From an Online Gym to the Hits and Misses of Super Bowl

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what she's watching this week on Real Biz 2.03.2014
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for From an Online Gym to the Hits and Misses of Super Bowl
Hello and welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City here's what's happening right now is the morning after the Super Bowl blowout. And -- hits and misses keep coming up plus a start up here to help folks not follow up their New Year's resolutions in the fitness bandwagon. And the like wise wild ride for your money. Is another rough week on tap really get to this -- -- -- just a minute but I want to work out those wings I'm sure many of you. Over indulge as I did on Super Bowl Sunday we'll now we're gonna find out how to do it in here to explain what it's all about -- Tonya -- she is co-founder. Physique 57 it's a popular fitness program among Hollywood celebrity's. And it's also now online it's amazing to me Tanya thank you so much thank you for having were thrilled to have you it's it's a month into the year yes lot of people might have started out strong. Always do it that's how we're only -- -- so crowded that in the very early stages of January and it -- often mean how to stay on track. Well it ended it's it's it's challenging -- a lot of times people come lost -- And I always -- one of the biggest things as this is keep it simple and be specific step. We get whether it's losing five pounds and we're just going to look more tone in your clothing be as specific as possible. And the scheduling or workouts so if you just say I just -- -- lose a lot of weight like I games like seventy pounds with my twins -- with great regret I really think yet but thank you. Can. On your -- after and I ticket five pounds and at times they want to make -- -- -- -- But you also want to make it you know -- how did you lose that seventy pounds and how -- it take you. So I didn't put a time limit on it I'd just -- it. I'm glasses he worked. Because I would have to get a new job. But I think had I took classes I was in there and I really how to work for and it was just. And what's great -- like you mentioned are online videos we have thirteen videos online and when I couldn't get to the studio are too tired of the kids very you know. Baby baby's name that's where it just gaze at its finding ways and not excuses and squeezing it yes you're apparently have a and making it something that you want to do that -- a close like. Going on -- honeymoon are you know I I love there's agree commercial -- -- the woman hangs a bathing suit up and yes just eating the yogurt it's like find something that's going to be him an emotional tie in and that'll keep you accountable and committed to -- just families a lot of ways it's like why. Why do you want to lose a lot. I think you know you say he didn't put a timeline on it but sometimes I do think that happening. That goal and sort of an objective but not like you can feel bad about it -- -- You don't need it yet but just because it just -- -- it you know a psychological standpoint. It is easier to say okay I'm gonna do this and I that make it happen by this state like running a marathon. Right you have to have -- in your right it should be a time bound you don't want to be like losing five pounds for like two years ago -- Yes and -- I try to do it week by week and I teach for a living that's what -- do. And I still have to schedule my workouts and my planner like appointments or meetings like they're just -- is that you don't put them down. For me it's not happening aren't just I'm just not gonna -- I'm tired at the end of the day or. Now you. So we've been showing some videos of what physique 57 is but for those who aren't familiar with that. It is something a lot of Hollywood celebrities are doing but it it that's really plays off of ballet and really strengthening -- -- getting the muscles. -- -- -- I was a dancer choreographer most of my life on and on into the group fitness industry I realize if you took those principles -- the methods that dancers use. And apply them to -- strength training and stretching not only did you get a look of a dancer and this is for -- on by the way my mother takes class. That you will get the results quick and that's why else a lot of -- -- has its that we use a method called interval overload we take a muscle and -- -- experience at. -- feel a lot of burden that we stretch it. Lots and lots of repetitions of the same thing lots petitions but our workouts which is one of the things I love they're always a little different sent. Our content online is all the workouts -- different. But say yes a lot of little -- that repetitions that get right in there and and you immediately feel your muscles like lift them up and in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just doing these and you don't have to commit -- -- we have dvds but it's so gripping online continent really really is. Your thirty minutes to -- thirty minute a lot of of them and -- thirty minutes you get it done -- time yet you what you actually you just told me that your your kids your twins are now. 23 month went -- -- young adult. Tonya. -- -- -- twenty humans you look fantastic thank you sound I think you so much for joining us busy 57 it's here in New York. It's and California as well -- and Beverly Hills and Dubai. Dubai. -- if you're if you're watching real bits from Dubai there's a place for you and anyone else you can do it on -- right exactly thanks so much -- -- every day. I want to turn -- to the massive week ahead as far as your finances are concerned and -- Lister is co host of the daily ticker on Yahoo! finance that she's joining us now Lauren. How large -- Good -- taken legal work out her -- -- that plan but I can tell you that people's money -- -- work out right now in the markets it