Here's Why You May Never Need to Go to a Post Office Again

Rebecca goes one-on-one with Shyp CEO Kevin Gibbons who is revolutionizing the postal industry.
4:25 | 05/18/15

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Transcript for Here's Why You May Never Need to Go to a Post Office Again
I haven't. Hit 100 yeah he would thanks some rides and thirty pack it's the easiest. Ladies and anything. Ali do a whenever out to get its nearly everywhere with him anywhere in the world will come to you last twenty minutes and we'll keep ticket all the packaging. And it actually sit national carriers and charge you retail rates of violent. He must act the lowest it it's well so he'll. Via civil rights and there Walton the national. Carriers that use its inquiry today. It. It's it's in the future when we launch a city that we still what we do on the actual back and logistics question. This will put people in specific neighborhoods. In order to make that morning and pick up time and then as the hearing Timor more we'll start broadening the coverage of the city's operating. Yes others San Francisco Miami and we're just getting in LA LA times will be three. Every city in the U I everywhere and they globally. Script. Yeah it's in just create a better experience. Shipping especially for consumers it's so difficult and I think that people once in the audience here just gonna use it a lot more whether you're gonna. Send our kids before thoughtful yourself mornings a line. You're gonna return more things so essentially buying more things as well I think there's a really big need this to me that Texans and. People are doing a lot worse topping out I guess I am not certain revolutionize Atmel we have thinking and now every other retailers doing name. Look people using civil war I nearly sit. Returns he is three means he's you have but we're just mentioned yet dean selling online and then returns. I'd say returns as a higher frequency use case because in a lot of power shoppers. Abide lots of things and then they just after turn it on some than it was we've seen is that today a third of all e-commerce transactions are returned. And so it's actually really really big park. And the nuisance having yeah right packed everything up yeah everybody at each week and yet. Did he say you know because I mean I bucks for that I could just do it myself he would be Greenwood street. That's the only candidate things like the value that we provide is definitely worth that we see that asked people are using what they're doing instead of having to just go down on post office and we completely free ship mean they're paying the five dollars and having the convenience of osment to them is enough of them. I would imagine there are people who are probably didn't think an englishman how well I think you have snapped but I need my Hoover. Penny lovers and comparing recruitment and. Exactly we speed you do not periods and it is a look this is that a little harder but we have had people that. Will give a small part in behavior knowing him from Texas and New Yorkers and that testing pitcher will come in for five dollars and that plus that their cost of retail shipping will. We'll do everything for you we ask him in the act case if you boxing's is this a little harder for us via. You're relatively young company yet just raise fifty million dollars that's how did you time. What what did you do to get that puck. It's that for us is really different stages of the company the very first stage and some days they can be tied it financing rounds through and through three financing rounds the first one was really into it. We built this week the listened one's ability lucky ones this. Did that would exceed ground or series here and it's really too few. Would that we could expand. And now that this later finance round is to expand even further taxing the people a lot of products. Like this is something that. It's you look at it I think it's similar to Hoover it's like if if I was an exciting years ago that impressive run get a card review news service Morrison woods the same thing with us it's. Not not a matter if you use it is that if you can you feel that very cost effectively then people will use I think we're editors. Yeah. We want to take that being away for as many people that domestically and globally fitness balls. Having given CEO of symphony. Like yeah. He's so much think Gary.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Rebecca goes one-on-one with Shyp CEO Kevin Gibbons who is revolutionizing the postal industry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"31132742","title":"Here's Why You May Never Need to Go to a Post Office Again","url":"/Business/video/post-office-31132742"}