Gene Simmons talks new book 'On Power'

The Kiss frontman talks new book, 'On Power,' on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.'
22:00 | 11/17/17

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Transcript for Gene Simmons talks new book 'On Power'
Everyone I'm Rebecca jar is Gene Simmons is just falling asleep in my office joining me now live in all of you live here on ABC news. Digital also on FaceBook where you can ask multiple questions kiss co-founder. Author of the new book power Gene Simmons on power this power gene. Why read a book about power right now. Why not especially for women don't you women out there on to finally archer backs them up under. Two hind legs and say. I demand power half the world's population are females is not about time not only shared power book took advantage of visitors so many possibilities. And that's that are being somebody's life from taking his last name and on this and I defining yourself by a man. I have a daughter Sophie she's nobody's girlfriend she's got a boyfriend. She will decide who's gonna appealed a grave for her and it's time for men to just like get over yourself and I'm one of them. We've got testosterone on big gun owners of where morons OK we take we can we need to take lessons from you and I'm telling you I would be bereft. If I didn't show you the cover present in an effort fiduciary duty otherwise harpercollins won't be able to buy their moms of new house but they need. But in all seriousness. There's a lot of view there are singular and plural I used to teach sixth grade. And everything you and I learned in school those those little good. You asked a question how can get another gasp of oxygen problems look at all of the things that we learned in school do what's little in the real world so especially you women out there are one shouldn't just. Just shut off the TV in that stop looking at your hand held device and just listen to me for a second. The world can be yours there are countries that are led by women. You don't have to find yourself Miami get rid of the losers in your life. Take charge. And I've been catching some flak for what I said on the stand. On the stand upright and stand by every word I said if you're a twenty year old female. I strongly urge you not to have kids and Swanee. You're not qualified to do it you have gone to school you don't know what you're doing at that point wade a few years. Commit to your career take all the money you can and don't depend on your boyfriend he will lie and she didn't leave view. Make your own money become her own person and then from a position of strength. Then decide when you wanna have kids and how many you wanna adventurous. You came here ready ago. Well look I stand by my words hold options I. I just want to read your words accident because some people are probably watching we don't know exactly how journalism some months ago. Ari I just lottery your words back because he's an a that you mentioned New York Post in the near pros morning talk to the New York. Let's as winning can't have career and family so you said get over your biological urges. It's natural wanna have kids but story you can't have it both ways left to commit to either career family. Personal pronoun solutions are sorry story is Canadian. I'm for a minute that he got me there while so. Okay sell product to its natural want to have kids sorry you can't have it both ways you have to commit to either career families selfish. Do you leave steel believe this story is this. Just going to be good you belong on fox initially. That is true I stand by those words the younger you are. The more vulnerable you war. Because when you're corny and you enter the workplace that guys are not gonna stand still and wait futile or not so there are moving ahead. They're in competition with each other if you decide as a young woman a single young woman to get pregnant. Or on fortunately even if it happens accidentally they're not gonna wait for you to. Lovingly take care of your child they're gonna run right past you on the staircase of success I would strongly urged all young ladies because I want you to be the sea Eagles and the powerful women can and should be. Wait to have children if you're gonna get married at an early age weight. The guy you're marrying his barrel just at a big deep voice he's a horny fourteen year old kid they're not qualified. To even think of those terms I'm just saying life is serious and it's also not fair the world's sexist. Guys are thinking of you not as equals I'm I'm a guy. But it took me a long time to grow ops on telling you be Wear of man. Do not trust them they'll lie and cheat and tell you anything you want to hear so why depend on them when you can make your old money and become your own powerful person. And in return for that you're gonna have to wait a little bit to have children because as soon as you decide to have a child. I'm an only child from my mother I don't want you. To work as hard as my mother had to work to raise me and work in a sweat factory you can have it all. You may not be able to have it all at twenty. So it's only been given this a lot of thought since since the near post ran its article you've taken some flak you you made the rounds in agony over today than we are at age I was finished and I let you talk I didn't want to interrupt you are talking. So it seems like I mean. That you've thought about since you've had this conversation because it sounds to me like. A slightly differing. Version of what you what you what you said earlier because if you said. You have to commit to either career family what you're saying now is at them and that essentially what you're saying is you're encouraging. In particular women. To think and out. Delaying having a fan only to later in life pursuing a career earlier. So that's different than saying you can't have a career it's mop. Everything depends on. What hole you our will but that's that we that's not what this electorate but in something out of context to 01. Well absolutely it's right here in you have ten different lessons throughout the bonds are my aunt and yes absolutely and you get ten different lessons throughout the book. I want to get you more about the booking your story but it does the reason that we're talking about this first is because you came out of us. I wasn't anticipating I want its talk about your story and we're and your history and talk about but. Will we can't if you'll let me. Finish my sentences. But but. Ultimately this book you talk about ten different approaches to power and ten different ways of achieving power he'd talk about the fact that you there. You were born in Israel. You grew up. With a different named in Gene Simmons you were always on the path to becoming Gene Simmons kiss what you ultimately became that person three