was a dismal month and January average looking to see what it's gonna be like in January -- wanna start with what you're watching in February what's the most important thing this week. -- so there's a couple things so first. We -- -- February with -- -- behind adds that as goes January so goes the year when it comes to the stock market to people be. But from pursing differing numbers to say hey is this going to be the case when you look -- over the past 25 years it actually is a case about 65% of the time. That's not great news for us because -- the Dow was down 5% in January the S&P 500 down more than three a half percent but. The core relation between January and the rest of the year is much higher when January -- -- up my right it actually falls quite substantially when it's a -- month only about 22% of the time. -- that -- play out said that some good news and in terms of what. It's kind of top of mind we have a big team with the jobs number -- we get the employment report on Friday -- that's kind of the really key economic report that we're gonna get. -- at any. I just -- -- stopping their Lauren about that jobs report because there's a lot of people were saying. You know why is December an aberration was an anomaly that December was such a weak jobs month. What are most analysts looking at for the January jobs report number how many jobs -- leaving the economy -- so. Analysts are looking for a more normal January jobs report they're looking for about a 180000. New jobs added which if that is the case would show that January with a fleet that the week 74000. Jobs added was just a fluke. Analysts are hoping for some revisions at that number is revised up higher. And -- January we'll just kind of say that were right on track. The hit is it some people are coming out saying that there's concern that the unseasonably. Cold January and will affect the jobs picture because although that kind of -- seasonal factor of just. Being winter is factored into. At a record three aging cold winter isn't factored -- so that doesn't have a bearing long term on the job market but it does mean day it. Truck drivers one on the road construction crews were sent home and that short term it can have an impact on how January it looks at that's the one -- a red flag that would send up at this point. Lauren -- we're taking -- -- staying financially -- -- so much thanks have a great day. Last week remember -- rebel told us all about the wings. And they were the ones that we were going to eat before the big game he told us all that well now he's back to tell us about the hits and misses. Of the actual game itself there he's joining us on Skype. It outlet where are you daring. Must standing in my daughter's bedroom right now -- I. I don't really care given that I've been the million -- -- school. And every party and the Super Bowl and you side also tell us what he's what was the hits and misses of at all. Listen I I -- the Cheerios commercial with the daughter in the father and her -- in the cheerio for the dog I thought that was using the actual product. You know it's it's a kind of salad was also -- you know Budweiser with their puppy love with the collides -- -- the poppies they came out really well but yet it -- it sell beer room as we know beer especially -- -- craft beer Anheuser-Busch guys sure they own 50%. Sales in America but they've been -- relatively static does -- do anything and -- I would say that as far as content marketing content marketing his team didn't you read those in this stand that that human garrido. Where where the jury goes people got sixty people put him in Orange jackets and -- union -- in the stands that was corporal. And I and I love. And then they were gonna pass that on do you in creating some sort of viral social buzz I think that was good as well. -- one point five million dollars passed on -- -- -- just a question how many parties did you end up going to over this weekend. I went to rule about eight I I bailed late on Saturday -- did not go to -- party since -- sure he was gonna show up probably around 3 AM and that wasn't gonna be good for me coming into Sunday. -- I heard actually that there was an hour long waits and I actually talked at some VIPs who we're going to that party there was an hourlong wait. Just to get in to Beijing -- party but they said it was worth it once they got there. I I I think most of these parties as you might have found out I mean was there anything really great outstanding. I wasn't at the DirecTV party but for the most part parties Cindy. May -- and getting to wolves that -- at some point. You are joining us from your daughter's bedroom. -- -- Syria's that that element in all of this -- Yeah imagine something though about the ads you said it -- the beer ad that the Budweiser ad with its adorable dog and the the Budweiser horse. It -- sell beer but to many are the ads really about selling the product -- -- about selling a concept that people are gonna talk about online after the. -- it depends on who you are in for Budweiser. Anheuser-Busch it's obviously a branding play we all know you are my point is you know -- that the and meet me wanna buy a -- your client still more than -- Well I will be curious to know you end up with a client sales air valves and you know I'll be walking around with you not real -- with it. -- -- -- Getting rest tonight you can check out the full episode inside the Super Bowl economy it's coming up on Nightline. At 12:35 eastern 11:45 central and one of the things that I think is gonna surprise you the most is how Joseph cool and of luxury retreats that guy who flew in all the way from Montreal for the Super Bowl. How he actually spent Super Bowl day it's all going to be on Nightline tonight thanks so much for joining us today out of real -- will see you next time have a great line.

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