Startup Reality: Shark Tank 'Shark' Reveals How to Swim with The Big Fish

Kevin O'Leary reveals the cold hard truth on how to get an investor on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
4:30 | 06/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Startup Reality: Shark Tank 'Shark' Reveals How to Swim with The Big Fish
Now Hollywood step aside Silicon Valley is the new hot spot thousands of young people flocked to the Bay Area with dreams of making it but building a successful business is few and far between and it's not as easy as Mark Zuckerberg makes it look. And getting an investor is equal to winning the lottery. But if you're just starting out who -- -- tell -- the cold hard truth about making it. And Kevin O'Leary he's chairman of O'Leary funds with a one billion dollars under management he's best known probably to most of -- as mr. wonderful. On ABC's shark take it's so nice to have you with us mr. -- -- thank you very much it's great to hear. What prized tuna boat's cabin when you started on shark tank what was the biggest craziest thing if not behind -- -- -- what I learned was that. All kinds of eclectic ideas may sound crazy -- recently. And then the war you think about it the bigger the possibilities become because all the sharks an expert I threw this out as well the last five years we've got. Nine to ten million people watching us and so when -- see your product or service they light. A quiet by the millions and so we're creating businesses out of thin air that start from nothing in sales like -- -- To almost a quarter million people -- at every month. That happened because of shark tank and that's the biggest surprise to me is what -- monsters platforms become. And having the time -- like -- an investor is to have to apply these deals now they come to me to sit there and wait for them. It's incredible. The reached that you have with shark -- and I'm serious about this because they cover business and economics at ABC news. There really isn't a day that goes by that somebody doesn't ask me about shark tank and in fact literally. On the highway -- I told someone I was interviewing you Kevin he had pitched to me an idea to come before you on shark take which we'll talk about more -- but. One of the things about your show also is even deals they don't get done even when you guys say no thank you. Those businesses blow up. Yeah that's true we can really surprised the biggest surprise all of us and I -- I speak about -- -- BC and mark. Burnett productions as we had no idea that young children and kids and families would would attached to this. Because there's going to be business and you know sometimes businesses very boring -- very vertical. Our fastest growing group reviewers is nine to eighteen year old teams. I think it's wonderful it shows -- sit in America. That whole entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and I'm just thrilled to be part of it I can't tell you how many times nine year old girls run up to -- -- There's chasing behind sink all -- mr. wonderful -- so me and exit and not me I just tell the truth get used to it. Nine year old girls telling you -- mean. Sounds like an interesting and interesting sight to behold what I'm behind the scenes -- -- all of the -- where's the most competition behind the scenes. Well in you know each ship that's what's unique about shark tank -- each of these sharks. Is self made they started their own businesses they've been operators they've created something from scratch so we're venture capital firm on steroids is nothing quite like it so. Between the plot of a sitting near anyone -- line. There's a lot of competition. Particularly if it's a product or service that you want to own -- have to decide. -- go and compete for myself lets out wanna invest 250000 dollars in a deal. -- -- mr. Cuban get in my way or Mickey barker or should I collude with that. Or should I figure out a way that I take a little less but I don't eat as much so that's going on all the time we're always trying to figure it out and -- -- what makes the television show -- engaging. We don't know ourselves what's going to happen we never seen the deal before you have. So it's all new to us and we're just figuring it out as we actually watch it unfold. I loved. And and clearly clearly millions of people love it is well. We're gonna talk about grew book -- a second but I want to ask you about the deal in your mind that you didn't get your hands on. That -- kicked herself ever since that fell through. You know what I've learned in -- never cry over spilled milk my attitude about this is if I don't get a deal that I wanted to. And -- said this many times on the show you're dead to me I forget about it because seconds later the next -- is coming through the door. I think I'm a fantastic start to work with -- -- a lot to the table but if you don't do my deal your debts and that's what I say and I mean.

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{"id":24113187,"title":"Startup Reality: Shark Tank 'Shark' Reveals How to Swim with The Big Fish","duration":"4:30","description":"Kevin O'Leary reveals the cold hard truth on how to get an investor on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/startup-reality-shark-tank-shark-reveals-swim-big-24113187","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}