Inside Beavertown Brewery

An inside look at London's famed Beavertown Brewery, launched by Logan Plant.
12:38 | 05/26/16

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Transcript for Inside Beavertown Brewery
Eight of the craft beer channel on YouTube. Joins us right now for a little tour one of the places he liked to frequent there I think Sinatra being with. But it. Sit tell us where you are tell little bit about why you're there and and why you love. Crap here so much that you dedicated entire YouTube's general. I don't got to write many books about it as well I think the blood off in North London based consultant. Where an amazing brewery who beavis sound great kind of a robber thought of that sentence of they make fantastic it is fitting one vehicle Desmarais which is one of the most popular titles now in the UK and we hope the Americans don't. Who is its own twist on it that's what we created reverend. We get up the other tool we've. With the Aaron a government compliant. I love your slogan. It's weak travel the world finding the world's best Beers in telling you where and why sometimes with outs Larry. So ice supposed to do get to taste it well. We certainly do we and we loads are in this we're weak and normal rational as it goes on. Husband Neil I have to it yet. That's a good trend more or best analysts better than any other way. Did you take you think I'd let let's see where we're. I can't think. In America you have the most amazing grew up in movement over inherits much younger much smaller bus. Guys and it's really taking it. It Logan. Well you can. And what are you get this. We'll probably the reason is being seated you didn't want the maximum penalty. Ruth. Yeah and he's. We're. Six years. The yeast ingredients recipes. Progress. Reading experts officers he'd breeze. So he's. And niceties and mark. My mind always beating drinkers. On its head. And long. It was nice to meet. Well I. He played it. It is and has kid. Who has. My appreciation. An englishman is much. Thanks. Realizing that it wasn't just one. Executives of the hurts she's amazing in this. It. Regrets. The you guys have a look. These. Plants it itself use. Six. They really not my exploration. City. Next. So resolutely and and one of those bonuses and breezy. Still it's pretty. Obvious. That he wasn't pretty. Not me. Three. It is out of that long humorous. As well as. So. So. I was greeted. It on a little. Cool about it. Statements that you know. Wildlife hot pockets and what happens malls happy like me. I'm resent it. This is we'll. What crappy such. Was just it is it is obvious. It's going to be very very good angle. Please don't vote. You know full files. It will be. Nice. Soviet menace that is we'll see how well he the correct yet. The proposal it's. Did we Johnny Ellis with a drinking right now out of its case. Okay. Only. Claritin few days. If it. Feel. It's a new demands. This report finds that we days. Both of them via its. In and out. Since it's been. It's a good thing that you think. It's got. For the three basically if good. The shipping liquid and then we'll home surrounded they gave these big big saves commences. Commences saw. Threatening east. Should get them out on the outside and played horrible. Q and generally. Mobile home. Today economic conditions and against pot angle. You've got everything you know I mean that's must. My dad's it's. 97 and leases that nobody out. All right Bob. Which is about. 151000 of these boys. We previously thought today said concedes gold why kitchen. The London wheels. We have signed an American. Single. This keeping up with the the revelation. We got in him. New generation. We'll have you can close anyway my small okay. You can dream I thought this is running out. As miserable waiting to be you know he cannot. Approve is only slightly beat three. Justin regular. The whole thing. Not good. People. Blew up fuel there. Play. Didn't. Good she's. And only three. To help us. America. It's just Steve French boots. The best when she. We see the counting on students the Yakima. Many thousands of these. Let's blow this into context. In America bloody fight dollars and spent. Carl Peterson has we Michael might prevent. Here is Muslim school food we have pulled root breweries six anywhere in love. But about four and half thousand would be we have about one and a half thousand how this movement California. That's coming on however is news thoughts. This is a must investment for us. We went into. Recently when it comes is to eliminate oxygen lights. This coming on the beast reduces. It packages twelve. And minimizing the amount of oxygen pockets keeps obvious crash. Snuggling in these babies. It looks after the number long. For arts experience. That we could make it that you. Thanks to the quality on the weekends. You know what leads me to. It's a big education pieces it. Few minutes this event coordinated announcement is best pool. But the plays you can treat missiles. That matters but it takes to beautiful people. Cited as a freshman it is about the hypocrisy. Back to being you can again to drink. So we it was hard for an local. Tree branch. Unless of course you agree on TV in which case you'll see it through an agent point rent paid on quick question of Laurie happening and we gonna go into the. Yet we do is taking a look at that it's seeing that I see right back hitting me he called it and it's wrong. They get back that there are named fort that would actually plot that is what is written on this item and the after Afghans. Who just a little iffy economic theory yes that's exactly what is it. An amazing company did today it's them. Yeah I think he played his group might not night's battle with a minute. Not a stolen. But here's the other question. Wait you talk about and it's a little controversial in the whole craft beer world hold hands vs bottle thing. Let me it is not the hello my. The man had penalties Mary Hanna. Against these topical feeling like the I'm within three months. Whose motives that. Ball and we sat. I think. Fit into the kind of realistic merchants pounds livable my crystal was leaving town. It's a big happens now we will be these little ones feel I do cookies will be fierce pockets like this when you're drinking out soy. It's. There's nothing looks like not to me. Marlins as increased quality. It's also very important city to sound look at scientific. Believe it would be about one. He had have put in the breeze forget about it. The reason you prevent people. Fifteen minutes. As you cool cool local restaurants offered FaceBook. There you go play Johnny and look at we're gonna let you guys enjoy those pool hopping refreshments. Right there at the Beaverton brewery in London thanks so much about them for joining I think such an education I think I learned so much I did ten. And I met and image and I act I'm not either but I want to try that I actually met Robert Plant his father of Led Zeppelin. I think last year and he was and spastic.

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{"duration":"12:38","description":"An inside look at London's famed Beavertown Brewery, launched by Logan Plant. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"39404265","title":"Inside Beavertown Brewery","url":"/Business/video/inside-beavertown-brewery-39404265"}