Intel to Eliminate 12,000 Jobs Globally

The company's shift is in response to the drop in sales of personal computers.
0:51 | 04/20/16

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Transcript for Intel to Eliminate 12,000 Jobs Globally
Good morning topping America's money job cuts at Intel chip makers eliminating 121000 jobs or about 11% of its workforce. Intel is shifting its focus away from personal computers which. Aren't selling that well and another auto maker is admitting to falsifying data. Mitsubishi says inaccurate fuel economy tests involved 157000. Of its own cars in nearly half a million it made for Nissan. All for sale in Japan after making the announcement Mitsubishi executives bowed in apology. And Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is expected to make a decision about your money this week. He'll announce whether or not to remove Alexander Hamilton. From the ten dollar bill and had a woman later on Good Morning America we learn how popular Broadway shell may help Hamilton. Stay on the bill I hope there's a way to do it is possible it's my children when that's America's money have a great day.

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{"id":38539552,"title":"Intel to Eliminate 12,000 Jobs Globally","duration":"0:51","description":"The company's shift is in response to the drop in sales of personal computers.","url":"/Business/video/intel-eliminate-12000-jobs-globally-38539552","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}