'Hamilton' Star Daveed Diggs Talks Tony's, Contracts, and Freestyles On The Spot

"Hamilton" Star Daveed Diggs joins Rebecca on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis with a look at what it's really like behind the scenes on his hit Broadway show.
14:54 | 06/09/16

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Transcript for 'Hamilton' Star Daveed Diggs Talks Tony's, Contracts, and Freestyles On The Spot
I told it was a terrible idea you did absolutely when Tommy told me first told me about what it was ready some rap musical about Alexander Hamilton. I said that's a terrible idea what you were still and yeah yeah every campaign a couple of hours it in. No and a few band and then there is no box that is well. The sun comes up in the world still be. It happened and then up. Higher dollar Stuart couch surfing used to sleep on the train I have slept on the I wonder about the world that your living in right now and your whole perception. Of alt. Since that Tony announcements has been totally crazy I served. Wake there's a car at my house and then Michael that point in the direction and Jessica blatt. At the end of the day I get to go do you Hamilton which have been doing for years and years and years and know how to do really well. And half. Being mounted sent no. Was this part of your vision as a child growing up did you have any idea. Or any even desire to have all of this happening. Noon. Now a it's. I mean huge yes I knew I wanted to be an artist and I knew I wanted to to work in this world but I think best as far as. The parts of rap music that you see on TV instances you know looks like people make a good living doing that that the vast majority of people doing it that's not. Even when you know best case scenario you're touring everywhere you're getting to go everywhere but on towards pre even. And then you know go home and where we're at Newark headquarters. The successes that you get to dude I think that the rest of it's never factions. I'm wasn't prepared. You weren't I was not prepared what are the biggest surprise. Howl. Much. Reach this show has outside of any sort of typical the community. I should be allowed that to waive that albums previews we at this moment where. Listening party it was first Denton and the roots but everybody was everybody says. And we outset isn't it for the first time atlas. Gorgeous and doesn't sound like a Broadway cast album you know it sounds like. And. I had a volatile on social media about people who really care about this thing would never seen it. We don't you know who aren't necessarily musical theater bands or anything like and things yes. No album that's that's. But do you think about it in your own self reflection. About that the things and that means life that have happened the choices that you made that brought you here and what are. Yeah have always sort of chose him to go towards things that few. Things that do you and then now. Beyond seem like the smartest choice at the tan. You know for financial reasons. Whatever that. If if it. If piece of something I don't know you get a feeling that keeps coming back it's that's the thing you have to do that. The thing about making those decisions enough times over in the course your life as you run out of other skill sets. I can rat pack rat I can act in things in him. And that's like the window gets dollars not the options. Things are getting out here. And becoming more and more of a specialist in an area you can cast a really bright when you're younger wreck but. If you want it reached the top of something right you really do you have to focus and a focus now. Fortunately I haven't had focused hard isn't artists yet I think which is great and everyone told me I would. You know I remember of certain finishing college and a lot of teachers and then a lot of professionals I would come to later in life we're saying you keep you know there's a really long lines for both of these things like to be a musician actor. And what kind of action you wanna be you should probably choose one and really focus on and I can do is no I couldn't figure them out in my mind about how no one was really pay any. Anyway so like you know I didn't see there was no nuclear expansion and one of the F there that was. Sitting right at the apparently targeting that I no matter what I was doing some as well two. No and a few band and then there is no box that is well. The sun comes up in the world bills they. So another reason Hamilton's been a pretty interesting thing these girls have collided in a way that they hadn't heard me before. Where I get to go on stage and feel like I'm. Wrapping so you're the fastest rapper on Broadway nineteen words per three Sackett. Is what you do in the show that's OK well that's what her tea what's your favorite line. To spent. It's in Washington on besides Lynne wrote it late we were already agrees that the public showed up one and he says in I have four new bars for you. And ho hum because you don't do any showing off his Jefferson in the second act and I don't know why we would do that he can't have it and so and that ends with days. If Washington is angled isn't it disciplined is that this is different this is that they skated out but it that's. It's the most. It does however that up on stage the fast it's actually use stuff between about fast wrapping it. From a technical standpoint there only so many words in those spaces open and it's it's such a precise statement when she learned is really only one way you can say. It's of those ten optimists but it's a slower standing there really any I've had some epic. Some. Epic Braintree on this stage of my dad will isn't brain freeze where's Hawaiian. Ways Ian and we now. And it oak describes it as yet stroke. Skits. There is trading up lines where sort of trading outlines he says you are uniquely situated that your your position as David Burge was not aware that a plaza sit to the situation he says. To see financial gain to stray from a sacred mission and I went. Oh. And and it. Put my head and that I'd turned upstage. In his legs and my head the big problem in doing this at this moment every single person in the cast is on this standing around on the outside. And it will the last hit it and it. That everyone in the whole show is trying to hold it together how to care means Anderson it was. He sent to prevention and jumped right in like totally saved the scene because he's great game this commandment wouldn't in this together. Attacked a hook. Who is just the adding. Why it is okay open. And medley and zoning he exit the. God knows the best you know we've after you've done this show hundreds and hundred times what you live for that stuff but people view these screw out seem like that I'll tell my guide. And who's Gaza I mean you can't you know. If you're in the audience that night is special and nobody else we'll ever see you select the heck does it. Particularly special because of Lee you know everything is likened family in the air and making gives you did. Everyone's got that ammunition on the forever. One of the beauties