The Coolest Kids' Birthday Party Ever

Red Carpet Kids gives your kids a taste of what it’s like to be a Hollywood celebrity.
3:46 | 11/17/14

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Transcript for The Coolest Kids' Birthday Party Ever
The red carpet is where star goes to show stars go to shine where fans and photographers wait for hours to catch a brief glimpse of their idols. And shower celebrities with admiration but most us. Only see the red carpet from the other side of the barricade leaving us wondering. What's really liked to be the star of the show. Well red carpet kids an immersive production company out of New York we'll show you pick young company has become one of New York's most sought after birthday parties. Bringing the glamour of the red carpet experience to kids of all ages. Red carpet can't thank Traficant that this would have been my dream birthday affected and let's be honest it's. Basically style my dream birthday party how'd you come up with this idea one day. We're walking past the Ziegfeld movie theater and we saw this like Wallace people on one side street trying to catch a glimpse of the celebrities walked the red carpet. Because if it helps having America. And literally people are like sort of like pushing people all the way so they can just catch a glimpse of the stars they are thinking allied. I kind of feel like everybody should be able to have like a red carpet moment Kelly you haven't tried. Freddie. Kids arrive they're greeted by a Butler and insecurity guide book and had that we're checking in making sure they're on the list. There was an all right elegant. Video an anabolic taking them to the wrecked car today where they're going to be. Greeted by corresponding and it me paparazzi wearing. We'll camera crack. Back with the Iranians that their upcoming projects and from the amateur actor leave them into the green room where they get to cost human make up. Because they're going to be doing their function today. So that was like sort of heart to you are contacted. Having kids really candor for immediately had any relief on the movie. Ten. Hours and I. And then after the move east and of course we have the Academy Award. That little thing like award for best supporting actress in July action more fast and battle move since the kind of thing that he's able to get that experience of being captain York. Also getting up big east the kids and everything in the evening governor work. What is the most ridiculous request you've ever received to date it. In life reindeer we were doing a holiday themed event and they wanted these reindeer to pull us play. In common with the birthday child most expensive party ever probably an authentic party is story you know coming out and protect. What it involved it's the Grammy sounds like sort of live in concert at Lincoln Center which is. How did you come up with the business side of all of us. You know it in and being a first time entrepreneur I think the most amazing things you don't know what you are sometimes not knowing your barriers is problem free. So we just did things in tried none. And hydration thought they weren't I had an MBA and a that would necessarily taken the course. We take in and so for that reason I'm sort of grateful for like not knowing and learning on the job and a big component of the company to is hiring an actor support basically on something. Production up. And one of the most talented educated talent. Manhattan around layer across the country are actors honestly me all of these actors rock conspiring together to create this reality we keep your mind as if we don't hot. And while working professionals. It is a it looks and feels like a realist and as for us. Philippine will be able to have that moment of flattening plan ran excitement. We can transfer that anybody in America and hasn't given that moment how free is to give and that kind of like. Special moment we feel like all eyes are on. Looks and feels like the coolest birthday ever I would've. Love to do that in my youth and I might love to do it now.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Red Carpet Kids gives your kids a taste of what it’s like to be a Hollywood celebrity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"26970291","title":"The Coolest Kids' Birthday Party Ever","url":"/Business/video/red-carpet-kids-birthday-parties-children-celebrity-life-26970291"}