GM CEO: Internal Probe Findings Are 'Deeply Troubling'

Mary Barra says the company's handling of fatally flawed ignition switches was a result of incompetence.
1:43 | 06/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GM CEO: Internal Probe Findings Are 'Deeply Troubling'
General Motors CEO Mary -- was blunt this report. Is extremely -- Brutally top. And deeply troubling. She's talking about an internal GM investigation into the recall -- two point six million cars because there ignition switches that turn off unexpectedly. Shutting down the car power in safety systems including the airbag. The safety defects resulted in at least thirteen deaths. Records indicate GM knew about the problem as early as 2000 -- -- didn't address it until this year. -- -- the investigation found a pattern of incompetence. -- -- -- According to documents released by the auto maker the cost to fix the switch problem would have been just 57 cents per car. But -- emphasized that the internal review found no conspiracy. To cover up facts. No evidence that any GM employee made a trade off between safety. And costs the pattern of management deficiencies. And misjudgment. Often based on incomplete data that we're past stop at that time as business as usual. GM says the investigation included more than 350. Interviews with over 230 individuals. And more than 41 million documents. Fifteen people were fired -- said more than half were GM executives or higher. Some were removed because of what we consider -- contact or incompetence. Others have been relieved because they simply didn't do enough. GM we'll have a compensation program for victims' families are run by an outside manager Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"id":24009563,"title":"GM CEO: Internal Probe Findings Are 'Deeply Troubling'","duration":"1:43","description":"Mary Barra says the company's handling of fatally flawed ignition switches was a result of incompetence.","url":"/Business/video/gm-ceo-calls-internal-probe-findings-deeply-troubling-24009563","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}