Real Biz Goes to London

A Special London Edition of Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.
7:26 | 07/10/15

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Transcript for Real Biz Goes to London
Hello and welcome to real bands from across the pond I'm coming to you from. London England here on assignment for ABC news. And we thought why not take real bits on the road and when you hear who we got our reeled is rapid fire treatment with this week you'll see alum makes cents. Also coming up we'll give you the real me is run down five things you need to know for the week ahead. And apparently. It's a week for technical glitches from United Airlines to the Wall Street Journal. Even the New York Stock Exchange opt agreed completely halted for hours due to. Technical difficulties. US officials say they have no evidence that the computer breakdowns were the result of a massive coordinated cyber attack. But some cyber terror experts say it is still far too soon to know for sure. It's a good thing we've never had to deal with anything like that here on real office. But first let's hear from one of my favorite brits sir Richard Branson a self made billionaire who dropped out of high school. Has his own oddly it is it any wonder he passed are real is rapid fire with flying colors. Mine and a move that could feel. What's that Taylor and what's your I don't what it. But for once in my life conference tip money the lifeboat with the new book survived. Here he too much involved. Via speaker quality he smiled. Time to wake I've been six. You feel welcomes him. Yeah what are you reading right no radiant look at the moment a active that it. Economists. Just you know what going on in the world what is. I like to get this far and when he went before the to make a difference in my lifetime not so I'm still trying. Yeah we'll keep montella girl who fit that yes. And now to the real is run death of five things you need to tell for the week ahead. Certain us op at number five I really want to taco out. Sorry about that. Big news this week from Taco Bell the first major fast food chain to begin delivering they're using an independent company called door dash to get there was talk it was to you. And for now this service is available at 200 West Coast Taco Bell locations they think it's going to take about 38 minutes to get the order to you. And there's a 399 delivery fee so we wonder what percent of those deliveries do you think they'll be making between 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning. Don't forgets to. Now to number four and a birthday celebration for. Amazon turning twenty years old next week and what better way to celebrate. With a gift of discounts. On Wednesday July 15 Amazon says it is rolling out crying day. Emphasis on prime. It is a global shopping extravaganza it says will rival Black Friday and starting at midnight crime members. Can shop thousands of lightning deals and receive unlimited free shipping. Now if you don't shell out the nine U nine bucks for the yearly prime membership. You can take advantage of this one day of online shopping. By signing up for a thirty day free trial. Just do it now and then you can take advantage. In at number three move over over Google is coming for you. The search giant announcing it will start a new ride sharing service this week called riding with. That's thanks to weighs the crowd sourced mapping app that Google -- for the Mears on two years ago of one point one billion dollars. This new app will test launch in Israel connecting commuters. And rewarding carpooling passengers and drivers are limited to two right today in Google says the air service is different from liberate lamps. Because Google is pairing up drivers and riders who are just taking the same route. They're not calling it a professional to do the driving it's interesting choice given how many regulatory obstacles goober is currently facing. One of them right now across the pond in France the app gives writers a suggested fee based on the length of the trip and users can negotiate the final price. Google takes 15% so while we Mina EC Google's self driving cars out on the road just yet. They found another way onto where it's an app. To keep your eyes on China the second largest economy in the world. The markets there plummeting in just three weeks wiping out more than three trillion dollars in value plunging 30%. The government they're stepping in telling big investors they can't sell their stock suspending trading in more than half the companies that trade in China. How Long Will halt last well it's still he Beatty but many investors around the world are dubious. And we've already seen. There are some ripple effects on US markets and markets worldwide. And finally. And we hope it is. Final the new deadline on Sunday deciding whether or not Greece will stay in the eurozone. After months of negotiations. A one point six billion Euro payment deep fault. Lines of unsettled Greeks in front of anti ATMs at a referendum last Sunday. European creditors have given Greece one last chance one last chance to get it together. Greece putting forward a new proposal creditors reviewing those reforms. And voting on Sunday whether or not to send a lifeline to the economic rigged rounding country. Without a deal Greece is likely to spiral further in Q financial despair and ultimately leave the you're out. With the country's banks projected to stay closed until at least Monday. It is going to be a very long and very difficult weekend for the Greeks not a laughing matter. But we leave you high you know the -- is rock star of the week she is already received accolades from around the world including. A personal call from President Obama but we think US women's national soccer captain Carly Lloyd. Deserves a special real bit shout out not only did she manage a hat trick scoring three times against Japan to take the World Cup title for the US women. But she also did something else she gave her capped an arm band to teammate Abby wand back in the 79 minute of the match. No way that it would be her last time. On the World Cup field. That's sportsmanship makes us real proud on real his. At no matter what the cynics say teamwork is at the heart of every successful enterprise. I'm of plotting Carly Lloyd and the whole US women's soccer team. From year and if you're in New York City want to check out the special ticker tape parade. That is today Friday. From the ABC news studios in London we hope you have a great weekend and a great week ahead. And don't forget to like us tweet me at Rebecca Jarvis comment below and subscribed to real biz with Rebecca Jarvis cheers.

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