Get Measured for a Custom Tailored Suit Without Stepping Foot In The Store

Knot Standard's high-tech website measures you right from your living room.
5:15 | 08/19/14

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Transcript for Get Measured for a Custom Tailored Suit Without Stepping Foot In The Store
So imagine and it's no crowds no waiting no fitting room and any and -- custom tailored suit thanks to this new start up. You no longer have to step in the store even go to the Taylor to look like a million bucks not standards high tech web site lets you. Measure yourself from head to -- And then they're gonna create custom tailored suit just for you here explainer both the co founders and CEOs of not standard Jon -- and -- Mueller it's a nice to have both of you with us well. -- and I senior wearing your product today of course -- did you measure -- -- for this product no we have professionals. Then you have professional do that so that was kind of one of my first questions because they think about. My husband for example I'm not so sure that I would hand him the measuring tape and say go to -- -- Figure it out and send in the details how do you do that how do you make sure that it's right. -- the great news this he has options your husband who he can choose to use -- so militant videos if you trust himself of any of them. He can choose to use our web cam if he says I'm gonna put it in the -- of technology. Ability to -- him scared me and had to make my suit. On the back and lastly he can use if our -- -- program which is. Pretty -- what we actually did -- over the past couple years we built a database. All of the common suits that our customers come to us formally wearing. What was the favorite -- you had before you had your first customs it. At any of the that means the major brand name just yet they're J. Crew -- Brooks Brothers. They come to us and they say this is my favorites in this -- what it looked like it but I wish this leads or half an inch longer the wait was -- smaller and they were just a little bit tighter in the -- Great we know exactly what you look like new measuring tape required and we can make a custom suit basically about reverse engineering what's in her closet. They -- husband doesn't have to become -- measure. But I will say -- the measuring tape -- now that measuring himself with an -- I will say this though is -- funny interest in point we used to let people go to -- or dry cleaners or anyone who is comfortable with a measuring tape and then they get talked dad. Dealing with you you know actually there we get incorrect measurement from the Israeli and you'll take a much better measurement. Then anyone else who you think -- is in the fashion business he'll be careful about it you'll watch the videos of -- very clear. And we do this for thousands and thousands of people every month so we know what mistakes are gonna make. And what is and what -- -- alleged you to bits of all things to create tailoring -- It's great questions a week for both expressed living in Dubai at the time in. Were suddenly exposed to a lot more style conscious culture big European influence. You know a great amount of custom -- floating around the area specifically in the emerging markets. There were working jobs and finance and technology respectively. And had the opportunity to do this for ourselves as just a passion project making suits for ourselves with custom tailors. -- into if my friend visited but could he get a suit to what -- -- never came. We -- this cap yeah. That question never goes away but you know five generations later and five years later. We have come feel like -- from where we -- started. Into -- seven global -- -- you know a Washington employees all over the globe. And services that are second -- -- have called in service. And what does it cost to get one of these six. Great question we we started at 500 dollars we start now -- -- well on the web site. And you can come into one of our -- rooms and get someone to design something specifically for where you from scratch for about 800 dollars. We also do a lot of corporate fittings and in sports teams like we do the University of Texas football team. And very nice obviously a lot of the larger six yes you guys make them and that that's absolutely clear. They didn't -- told an understatement for those whose -- so but -- Mets at the offline in the showrooms. -- start around 800 dollars and can go upwards of 3000 so. For the -- -- discerning gentleman who knows what he wants and knows the fabric brand that he requires we have those options as well. What's the goal for you do you want to be sold for example would you like -- place inside about Bloomingdale's or Saks or is it to stay. Independent and go public -- Wolf two different questions there voted -- on the public side -- a lot of via public cutting absolutely who is so. There where we are now is we have such -- be fruitful business selling direct to consumer. Without the typical wholesale retail trip wires and inventory loss that we're very happy where we are would would be -- wounded on the road for marketing and customer acquisition purposes to partner with the Blue Hills Nordstrom's. What's really evaluate when it came across replace. The goal for us. -- actually to take guys -- buy off Iraq right now and that's 98% of the seats that are sold today and get them to take the plunge try their first custom suit. When people come to us and they do that they come back our repeat purchase percentages upward of 60% of the customers at try -- come back in one year or -- and what about women. Great to get the wincing business we'd probably get that -- any time today -- the women's seed business is more based on perception. A guy wants to be told that he looks good to know that it looks good a woman wants to have something that she's comfortable with that she's familiar with -- and for us to get into that business is gonna take. I would say -- -- -- it doesn't exactly met John thank you so much but I think -- me of thanks very much reverence.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Knot Standard's high-tech website measures you right from your living room.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"25039334","title":"Get Measured for a Custom Tailored Suit Without Stepping Foot In The Store ","url":"/Business/video/measured-custom-tailored-suit-stepping-foot-store-25039334"}