From a Startup Takes the Worry Out of Wedding to Amazon's Price Hike

Rebecca Jarvis has the inside scoop on what you need to know on Real Biz 3.13.2014.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for From a Startup Takes the Worry Out of Wedding to Amazon's Price Hike
Hello welcome to real -- -- Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City here's what's on our radar today first stop a one stop -- search engine for brides to be Amazon. Now -- your premium membership prices and this company made short shorts famous and now they say Abercrombie & Fitch wants to steal their style. So we begin with wedding season which is right around the corner but planning it for anybody who's tried it I've done it. It can be a bit of a headache. And with so much information scattered all over the web where do you start well that's where startup lever -- comes in they say that -- one stop shop search engine. Is the answer to tighten up between brides to be and technology and we want to welcome the CEO and founder. Kelly Khalili it's so nice to have you with thank -- for having me so you brought us a lot of really beautiful -- today -- day to take a look at things that are available on your site and one of the most interesting things you said. He brought this ring and it's an engagement ring. And you -- a lot of people watch you. Plan their -- like celebrities and this is a -- that looks like late life it's not so a lot of couples are looking for celebrities to inspire them for their ratings and this is actually -- custom ring by top lap -- -- -- -- -- And it. Point 86 carat diamond -- at apple is -- but -- inspired right click my plane hit a rose gold -- ring and people were up fast with that and it is the -- reading the air which is part of what is the magic behind your site because a lot of people like gas are looking to try and be more like celebs trying to copy either -- try to. You get ideas and inspiration from them and that's where you coming at exactly I think there's so many amazing options for wedding planning and bright -- -- -- -- -- laterally dad as we bring -- the back and Diaz. People to -- and thinks that I in the simplest form you can search by collared by -- by location. Anything that you want to make your dream wedding a reality and our whole goal is to make it simple -- delightful and find. This is a space I mean there's a lot of big big multibillion dollar business around wedding so when you got in. How big of a concern was that that there's other competitors in the space that are also trying to be that one stop shop and on the -- -- we actually look. Add to the industry -- as kind of the leader in disrupting as far as bringing technology. Add first and foremost there so many options out there but we'll laugh really brings -- -- -- -- you can't search and yet so we work at the top blockers in the face. Top -- -- some brands we get close to 3000. Brands on the site -- -- an -- thousand products you can search in one place that. While there -- number at a meeting media sites out there. -- we can be partners with how we can track traffic so. We really are first to market as far as building at search and and discovery engine for right well how about discovery that deals because that was important to me when I was planning my wedding I want -- to figure out how to do what I wanted but not spend a ton of money on now we have a whole planning component of the site which actually. And we get tips and ideas about how to state cops what to yet -- what not to you. A trend is to DIY I have a lot of your items your wedding but we say don't you and -- -- thirty days for the Atlantic as -- -- you want. Is to be on your wedding day -- I have put it that many weddings friends of mine and my -- Doing the DIY part really 24 hours in advance stuffing that it thanks for hours and it -- this trap for the morning. What are the things that you would say are are appropriate for do -- yourself. Here's these are like really fun favors and -- for -- I think neglecting it's like antique shops and getting cute little. -- -- caps and potting analysts Aquila and you thinking this a week in advance and -- a month in advance maybe not that aren't an aunt and -- a little intact from the right back its personal. Not sleeping over at just be sure you plan something that doesn't need a lot of water -- And I can integrate and it's a green get you can actually use as to -- and then give it tear gas. -- are really cute stuff in terms of of the web site and what the future of it holes. What's the debris what's the goal. Say we joke that its total -- world domination and but beyond it really is to make wedding planning easy and more fine and so bringing more tools to brides. Abu launching pad and I had half an android apps -- Any bride on the cabin hatch act of art technology can reach our contacts added an R&R retaliates. On the -- And you have raised funds from a number of investors who recently investors the big names -- we've raised money from a number of Angel investors doing and wealth and his promise into hearing you act. -- receive money from Comcast and -- the catalyst and I leaned out and after. And is now my montage ad and part of the reason why I loved Todd is he -- -- venture capital fund after the place he got married. If we did a lot of hot -- which is perfect -- you're running a wedding business exactly. For those -- future brides who were out they're planning their weddings what is your number one tip. Number