The Future of How You Watch TV

Digital pioneer & Buzzfeed investor reveals why digital video is taking over traditional TV
3:00 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for The Future of How You Watch TV
As evidenced by what we're doing right here right now there's a new generation of TV viewers who were not tuning in via cable in the big screen. More and more they are watching free on their tablets their PCs and of course on mobile. So we're curious here at real -- how long before what we know this TV today is a thing of the past. Well one of the digital pioneers is here to give us his two -- Eric hippo is managing director of -- ventures he partnered with Ken -- to build the digital video platform. Now this news and he's also the former CEO Huffington Post and an original investor in -- it's great to have you with us there -- -- -- you. Doing very well I mean we're we're good because we're on digital right -- yeah. The place to be. It is the place to be so people say but the question is people have been saying that for so long people have been saying we're gonna take over the Internet is gonna take over TV it still hasn't happened when does it happen. It's happening as we speak the the amount of viewing on the Internet is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- more -- -- -- -- being -- Thanks to the Internet -- on TV itself. There's so much contact out there. And I think as somebody who does a lot of web surfing myself sometimes getting through all of that -- -- Is it it's a problem because you can't find what you really are looking for cool do you believe is out there that's going to -- that remote control for the Internet. -- that we don't know yet that is true that is a huge amount -- just think about the it is some of the numbers -- 72 hours of video that's being uploaded every second on YouTube. And every day this 400 million snapshots which are being shared on that platform. So it's a huge amount of video and there is no guide for the moment but somehow people -- find their way. To the real quality content. All of -- that -- one big reason why FaceBook wanted to buy them for three billion dollars which sounded like an insanely high number to most people. It is a very high and opponents have certainly a high number to turn down. It is a very -- do you think they'll get another offer don't know that that will see its Soviet it's the social network of -- so that definitely -- a lot of value that's been built. What it comes to what we're going to see the Internet become if it becomes the main platform for people to view how it look different five years from now than today. But they want the -- that the main aspects is that as a blending of the different formats I think the the the difference between the movies and TV ads and you know small videos and on Hutu forces all of that will will blend into kind of continuous format so there won't be that distinction that this may today -- -- -- screens. You know -- become the small screen to -- -- is -- of choice and people will be wanting to watch everything on these smaller screen. So you're saying TV doesn't go away it just migrates to -- Internet form or absolutely and yourselves -- of the ABC have a. A great job security have great brands at great -- it's that it's gonna make its way to view. It's gonna make its way to the Internet -- you think is going to dominate as a player here. I think that it's still up in the air there's a whole bunch of new brands are being created of course you have YouTube. Which is the original into that. Distributor of a video which is huge -- But you brands -- being created every time we have venture capitalists we invest in new brands all the time so what's the TV it'll look like. Well TV is gonna be not on demand and that's always going to be all you know in the -- is he now pay as you go I've watch as you want to watch on -- screen on your phone on the tablet. Days in the except maybe for sports. You're not gonna be saying I have to watch -- -- -- -- All right I'm -- stared -- about that question is he's our next guest Eric about thanks so much appreciate you joining us -- of.

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{"id":20951376,"title":"The Future of How You Watch TV","duration":"3:00","description":"Digital pioneer & Buzzfeed investor reveals why digital video is taking over traditional TV","url":"/Business/video/future-watch-tv-20951376","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}