Genius Let's You Annotate Your Music on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Yale alumni and Genius co-founders, Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory, talk creating a successful start-up, couples therapy and their favorite "isms" with Rebecca Jarvis on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
7:05 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Genius Let's You Annotate Your Music on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Wayne you are deciding what to do next. Think about the most painful most awful scary intimidating thing and do that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ahead words of genius. Genius HQ how. Come up with genius if you've never been listening to a song and wondered you know what does that line mean or what was that we're or what the song about. Or even what went down in the studio the day it was produced a goal of genius is a take that information and put it at your fingertips whenever you're listening to music. Need on our our citing if the every Hamilton track and there are ten times as many words written about. Ultimately X sanitation has been our affiliate themselves. Only jobless and I raise my father has no signs on the one. A home genius community dug up this lastly. It seems and what song where you listening to you when you came up with the site and we within to. Ally we weren't like have pops and obviously we weren't like oh this obscure rapper you never heard of we love Blake. You know camera Lil Wayne mix tape queasy at the time and you know nods and and and and that biggie into pot. So you're listening to learn music you're saying. What does it mean please explain. Well yeah I mean we were we were literally just listening and kicking it around and talking about the we're exit having. We just found it to be like an exhilarating conversation there's literally a moment we're Tom said. There should be a website for this remember it clears that. People are always pretending nothing's been on you can go out in the world and you'll be. In social situations you mention. The names of people or things in people's faces will light up. As if they recognize that your talk Matt often. They don't but they're pretending to and so it genius is about is making it cool admit that you don't now the reference that the person just made or what the person's talking to admit you don't know to learn. And that is the thing that drove the creation of the site since then we've taken the genius concept of deeper knowledge in context expand beyond music. To other forms of tax and literature now we have a new project for and attaining all of news and all the Internet door. Back story. Best friends met in college. Vehicles biffle C. What's the befell us from. As friend for life. You got it day. Yeah I'd never heard it sat out flat out how do you manage to work together as -- the two of you have guns couples fair have we ever. Is that still happening every week what do you talk about couples there you can only get caught up in what the next minute to do produce business what's the next. Sort of move yet to make does get a room. And don't talk about any specific operational goal just see what comes out how did you choose the values you wanted genius. To S house. It actually started adding we're doing this informally we met this at Gilbert who is one of our investors. And he runs many different companies he rhymes the online mortgage business the on sports teams he with. Hotels and real estate Detroit he basically said the most important thing is not what you do. It's who you are and what's changing weather you still vacuum cleaners are annotated we're X or rule whenever. You need to define who you are and that is the most important thing about managing a big organization it seems corny leaping about in the abstract actually start writing it you think well there's heavy stuff in here. I wouldn't go through tick tick for me ticked down all of the values what are how many values are there and a degree got you and you can there are okay so it. It's not not your job. That's the opening value. Which basically means that a company like he has at a start up your not going to. People's work isn't going to be signed very precisely got to look out and say oh here's a project that's important and no one is ultimately back stopping it now with opening ensuring advocates Donna I want to step up my bones here. To step up to handle at. Non not your job. One of them is called feel it to my face which is really about you know when you have something that's on your mind that's interpersonal. You should say it and say it directly to that person because if you down its can that come out another way is. The ending isn't going to the end is will figured out. Which is just an ism that represents the idea that things are gonna get stressful things reading it hard. Things are at times gonna feel really bad like here's this talk rob how we thought we had no idea. Will figured out something you can say to. But sure every one through our belief in ourselves and I engineer a hard worker going to be able to get to an answer so I can really rally Evelyn passover themed. And with it don't fill up on Brad. Which instantly work on small easy projects. Don't just fell upon an easy to do don't Tuesday. You can you can Alaskan king crab and he. It runs the spike on this. How can forget about what run this used uses runs a crucial run into the spike it's kind of a violent. Image. The idea is weighing you are deciding what these acts. Think about the most painful. Most awful scary intimidating thing indeed go to religion plays rather than saying go to the G and the we're saying whatever year whatever your thing is that gives you recharge you know you can massage you said go take a locker and ever but it's basically like. You're gonna get stressed out union overwhelmed do not think you have to have your body in this heat and that would doing work isn't doing your job is incidentally to push their interest your work but like give yourself a break like go to Dejan come back feel refreshed origin. Have absolutely. We have an Ohio. Go relax in the corridor that's it for me I remember clearly if the united UA BC can have and we where it. What's the toughest lesson you've had to learn in the creation of G yes. I think the most important lesson and probably it's obvious lesson is. Just never quit and so you know I went to speak to a young group of entrepreneurs recently in what's the one piece of advice or have a slight. Do not quit like you quitting is guaranteeing yourself failure not quitting does not guarantee success but just don't quit there you lots of times you feel like something else would be much better or much easier but. Everyone who's done any saying it that you look on the world and that gives valuable weather and entertainment and the arts. Start ups whenever. Had to fight. Through a lot of quitting. The same thing I tell people and has had a new world class potter as they make 101000 pots. Easy right it does make pots don't quit and I think what's the 101000 pots of business. You fill on the blanket yeah 101000 of them and no matter how painful it is or how about a new job you do on the first 58 keep doing it don't quit. Hands. He'll be good.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"Yale alumni and Genius co-founders, Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory, talk creating a successful start-up, couples therapy and their favorite \"isms\" with Rebecca Jarvis on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"39399906","title":"Genius Let's You Annotate Your Music on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis ","url":"/Business/video/genius-annotate-music-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-39399906"}