Madison Reed: Making it Much Easier to Dye Your Hair at Home

Startup connects you with colorists online to help you pick the hair color right for you.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Madison Reed: Making it Much Easier to Dye Your Hair at Home
Startup that's hoping to take advantage of the big business of hair coloring nineteen million women in America cut -- their -- at home. And this new company is working to connect these at home at homers. Where the professional -- to teach them the -- and out here to explain via Skype from Silicon Valley in the air founder and CEO of Madison -- Amy so nice to speak with you thanks for getting up early to join us on real bits. We are back for patent. So I. I heard about this idea actually originally from a friend who said we should figure out how to do this it sounds really interesting how did you come up with it. Well I think you touched on something early on where you're just about Indonesian and I can't -- belief that. Innovation is going to -- everything you people's lives including things like -- -- So really took a look at what was going on the marquee in realize that there were only two options for women today. One was to go some place to buy -- -- that was not very good quality. In really hard to apply with not great results. And then the other side of the equation what's going to whistle and which took a lot of time much more expensive. It really started thinking about ways that both -- -- height and create unity against that. Instead developed -- product that's better for -- suite -- in our. Ammonia air -- resource and all -- in a lot of nutrients that your your story. And then we stood at age fifty women's bathrooms literally and watched and colored their hair. -- took a look at all the eight points in the application process what went so -- pinpoints -- Amy. There were a number of things one was the instructions were absolutely. Horrible it was like chemistry experiment and you don't really want -- chemistry experiment when it comes to your -- so there -- -- Clear. There was eerie -- and only tree in what I mean by this terrible -- that we're currently at work just hard to to handle. The application process was really Nancy and so there were just a lot of things that we looked at so we -- indeed. The entire application process and -- -- here is a beautiful black clothes -- cat. -- way to keep color often your skin. In any instructions that are built right in the spots more like an apple last box revue opening and -- Turkey. And so we were able to teach Indonesian in terms of product design and turn that into something that we think is the leading winning. And what's the cost of your product -- says that competition how much more or less -- -- from what you would get in a box in the store. So your typical -- color is about and dollars are products fully delivered including shipping is 2990 fat. In and we offered that come in two ways one is you can -- single box. A lot of our early customers are actually doing something called -- new. We are ready designee to frequency through which they won a boxing com. And it's so -- can be he'll show up for weeks five weeks six weeks breaks your door so we. Yeah before you have that late night oh my gosh there's great coming out I have a huge meeting tomorrow or whenever they cases are I wanna take a picture with the family tomorrow. You know it's coming to your door and it's not a last minute thing. It's interesting -- you know a company like the one that -- started. Many people would think well this woman must have been heavily into beauty she maybe she was working at a salon before but your background is is a lot different from that. How did you come to this idea of all ideas. Well I really have spent my career trying to -- consumer in points call -- And really this is -- -- -- more that I spoke to win in. Who either were so great that they couldn't last in between going -- We're just women who were tired of going to the salon because of the cost and how long it took. And then -- -- it is of what was going on around box color. I just started to think about science that Fries and a lot of my career has also been around -- technology. T really -- -- so let me give you a couple of examples here so one of the things that we allow you did you send a picture to us and we also have a lot of -- -- So we had a group of color it's that are on call. And basically can send a picture today and he can them on the phone -- each and and -- technology to unity. It is issue -- go onto our web site. We want to set an easy questions to help you identify what's watch your color -- -- you. In -- addition to that we have this meeting mobile act. That actually teaches you applied color to a video rate your bathroom and it's always control so the you don't need to -- the phone at all so a lot of my career has been speaking. -- -- -- -- -- Around categories that little innovation I was one of the early senior people at each retrain to. And so this is I think -- example. A business it's really focused on delighting customers. And you know -- early results are -- are showing that. Well Amy we really appreciate you joining us -- one last question do you -- your own hair -- Madison create. You're right after -- -- hit. That's -- good lives I have to say that's a lot of quality glad Amy thank you so lax absolutely fixer got an -- Amy area of -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Startup connects you with colorists online to help you pick the hair color right for you.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"22462613","title":"Madison Reed: Making it Much Easier to Dye Your Hair at Home","url":"/Business/video/madison-reed-making-easier-dye-hair-home-22462613"}