'The Lion King' Broadway's First Billion Dollar Baby

Actors Aaron Nelson, Simba & Chantel Riley, Nala, reveal the challenges of being a star on stage
5:39 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for 'The Lion King' Broadway's First Billion Dollar Baby
Get right to it there is nothing like seeing a live show on Broadway if you've had a chance to it's so incredible the performance looks Wallace. And it's hard to picture how difficult the challenges that are going on behind the scenes are happening from those costly customs to the hours of make up. The Lion King produced by Disney which is our parent company. Is broadway's first billion dollar baby in its 16 Tony Awards and I want to welcome the actors who make it happen. Night after night. Airlines to make the magic happen. Aaron -- -- -- broadway's musical ruling -- And -- -- -- -- tonight to have both of you with us thank you -- -- -- -- tell you been doing this now in the -- -- -- three years -- you've been doing it for a year yet. Does it look for somebody who's not been behind the scenes -- -- world in one word what if it. -- magical. Oh yeah. Yeah yeah. Because you have a lot of animals you have so much happening that. Two years like going on backstage yeah -- directly. You know if you step out of line -- one house listens -- We have a lot of greasy hands and -- on board to make sure everything is super organized -- -- and gets out there on the time that needs to get there and put away in the times for the way. When there are so many elements that have to come together you have to be you organize again. Your next so it's it's 10 AM eastern time right -- -- action always 2 PM yet yet. What -- that first of all thank you I'm. Beyond that how much do you have to leave on a daily basis to get there and get ready with -- -- moving parts. Like well I call time is usually happen now reports those students. So we get there like today we get there -- there yet. And and that is -- parents and get prepared Norma stretch student needs you get -- it time and every once. She. -- -- -- -- show that you've been doing every year. Yeah. Nine I'm sorry I'm really. So this is not having for for people who are. Looking at you they and I remember my very first Broadway -- -- was about twelve years old I sat there and we need. But this -- job. At the end of the day this is what you do us for a job yes how many you make that work in your life. It's been a struggle you have to be a struggle for actors that we public appreciates director yeah. Did you know we're very fortunate you know this is and it's not often that you have a long running show like this in as acting humane thing -- -- -- it -- -- -- to be a part of you know companies like this and because the whole. Disney knows the family they always can can can rely on the job coming in and need -- -- some -- -- -- can come back. You know the visitors vacancies mean that his nose comes at them first of -- is just great to be a part of a family setting it works very. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And could be if I -- thirtieth I don't read that -- but must -- for me was when it first started. It is all new for me and minister for three years but this is -- -- ever so incredible it was a matter of getting used to the -- Theater atmosphere and being with such awesome abstinence and had to keep up so I -- Work at every day and vocal lesson. You know injured herself. So's from near the town apparently. Standard of us -- -- seventeen years. So you want -- six. Eight. I don't need to keep it right. And it's seventeen years two times that day. How do you keep it fresh every single day -- you know every audience is coming in it's like their first drive. I think we have the approach of the same way you know each day don't you know we don't want assuming things just time listen to each other you know we have a bad day is okay as -- -- to bring down stage that capping it yes yes. Yeah enough to send this type that they had casino management types and the within the story but -- Kind of integrate ourselves into the -- back to -- takes an app for thirty. That they what but what would your advice -- to others too are looking at you saying. What I would get to -- in years. You know I get tweets in Baghdad you know instantly and post FaceBook messages from people all of the world since. Saying you know how -- antegents jealous of but it took a lot of work to get hearing the auditions and rehearsals and takes a lot of work physically as well. You know so for me and I tell them you know work hard because you know takes a lot of -- feeding -- but always to dream big and never give up. Treat you wanna be on the State's you have to be extremely tenacious it -- me. Five years audition for five years before -- so yet they know the person -- isn't that salute we just have to keep going -- extremely tenacious. Greeted by so proud of both years I am let's be so proud and well. The Lion King on Broadway it will let it get on your -- -- gonna make -- I immediately taken. Batman that that's -- that's up. I think he's. They have you met -- is that the.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Actors Aaron Nelson, Simba & Chantel Riley, Nala, reveal the challenges of being a star on stage","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24584882","title":"'The Lion King' Broadway's First Billion Dollar Baby","url":"/Business/video/lion-king-broadways-billion-dollar-baby-24584882"}