of what Hamilton is addictive buys. All of the preconceived notions that people have about what works what's behind. Yeah I told it was a terrible idea. You did absolutely when Tommy told me first told me about what it was very some rap musical about Alexander Hamilton. I said that's a terrible idea that but you were still an. Yeah yeah every campaign to cut it as it in. And then in the music it was no line at. As soon as you heard any part of it made the most sense you couldn't believe it hadn't been done yet. Which since crazy because hearing the pitch was that this is not well nobody wants that. It. Humans that's time as you who is this for. Is your audience why would anybody buy this. I I I wonder. In the context of all of the success here happening at this stage in your career you're still relatively young. Does it worry you what if this is Miki K now I'm not saying that you well or that an art but how do you as they met through an and what do you think about in terms of what comes next and how you position yourself. Well. So there are few thesis. It's that fuse different question. Eight. If I'm peaking right now I'm fine action and I don't know what that means I don't think it's possible to be peaking artistically as something more things to do. And it really none of them involved musicals so I had I am not worried about that this was such an awesome entry into this world. And it's the only one I have reviewed that's okay. It's it was a really good way I'm happy to have done and there are a lot of other things and you so you know. You know actually artistically I'm going to be. Happy and produce work where there as many people care about it maybe in and that. That's fine what are some of the other things he liked him. And so many songs to me at me in. And my friend wrapping up its dollar empire right mean. We rates together all the time we have been for years and what's interesting about this platform is now there. Ways to sort of make these ideas actually kind of relations. We've got screenplays we've gotten TV show why are we anywhere. Because bull and will thank you do you think when that contracts are renegotiated for Hamilton. You'll stay. No news. Scenario were many factors. He's done a other opportunities that are coming but I clearly loved the show and it's amazing that as many times. It's still the most fun and every day. So. I. Yet if if I do stay I'll be totally happy with the decision view you know. Let and the other way to deal with this stuff is higher really good people who who actress how have you. Thought about all of this from a business and went oh man hire people who are relieved that. I am that at a commercial agent in Los Angeles. It eventually stopped going on editions that we're getting my cat and commercial expression additions were. Actually killing you remember last commercial and yes. I don't remember what it was for but I do you remember this flag I walked into her room news me. Fifty people in there and they all looked exactly. Things are about having a type you know images like oh. This is only light skinned black dudes with big hair like that holidays and that was a set of twins who look yes let me. I was like you're gonna cast the twins and you get two of us at one why would you like they were identical twins who looked like me it was jest. So fast and I don't even think state in the nation. And warm up to. Us we are way past the warm and oh I terrible. There's no warm up now from me anymore and he used to be maybe I used to I mean he's the house and musical don't just walk rounds and listening to when people were doing and let me and realize how much worse than them. Pattinson to answer any land values to do this I was stretching it to Easter and tracks like using. Them theaters. Relevant on the stand on this have visions. I. Basically going called. Hopefully all the talking and doing first warm with. Do you drink anything other any special teas are foods or things like that you either do or stay away from. Now. Half Imus having pizza right before. I know that's supposed to mean that you maybe but I don't know. That thing of it is slack. Voices in that country and that developed these characters to blame if Jefferson his horse that nine jumpers that is ours then it's. He's going to be fine you know I feel like it I was singing a song like like one last time. You know let I would I would format like crazy and you leading Hamilton locally for me is way easier than might have rapture. How so. It just hurts I mean a thing about a rap shows first of all the that situation is better. Yeah a really great Mike's we have a great sound guys live mixing everything and if you get quiet or he's gonna get out there you know like. It's in a beautiful theater rap shows are in awful bars with terrible sound screaming in the night. You're at a panel on the senate Elvis do you think Packers could use a few lines for me right now is this air on the nightly you know the audience's mind a narrow. I mean like if I can think it is it's this everybody trying to be Abbas not me. I don't know month employee. A one man Robin bandstand Iraqi of these going to be like a cop on the street not know Johnny La. Johnnie Walker to the job talk about a pattern rob out of back behind about the tobacco. Ron and in Barrington Levy break in the in this. Deathly you know unless I divest you of your life but I digress Imus I attacked that. Captain on our estimate sloppy seconds get a plate. I'll play the part of party rocker well pain like a rock well Rocco welfare client account with headline and it rock the bells raise enough to barnes' job it is far below. You wanna rock star like you play Guitar Hero they want it popped out but hologram and Ito that lets you back for real I don't see you know rap artists and you know. No reason why you log in so pitino and a cap might inherently in England and as The Beatles were revolutionary bit black rock creek top hit rock like me and my keys and my keys to a rock Maclean talk. Take my take hey that's my mind that rate right and weep for the rest went on pace and pace in the blue space like the moon on state cartoons about my face. In about MySpace can banks in a box it I can't rate that was. Are. Thank you for doing that I know what are you on the spot there that was so fantastic but thank you. Thank you it's great to get to do you mean like you know I've been raping longer than I've been doing anything for these it. When I can get over myself and does do it you're right it is the most it is that that's that that's the thing to do months.

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{"duration":"14:54","description":"\"Hamilton\" Star Daveed Diggs joins Rebecca on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis with a look at what it's really like behind the scenes on his hit Broadway show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"39710588","title":"'Hamilton' Star Daveed Diggs Talks Tony's, Contracts, and Freestyles On The Spot","url":"/Business/video/hamilton-star-daveed-diggs-talks-tonys-contracts-freestyles-39710588"}