PF Chang's Investigates Possible Data Breach

Credit and debit card data reportedly appeared on the same underground site linked to the Target breach.
1:20 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for PF Chang's Investigates Possible Data Breach
America this morning continues now with America's money. Breaking business news overnight shift change is looking into apostle data breach involving its restaurants across the country. Data from thousands in credit and debit cards may have been stolen. They reportedly popped up on the same underground website linked to the massive target breached the stolen cards had all been used -- PF Chang's from march through today. United Airlines the latest carrier -- change the rules for frequent fliers instead of earning miles based on how much they fly passengers will soon be rewarded for how much they paid for their tickets that means first class and business travelers. Will rack up frequent fliers but it won't nearly be as beneficial if you fly coach the new policy takes effect. Next march. The FAA is given permission for the first commercial -- flight over the US oil giant BP being allowed to fly its drone over Alaska's northern slope. The largest oil field in the nation the company says its flights will be used for maintenance purposes. Ford and Hines are teaming up to research ways of using the ketchup maker's waste made appeals and stands in scenes aren't used in catch up there. Process and the -- it's -- can be used in manufacturing. Ford says it might be able to use them to make car parts believe it or not including cup holders. And --

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{"id":24087060,"title":"PF Chang's Investigates Possible Data Breach","duration":"1:20","description":"Credit and debit card data reportedly appeared on the same underground site linked to the Target breach.","url":"/Business/video/pf-changs-investigates-possible-data-breach-24087060","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}