choices that you made. Powerful choices you meeting life. Oh so walk us through some of the decision making there and how people can apply that girl. Okay you ladies especially out there I think she's truly reflect. Example of what you can become don't let a six foot two Gunnison knew you and soak up the oxygen here. But despite and because of that I stand by it every word I said to you at the outset. Don't. My opinion who can do whatever you want. In the new book on power by the powerful interactive Gene Simmons I urge you please. At a very young age don't have children if you want to career don't do it. No matter what she says or CNN says or anybody else says you're going to be able. You're going to be it'd be huge disadvantage with of the New York Post as the New York Times I don't give a squat. I'm too rich to care what the New York Post or anybody else says I stand by every one of those words. I ask you please if you're young lady my daughter soltys 25 thank god. And she has aspirations she's making deals with a Estee Lauder and she's got writing a book and jewelry and stuff. How do you do that if you're at home lovingly taking care of your child don't. Do it when you're young wait a few years you can always have your cake later on. Commit yourself earlier aren't your career and then you can have your cake commuted to stand by everywhere of us. I'm curious to know I'm sure there people who are watching right now who have made choices in their lives that perhaps are different from past. What what would you recommend. That those individuals do. Because the idea in this book is essentially that you could. You can take power at any point that it's not about just. Having to start on day one but you do obviously talk about starting young that is one of the ideas in this book that you should start young. Well it's not necessarily the case it's never too late. As an example how wonderful is it that the American dream continues to be alive and well and I'm living proof. How about that wonderful inspirational grandmother. Who's waiting in line for her diploma right next of those little snot nosed kids who don't have a clue. What the diplomas going to mean to them she probably stepped up and decided to educate and empower ourselves. Self empowerment she decided to do that she doesn't have to be in the work force she understood intrinsically invariably. And other big words like that gymnasium that knowledge itself. Is your access to power that without people skills. Language skills being at the right place at the right time with the right thing you're gonna get nowhere fast so I'm telling you again. When a repeat it because I stand by my words you can't access power the power grid. Of course it it's going to be in New York than in the hills of Tennessee. You're now more power here unless you're standing on top of an oil field under your feet. You have more access to power here than you do it some other you know very small farm houses so what I want to tell you is. That everything that we went through they were nice circuses and soundbites and all that stand by every word I've said. You females the younger you are and I'm talking about my daughter Sophie to she's 25 thank god she doesn't have a child you can always have a child. Later in life is better also the guy you're getting romantically involved with he's an idiot. He's not ready to settle down I urge you my opinion find a more mature guy. Because he's not through yet being. It's gonna take him awhile my boyfriend's from all something ascent now means we have a question on okay. The music industries and in many ways is dead. What that means is that we weren't invaded by Russia or China who aliens didn't take over. The fans themselves killed the music industry by downloading and file sharing and blow by the way this does not affect me I'm already. Hideously rich and terribly good looking but. Let me Tug at the heart for a second you're you're hurting me. Here hurting them next band that may be the next Beatles of the next prints or the next whenever. They can make a living doing it because you're not paying for the music so they're going to be living with their mom in the basement. And try to make a living because my daughter had a song while she refuses to talk about music careers so she gets very ups. The unfortunate thing is that record companies don't know law anymore. And that is only due to the fact that plans. Are downloading and file sharing and refusing to pay for the saddest thing of all is. It's killing the new Baptist so much new talent out there will never have the chance that we. And my heart goes out. Ask you this question and doctor. That's not a question I ask you. I am curious about. Your perspective on the world and breaking through with a message today because. It seems to me that. For example the way that you you've started out this conversation it seems to me that being more polarizing. And more aggressive. And almost. For lack of a better way of putting it more obnoxious thing that that's. That's something that a lot of people. Believe cells and that is something that sells. I I sort of live on the other side of that where I wish that things were not so polarizing constantly where it didn't have to be that way. And I wish that there was more of and I hear that there's a consumer interests and that I hear from people. That they wish that there were something more unifying were unifying messages. But we just don't get them why you think they don't break through and why you think. That more outlandish more polarizing messages do work. Why he laughing. While the incidents so much. I was fascinated by the gift of I think we're getting along terrifically this is much more exciting than the person pictures the questions. Over the home place like an awful wrong. So I'll try to answer as best I can please an eight point stop me. Boring people are even if they have the right messages aren't going to get through so everything I say is my point of view. We can agree or we can agree to disagree. Really end of story. If. Do you think the work that I cannot SR Ocala if a nationally and I wish I had. If it's polarizing. Soviet. I stand by every word I say it's my point of view we can agree to disagree. But you know the people that disagree with you it's there America also who says it's it's your point of its. I'm telling you my point of view and America by the way elected a president who I happen to know him and who. The one before that in the long before that so gene but I'm telling you that the people that elect Democrats or Republicans and the people that agree on this and that. It's there America also so you can agree to disagree. But that doesn't mean we don't all belong in the same quilt in the same cloth that is America polarizing. I don't think it's so polarizing how about