E-Store your stuff

Startup Makespace helps you clear clutter and store your things on the cloud.
5:54 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for E-Store your stuff
Well who Clifford get comedian George carlin's take on clutter. And I don't know how you but I need a place to put my stuff so that's happened. Trying to find a place -- -- that you know what that is that's old that's the whole meaning of life is an attorney and to find a place fieldstone. Let's -- find a place to just put our stuff. Everyone needs a place to store and if you -- in a city like New York -- you know the small apartment can barely handle all the junk so maybe you glad you rent a storage locker. May he live among it and go crazy well Sam Rosen is the founder and CEO makes face -- he's come up with a way to disrupt the 24 billion dollar storage business. It involves the cloud and if you're not exactly sure how you can store your winter clothing golf clubs in the cloud he's here to explain -- Thank you for having me this morning -- for being here so this is this is this is how you get yourself into the cloud which makes me think I mean -- this isn't the patent. -- this is not -- cut some makes peace is cloud storage for physical things think bed sheets and Crocs not spreadsheets and -- And just as easy it is as it is to order groceries from for extract. -- -- makes it dead simple -- -- quarters storage at your door. So you show up at -- or. Yes and you take it letter -- exactly so to put your stuff into the crowd it's just three easy steps the first is scheduled reservation online -- mix -- dot com. Or give us a call. The second is we actually show your house with -- plastic bins. You fill them up with yourself and -- -- wait twenty minutes -- you pack them up. Or come back -- you think you gonna take me twenty minutes to pack my man or for free will come back in two weeks that he needs some time and lots of customers like this may be over weekend while they're planning. Spring -- something that. -- -- the bins with their items like this with shirts and sweaters and jackets put away those winner stuff to make room for Summers. And then we come back to them pick up those items plus an oversized items like -- kaczynski's. Things that don't -- organs and we take away to our facility. We actually created digital catalog on the third step is we take those pictures and the descriptions that you can actually right on the top of the game. Just like you're writing a label on -- box and up of those -- private account online and all your things are available. So I dumped -- my junk let's just say I decided to do it and the twenty minutes that you showed up for. -- -- -- dumped everything in your box would you go through it and categorize everything for me so. At the moment we don't go through things -- -- -- -- -- development they'll allow customers to pictures of their stuff. They can remember every single item but we -- -- really unique catalog and process when your stuff comes back to our warehouse it's actually inventory for you. And with the customer's permission which is given to us at a check out when they make a reservation. -- actually looked to have us in some cases open up their -- on the record -- studio in our warehouse photographer takes a bird's -- picture of the bin. And that image plus a descriptions actually loaded up right online so he that he is dumping you don't have -- twenty minutes to do it. I have your very busy mother you're an elderly person or college student or even yourself busy day or ended you could just do -- and we take care of that inventory process. And who you see is your biggest competition is -- the moving companies that might show up at someone's door and arrange everything and then move it potentially to a storage locker yes. You know we really see this is a new product in an old school loses that has not changed in almost fifty years rates so. You think of the traditional classic self storage. It's really bad for customers it's a terrible experiences had a -- -- -- -- some bad stuff going down in the -- and drug deals for sixteen people sleeping there. What else we have amazing customer service the second is -- never actually to slip through storage facility. So we have a lot of customers who never used storage before at all and now that -- is available in the cloud. They are now storage customers and a third is they have to forget what they put away who hasn't had a friend -- -- unit. He forgot what's inside which makes these are inventory process and you did it give it the ability to log online push a button and get yourself back. He never forget -- sort of way. And it's interstate first of all your UBA grad yes Bill Bradley and I I -- because you pack your UBX lecture at the company is sixteen months old wearing storing all the stuff. Yet so we took a really big warehouse currently in Jersey City, New Jersey and make sense right because more and more people are moving to cities with urbanization. Real estate prices continue to rise just like I'm sure your apartment is so much more expensive. Today that it was a year and you don't wanna necessarily rat's -- that you can store all your style rice -- kind of like a reverse Amazon right we have a big warehouse outside the city and passed on that that cost savings. To our customers and we start all their things co located with other people's things in -- safe -- and what does it cost. So each in the six dollars and 25 cents per month to store and plans start at 25 dollars a month for four -- So for some people who are thinking I don't actually want an entire storage locker -- a when a paper that much space. This is your way of answering that question is about security and -- you mention that you take the picture off the bat how else are you ensuring people's property. -- -- -- the two million dollar insurance policy that doesn't only discovered people sings in the days. But also our drivers who Schultz your home for example all of our upload team. Their background -- professional right -- speak with her very rigorous screening process. But what happens if they were slipping falling house just like a painter a -- Police action an insurance policy that covers and even if they slip down the stairs -- -- -- out to make sure that yet -- protective. And how many employees as it taps -- actually it sixteen employees and will be twenty by the end of the twenty by the end of the month what's that -- The goal really is to be the national storage friend a lot of storage companies that you think particularly in New York they've -- these big presence is in New York. But they don't have a big presence Nash and you -- to be the national -- 6000 thanks so much to make space in the company starts at six bucks a box. That's for six usage Tony 645 a box are I think some I think from appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Startup Makespace helps you clear clutter and store your things on the cloud.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23361929","title":"E-Store your stuff","url":"/Business/video/makespace-company-lets-store-stuff-cloud-23361929"}