Shark Tank Deal Then No Deal

Cinnaholic's vegan road to success.
4:22 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for Shark Tank Deal Then No Deal
Richard US startup that went into the shark tank and got a deal on the show. And it fell apart. The company is -- they make cinnamon rolls but there's a twist. These rules are begin and there are also lactose and cholesterol free and here to tell us all about the company in life after shark tank is willing recchi at the factors that politics and I thank you Larry and thank you revenue -- -- I have to say these look delicious eye on its face he would never know they were eight. That is absolutely the -- about it so so what kidnapped. You know it's what's not. And -- they have there's no dairy in no way -- them therefore making them. Making the -- free make them lactose free and also making making cholesterol yeah. And less calories and you got the deal -- -- that's correct we we took the deal on the show. And we didn't follow -- -- can't disclose any details why. But I can say that we took -- we took the deal and so the Robert and even though he didn't sign the deal without -- we didn't and the deal with them. And his team has been more than amazing helping us out reaching out even before the -- -- and we knew. They knew they didn't have to deal with us. They reached out and -- super helpful enough that they can do anything to help us which was and pass that was blown away by that so maybe that's because they really believe -- you. Maybe. I think he's just a very very nice and Smart businessman that's so take us behind the scenes -- shark tank you're on the show. -- -- You get the deal yes that was about the main thing I got that adrenaline rush was really -- the was. Going on there it felt like jumping out of up an epidemic and it because that's what it felt like but being on the show us some of the cameras term we actually come down quite a bit I think -- -- just helps you. You know. Not realizing that there's millions of people watching and. Much like change afterwards and a lot that the -- -- -- the show aired we headlines out the door. There were people standing in line with sixty minutes waiting to -- -- -- and then another twenty minutes until the rules were prepared. We had -- store manager walked the line and just talk to people and Austin have been doing everybody was just amazing celebrating everybody and I checked yes exactly. An outage trial that begins sentiment are absolutely so there is the terms tucked -- effect of the real thing it's really incredible. -- -- -- and well I'm an ethical -- -- I I would be in twelve years ago and just for ethical reasons. But there's so many other reasons right now I'm -- one of the strongest reasons -- to environmental reasons there is no way we can sustain our environment by relying on animal products. That's just not happening. Okay expect and make this taste delicious I have to -- -- I wouldn't know that it was without. Be what I would consider to be fundamental ingredients of -- and -- Now you wanna become franchise because I want to turn this into something that people can take an open up at malls and their own city yes hi -- -- that. Well here's the thing right now we we created a national ban by being instructing everybody saw us what we doing now to reach out that brand. As we do shipping so he can go to our website you can ought to box like this and we ship it to your dog that -- we have a brand that we you know is available all over America. Which gives us the advantage of being a national band and then we -- and I think from this we teamed up with the very great -- who knows what they're doing with franchising and was helping us to scale. And that the deal -- -- ideas in five years we -- half a hundred locations up and running in the United States. Army it may still have calories about what's the calorie count -- these. Well the calorie let let me put it that way I don't get it disclaimer and give the Camry flat cap it's about a 150 less than our biggest competitor which -- that Iran. And we have like. 400 if so when dialing 600 calorie wanted to become record in fifty calories OK so you're you're winning on some levels but it's still 450 calorie up well you can claim its healthy. I'm and we don't do that but I think it's if you -- to -- that the healthier. Alternative and that's more environment in front in the alternative it's -- -- the animals and that's you know it's I think opponents and that it's called that a hot. And all that -- you're Florian Radke the founder congratulations thank you some -- after shark tank still looks good to us and its attempt. Exploration and thank you for joining us for real this we hear from you. Are you -- -- -- in who likes meat and food tweet us your favorite dish at -- as with RJ and until next time. This is -- -- artist from New York.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Cinnaholic's vegan road to success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23899269","title":"Shark Tank Deal Then No Deal","url":"/Business/video/shark-tank-deal-deal-23899269"}