it just tell you how I feel and you can agree or disagree wise and become polarizing this big word. Well I'm just curious about from from the standpoint of boring use the word boring. Is it boring if your not polarizing in your opinion. What do you don't have to be Eisner. How about if everybody else there agrees with me and they don't agree with you. What does that mean you're polarizing and I'm more of what isn't popularity contests at the end of the day just speak your mind. Say what you mean and mean what USA and some people agree and some people won't welcome to earth not everybody likes Jesus either shellac. I beg your pardon. Absolutely. Oh and story polarizing I just I just question the name calling and some of the and you know coming out of the gay men swinging. That I I frankly had barely asked you a question and you came out of the gate swinging and I was surprised. Me. Well you you're talking about the fact that I should be at another network and and saying things like I shouldn't be doing my job as utterly. I've never sent that but I also complimented you. Regarding fox. I I don't understand why you would even bring that up. No idea weakened you on the tape and play. Are well anyway I'm curious to know going forward. For people out there who do want a breakthrough you know who. Are finding themselves. Trying to end their minds stand up for what's goods stand up for what they believe in and they're not breaking through what's your advice. There's speaking about different. Things. I'm talking about. I'm not talking about it or bad I'm saying breaking trail. Hughes Jews. And. Sure my point is if obviously any person who's doing whatever it is that they're doing they believed in. Here's something that they believe and it's not necessary do you think you can be successful pushing for something you don't believe all had you ever push for something you don't believe. I've worked in offices and for situations that I didn't like light went and told well wire the fat off of a butcher's block. I knew full well that the basement was full of rats and mice and yet you know the business continued. Have you ever produced music that you didn't believe that. Sure really of course really what's name one kiss on you didn't believe it. I was made for loving you became a huge worldwide hit the fact that I didn't believe and it shall walked when you go to a restaurant. And if the sheriff was at that restaurant hates spin itself ways. And you say to him. Give me a spinach souffle what is he going to tell you I don't believe in that I don't instruments in place. Or is he gonna make you the best spinach souffle you ever had whether he likes it or not. Sure if he's a wonderful. Consumer oriented shaft absolutely. Some but here's I let the ship but I'm thinking about music on that front noble is going to wait wait I would come back to this music question and I wanted to end the details of it. So before. In the case of the shaft you're talking about someone coming in an explicitly asking for it. Did you know that the customer IE your listeners were explicitly asking for a song. That you didn't want to create how could you possibly note that. You were. Will you said there was a song that you created that you didn't believe in so I guess I was trying to understand. Was that song before you create a song in the case of the shaft sure someone can walk and an asked for something. Glasses because I can't believe outscored house or concede. And you. Look I'm literally just any of us airlines person review like you personally. Mrs. cracked on kids on the try to explain as best care. It doesn't matter. Really intrinsically. Often if I don't get something that doesn't mean that you Walt Walt and it. Who knows who's to say you're the purveyor of the decision maker of what planet earth thinks is cool. I think lots of things are on cool that everybody Lopes. So whether you get there and is not the point as far as I'm concerned that's my point of view. And there are people who only do exactly what they believe him I say more power to you that's one way of doing it. My way of doing his pragmatism rules whether I get it or not. I'm telling you it's one of the ways the path of success with the you get it or not is not the issue you are here. At the behest of the masses they rule. They are you are the bosses whether I like Obama is not the point it's what you liked because there are more review than there are of me. I fully support you or idyllic romantic notion. And I fully support you or your aspirations to do it your way and my way and only what I believe. Bless you I hope you have great success. I'm a pragmatist I'm different we can agree to disagree. When I came to America I couldn't speak English I forced myself to learn a language my fourth long. Because I knew that would give me access to power I didn't want to learn English. Two. Men. That's the access to power I didn't want to live in New York it was allowed it was noisy it was this much you can live up in the woods but have no power. Why do all sorts of things all the time for pragmatic reasons how about you. Well certainly act I think that. There's absolutely pragmatism behind a lot of choices my point was purely that. I interview a number of very successful on for nor isn't CEOs people who are successful like yourself. And most of them will say. If you don't believe. In your product and for you. As a musician your product is your music so that they will say if you don't believe in that product. You can't possibly. Sell that product response from. Wanted to do that's. Everybody has focus groups and you try to do market reserves your point of view may be completely wrong. Why would Spielberg. Finish his movie exactly the way he wants to do it and I know that gentleman you know what he does not instruments on how to do movie. He doesn't his ways and he goes initials the film so the most unqualified people in the world in Ypsilanti Michigan godless along. Hi everybody and if you're slanted Michigan and they tell them what's wrong with the movie even if he doesn't believe in it. The changes are made it yet because he works for them. We have to please you pure politician a rock star yes even you. You have to please them we all do whether you believe in it or not and then you'll have a choice you know what was crosses the line. I can't do this because I don't believe in which case you'd sometimes unusual. You lose your job and somebody else steps and was a pragmatist. Because we all live and die by you you rule you are the bosses. If I don't get it maybe I've got the wrong job. All right well Gene Simmons thank you so much for joining me here again the book is called one power art route. Gene Simmons on power have a great day as I stand by everywhere to us.

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