Sean Rad CEO of Popular Dating App Tinder: 'I Met My Girlfriend On Tinder'

Tinder CEO reveals why the world is so attracted to Tinder and opens up on his dating life
7:53 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Sean Rad CEO of Popular Dating App Tinder: 'I Met My Girlfriend On Tinder'
Well you now have a shot at dating your favorite Hollywood star to. -- really you -- there is a matchmaking tap out their call -- it's disrupting the dating scene with over one point five billion matches made. And big celebrities like Katy Perry and miss USA -- Caldwell. Our -- Tinder looking for a lot of we want to bring in the CEOs John -- heels of co founded -- nice to see shot hey thanks for having this so OK so what you about the tender. Meeting new people as a challenge and one of the biggest challenges you either have to put yourself out there and walk up to somebody. And you feeling you're about to be rejected or another and somebody's coming after you and it's just overwhelming. So there's just like natural friction between people and we just wanted to break that down and make it simple and it's simple and you know that somebody you wanna meet also wants me to back it -- -- It's almost like that moment when you walk into room and you look at somebody -- the room and they look at you back everything just -- or simple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And here -- just swiping through people's pictures right what I mean in the room you're sort of doing the same thing you're looking at people across the room in -- making these initial impression saying yes and knowing your head. Satinder is meant to emulate the real world. And in dealing now we want to improve the real world and sort of lead to more connections -- created over two billion matches in the short time that we've been around -- I think we've we've had due to other people looking for -- -- looking for like. I think -- it's it's everything it's all of the above -- mean it's whatever you want in the real world this what you. What you search -- -- tender all we're doing is making connection between two people what they decide to view is totally up to. Do you know it and give any research on this yet about what people. The majority of people decide to you because there are other dating website at their right -- -- -- all about saying we've matched X number of people who got married. Do you have any of that data. I can say they've been invited to more weddings and a container that are intended lifetime. You that he eats eats it means you have some survey data and some anecdotal data and and that we collect through -- but. Pretty much it's it's diverse and it's sort of emulates the real world there -- people out there who. Might be younger and -- looking for something so serious and somebody older and people are using tendered -- -- as -- travel around the world to sort of make connections and figure out what to do it night. It's not -- A lot of people who they they say of San Francisco great city for -- New York City and not -- any pretender. Yet and -- I think part of it is people are making what they want -- -- so there's like. They're using it to make friendships to you get social recommendations on what to do at night when -- -- -- city. -- really is up to the user all we're doing is making -- -- in the easiest fastest way and then. He's very fast that is all the dating sites that exist out there Tinder you basically put your picture up. And that's it at and it user wants to go any further than they swipe left or right -- It's quick and the users in control so nobody can contact you unless you actually like them back and we want them to contact you which. Which is a paradigm that is very different than most other social -- -- because and other social platforms. There's more of an open ecosystem and hinder you control your own ecosystem and that's. That's we wanted to bring power back to the users back to. Is it I'm amazed by what users are using that power to post the pictures. -- -- people are -- gap T. I mean you guys are controlling. What people put up as their profile picture Nolan. There are some ridiculous ridiculous I -- even say some. There have to be. Millions of ridiculous profile pictures up you know it's it's a reflection of who people are and what they and -- blacks and who are people and -- -- there are. Well there are ridiculous things that are beautiful things I think it's just a reflection on society and what people want to express -- there's definitely a lot of tiger self -- that are. And starting to be band actually in New York ironically enough. They're -- and how senators there is. There's a recent. This city of New York actually decide to band I I don't know about it just announced it has -- -- the tiger if yes how is making money. We're not yet. It is something that's in the road maps on the question if -- when so you decide that -- like to make some money. -- added there there's a lot of things we can charge for in and out premium services at helping make the most out of your experience. You know when we're giving people value proposition that we are we we just people would pay for it's and it's sort of proven if you look at other dating sites. At some -- people are willing to pay for an. -- there's there's obvious things. Like for example you might want to pay to go back. Which is something that people keep asking this war and what does that mean to go back to tell -- -- in time yet no and his eyes just like a human. Accidentally said yes or no to somebody. Because you're swiping so quickly -- I watched people if for people who are familiar with -- what -- the 32 elevator pitch that you explain. You we show you -- set of people that we think he should now. And all you -- easy swipe left to pass on them slight break to like them and if somebody you like also likes you back and you guys -- -- -- When and you can talk to them. I don't know what other cities are like on this front but when you go out New York City now and -- out in a bar or restaurant. You literally just see people on their phones going places like this -- best -- so so there are people who regrets. That they didn't like somebody usually just thought too quickly if -- that half a second yet. No that's not the love my life. We use that we do a billion swipes every single day and there's bound to be a lot of mistakes and that fillings like well you don't really consider -- -- what you get for more than half -- one thing I think. And we -- we underestimate how powerful our minds are particularly. Act. -- -- visual understanding. What's in these photos what they're -- contacts are especially now that we're -- social media savvy. There is a lot that people are trying expressed us and that we can pick up in milliseconds -- -- just. Think about the first impression how powerful it is and hear you walking through and in in milliseconds you. Looking at some of these body language their facial expression everything you pretty much know if you want to approach and that's. That is true -- -- to maybe even more true because. It instead of just superficial first connection people are choosing photos and express who they are and we can pick those up in Millicent. He also have this new thing called moment yes explain what -- is so we did a really good job in last year. Hoping connects people. And what we realizes we created another problem which is -- creating so many introduction of creative and why other problem -- I'm probably some other stuff but. What -- now that would meet so many connections we want hope people get noticed that their connections and that's where ten that's where moments comes in. You can match with somebody needs somebody new and then moments -- to get to know them by sharing -- -- moments in her life and letting other people react and start a conversation around them or vice Versa. So it's like a great conversation -- it's a great way to get a glimpse into somebody's life. And learn a little bit more about her adherence and there. Of course -- that's been there. What's that like being the CEO and being -- -- and dating site I it's I you I use it mostly -- users what their thinking and how many dates at the event as a result of that either I'm in a relationship as a result of ten there. -- yes I have. How -- -- aren't here congratulation and he's what we really appreciate it -- think you CEO Anderson -- -- thanks for. I can't think you. And thank you for joining us for real -- we want to hear from you are you unhindered. And why do you like this dating -- above the rest tweet us -- real business RJ until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great life.

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{"id":24322983,"title":"Sean Rad CEO of Popular Dating App Tinder: 'I Met My Girlfriend On Tinder'","duration":"7:53","description":"Tinder CEO reveals why the world is so attracted to Tinder and opens up on his dating life","url":"/Business/video/sean-rad-interview-2014-tinder-ceo-popular-dating-24322983","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}