system any -- Jar buried her up and for eat with it marketing dollar and don't have so it's not easy but thanks to. Another generation we let -- with social media and public relations were able to get our brand out there and our team out there and really I'm -- come bark in this up. Very saturated industry. Right and and I think it it's of less and for anybody who is thinking about starting a business. In a space where there are existing players and big ones -- that. What do you think is the most important thing that you did as a company to get your name out to grow the business when you have the Weight Watchers the Jenny Craig's of the world out there competing with you. Think for us it was creating a superior product and really giving people. And something. Healthy but as well as -- may act. And deliver fresh you know the big players out there are not. At all up to -- to what we deliver we're delivering fresh food every single day we're giving our customers a lot of choices to pick from on line. I suppose you really a generic froze in arched a staple product that shipped to you medium month at a time -- each box from the Andersen for us. It was really out creating a much superior product and giving our customers that choice -- -- obviously it's more expensive. But the with price -- A lot better experience so for us that was -- We do have we have -- products here adds that it smells really -- -- your story they'll -- you put so much on the line to make this happen you mortgaged your home as many small businesses that do they have to mortgage their home in order to get that start up capital. In terms of the unknowns a day like today is a perfect example the weather. How does that impact your door to door service. Yeah and it definitely impacts us we've been delivering in the north east we deliver from a -- kitchen to Boston Washington DC Philadelphia -- New York tristate area. And we've been doing that since about 2008 and it's been pretty easy for us but this -- been. Really active we've for the fir time has missed delivery days I'm because obviously you know on Ronald and -- and on unusual basis. We have a really good technology system great infrastructure green logistic structure that. Allows us to make postal but -- we do deliveries ourselves or not really counting on a third party if -- -- goes a far away so we have to delay production. Or delayed deliveries it's all in our hands and that really out a -- winter storms. Or hurricanes for example -- anti last year and why an easy so at some practice. One last question about that the meal plan so if if someone wanted to do this three meals a day this this isn't cheap. What kind of price plan would you put together. There. -- so where -- about a 35 dollars a price. And that's real -- What we're trying to focus on we want to continue growing as we have been so. We're gonna focus on bringing up ice went down be rolling out some other value lines or I'm -- -- to compete with the bigger players but right now get three meals two snacks. It's about 35 dollars and -- delivered to your door and that's with delivery. Am I MIA reading between the lines here that there's going to be bars and -- says one of these days. Yeah I mean in the future we had an amazing infrastructure so whether it's partnering with outside people that are looking for great infrastructure international franchising organic or in organic growth other -- I mean we. Are looking at it also works cited what the future holds. Crash diet is -- me thank you so much we really appreciate you joining us thanks for happening.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Forbes \"Most Promising U.S. Company\" delivers fresh food to your door step.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"22498837","title":"Fresh Diet: Eat Healthy Without the Hassle ","url":"/Business/video/fresh-diet-eat-healthy-hassle-22498837"}