Holiday Scam Tricks Drivers With $100 Bill

Car thieves are using money placed on windshields to tempt drivers out of their vehicles in Maryland.
1:39 | 11/20/14

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Transcript for Holiday Scam Tricks Drivers With $100 Bill
Under don't look good to a lot of people still they probably would jump out and get it and that's exactly what spammers are counting on. We don't want to steer people but we do want to be careful because Caron stride with the Maryland attorney general's office says what looks like a present. Is really a parking lot following this holiday shopping time this is plan the criminals are gonna come opposites when this scam artists are coming out. They're trying to get your money and trying to get your safety in any way they can and seven on your side discovered gamers are taking alarming approaching its. The AG's office says it's gotten reports of scarce in Maryland leaving 100 dollar bills on windshields the lure of cash used to carjacked Q. We are starting at your door wide open apple scammer is really need the 100 bucks on your dashboard just isn't that split second opportunity. It's sad that people at the state tonight and it level says. Especially around this time in the air but the holiday season leaves many shoppers open to scams. The AG's office is also warning of another plot where a scammer cried for help in a parking lot. We learned that the individual who was yelling for help was really just a scam artists who was looking to kidnap her a criminal act officials want to warn you about so you don't become a victim. This less mean now they maybe I need to be more cautious with inaction. On guard against holiday scanners that wanna do you harm. In Prince George's County Josie Sturm and ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"duration":"1:39","description":"Car thieves are using money placed on windshields to tempt drivers out of their vehicles in Maryland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27060166","title":"Holiday Scam Tricks Drivers With $100 Bill","url":"/Business/video/holiday-scam-tricks-drivers-100-dollar-bill-27060166"}