The Importance of Dad

Fodada clothing line teaches fathers the benefit of spending time with their children.
6:36 | 07/23/14

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You're rolling your child's life is just as important as a -- but apparently you're not getting the same level of appreciation in fact. Americans spent 41% more on Mother's Day than on father's day of course money isn't the only way to -- that you care but still. And for those of you who try your very best -- -- also revealed that you feel under appreciated. -- will bring in our next guest he's a man and a father who was built a business to tackle this very issue his name is Bobby RC and he is founder and chief dot. At -- it's so nice to have you with us. Thank you so -- strategy it's a pleasure. It's still. And what is this company -- -- selling clothes to help that's. Yes oddly enough you know we wanted to do what is his salary -- constant data and what it means all of us. -- the media and I chose to use it was something that was a no brainer and and -- and invent something new so clothing was one of the things that I almost everyone uses. And we started -- -- -- quality products and we can use it closed at the -- as our media and in you can become messengers certainty you something you liked. I can -- a message around -- that that you believe in. You aware and once you where he will be exposed to messaging expose -- when -- and network around two. So we started without an ever gonna take the funds from that and put on no cost program that we take extra to -- -- down so we're not really clothing company -- -- -- using -- -- are -- A way of getting -- -- job. I am all for appreciating dad I certainly appreciate mine he's fantastic. But I do one with statistics out they're like Americans spent 41% less on the -- day event on Mother's Day. If you're creating something people have to -- for dad and they're already not doing that -- didn't raise money for this. Well that's it that's your question we've been very lucky to have -- rates. Supporters out there -- -- been supporting us through this. Last two years he launched. And acting what would be he's getting traction out there is stacked in their amazing fought it out there and that's really -- these I I realize -- great apps out there but we're in this box retreat to spot surround ourselves or we say I'm OK with being a great dad in bids box. Below we need to -- and make sure that that message gets out this it's really back. The great -- that are being under exposed animal and it sure is -- this process. It is very simple thing -- piece of clothing their people's lights don't start getting that message to be more relevant to the forefront of discussion for people say it's -- -- are able to get that message out there herald news. We can into certain expected that to -- may -- more motivation. Or more -- dads of tomorrow looking to us and say you know it's -- to -- out there it's -- it's -- to be a great attitude appeared. It's a it's a great message and it's so interesting that. I do think that the clothing element of this is is interesting because you do see today so many companies from Tom -- To what you're doing with -- dot up. You see so many companies that are trying to link that. Consumer Al -- -- the let's be conscious let's be cognizant let's work toward a hot. Right absolutely acting is fantastic solace that sound just beginning to -- -- to the forefront. And there is no reason -- we talk entrepreneurs every day that are -- starter business and one of the things I preach to them is if you can find it is something that you're passionate. And didn't use a -- news or an actual tangible couldn't wrap around it is -- means so much more and we can use everything and anything to to go to message -- so why not do that want to make sure that every part of any company is something that does it for somebody else and -- especially for me. The idea victory data so incredibly important to me my family to -- -- everybody did we tax and we -- the -- something that we -- and being everyday use and -- want to be in their closet. Part of the the reason that you started this company I understand is because you believe that there's a father with crisis in America explain what you mean by that. Sure I you know what I would say it's -- to better receipt that from my perspective is that we believed that. There is just not enough notoriety and and when I began this process actually. Want you to join a group enjoying a and Rubin that was there but -- didn't see anything that was an at large scale. So I thought you know what I know some amazing artists out there and we how to do this because I -- selflessly I want to lead to correct legacy for my children two boys. And I want to understand what it means to be dad when he needs to Ian well invested. One -- Most interesting thing that we find -- -- and I've found is that we are -- who believe that we're only giving. -- -- you know you're supposed to do this -- purity in their -- homework with them cash but. Most. The best part about this process -- what -- gained from it and what we -- as a as a man. The father at this hour as its meeting members so you know what I see is that we're not. We got -- on April and it into most. Appreciative way and we not really using it to give ourselves the opportunity. To set that example excuses for that spending decent motivation -- -- -- Datsyuk tomorrow. I think what I am hearing you saying is that it's great to be that you really love it and it's it's a pleasure -- and -- -- as much as you're giving the relationship. I -- question and that is why do you think it is. That it -- dads are under appreciated. It's easy to see but I would say that it actually starts with us a leader not I think -- we have been on in -- -- And we have accepted that role that you know will sit in this box and went on with my family and I'm very open about my emotions and how I do my kids and what I do with them and this is about -- -- that that's out there and it starts with then I'm really shrank to make sure that we provide an opportunity for them to see something that celebrates them. To prevent accounted alignment content or Clint. And I think once that how it's. Once we get all -- street -- out there to say no this is an incredible -- not only do I know it personally but I want to share with everybody in -- gonna be set the example ninety -- back -- that is an incredible opportunity. -- for -- children but also for the -- and what that means for all us. Well the company has bowed out the man behind it is Bobbie thank you so much for joining us -- Thank you so much happening.

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{"id":24679182,"title":"The Importance of Dad","duration":"6:36","description":"Fodada clothing line teaches fathers the benefit of spending time with their children.","url":"/Business/video/importance-dad-24679182","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}