one pick it actually in -- and remember what the wedding is about it's about Lott and celebrating and so. Don't sweat the weeks in advance months in advance gas lover got -- and often we haven't I maps you can download and economic out. Kelly thanks so much for joining us think -- having me. For the first time ever speaking of online Amazon is hiking prices on its premium memberships from 75 bucks a year to 99 dollars. And for that I want to bring in Lauren Lister she's co host of the daily -- current host of Yahoo!'s hot stock minute Laurie nice to -- We just had a little bit of an accident here on that -- if you heard anything collapsing it with some of the wedding gifts that are out yes -- happens when you bring weddings into the equation in that something is bound to go -- exactly you have to enjoy it and go through like you're gonna do with the rest of -- segment and aside. So am not hiking prices twenty -- on prime customers a year how much of a deal do you think this is going to be how many people do you think they're gonna retreat. We'll hear the thanks so. A lot of people -- sign -- -- Amazon prime Amazon doesn't disclose numbers but -- estimates between twenty and twenty -- and you got a lot of -- SE get free two day shipping you get access to videos. And books for free. And and that's a when your membership price we get a lot for still -- we knew they were gonna raise prices they've warrant but I guess the concern is that there was at consumer survey done. Earlier this year they showed that only 60% would -- -- -- Amazon rice prices raise prices rather. By twenty dollars which they have just done that I have to tell you that it that retail -- -- ruin our office Jack MacKey who full disclosure is invested in the Amazon he's worried about prime because he points to company like Costco which is shown that they can't -- their membership fees. With now as suffering much -- friend from their customers because when it comes down to -- consumers really don't want to change their habits and captain and deal -- Figuring out what to do next they really are going to go ahead and pay that extra money so that's what I say about Amazon and really the true cost there will be for them. I saw I saw Jeff Mac east -- this morning he's been -- -- -- on Twitter as well yeah totally appreciate the comparison the cost though I guess the only question I would put out areas. People go to Costco how many times a year vs how many Amazon orders -- mean some people certainly are the heavy users but I think the average Amazon user. Is on ten times a year making ten orders the year. That's seven bucks under the old the old way now it's ten dollars per delivery if you're thinking about it in terms of getting primed for that free delivery service so like I I don't know I'm not sure during -- -- I am hearing on Twitter for some people who are saying I'm better think twice about this. Don't know -- and but they're gonna think twice yet but think about how many people are streaming video now and with prime you also get that video streaming there's rumors if there's going to be some kind of Spotify radio -- -- you may get music next. You get Kindle books. So does doesn't at a previous just totally anecdotal like in her office chatter is seen as this news came out this morning ask you different -- in the opposite like we're in -- -- we -- -- -- -- from Amazon the curtain that twenty dollars more a year is not gonna make it. -- America today -- an Amazon family which by the way now to either way it is part of what's going on all of these Amazon family -- are part of what's happening. -- the actual brick and mortar retailers out there -- yeah tenuous we -- hearing. Of store closures from. RadioShack to staples. To see here is to JC Penney we're hearing about all of these companies. That are having to close brick and mortar locations because so many people are using Amazon we heard for retail expert Brian zazi who says -- that there is facing -- me of store closings coming ahead. What's gonna happen to all that commercial real estate -- Well I think the problem is it's a concern for mall operators but this really is a sign -- -- times are back -- you know as well as I did it so much has shifted on line. This is where so much of the growth in retail has banned in -- that fewer people are going to bricks and mortar stores as a result. Stores have tried to be more of a show -- operation where people come and they check out the products there and then they'd buy online bet paid the bottom line. Is that people just aren't shopping and retail stores physically to the extent that they used to that brick and mortar retail stores are suffering and they're just having to close their doors and numbers that that you mentioned there are shattering stories and that's gonna have an impact on mall operators you know -- -- mean maybe. They'll turn I don't know what they're gonna turn it into your back up by -- is just the direction that things have gone so mall rats mall operators watch out but. You know online shoppers. This is our day maybe they can turn them into -- sites for people to go shop. On carried out. Gary I say that in jest I I actually I mean it's not a great thing when you see people losing their jobs and clearly there are going to be now are losing jobs -- all of this. I don't mean to joke about it entirely. But this is also something we have -- now for multiple years about the death of the brick and mortar retailers. It hasn't fully come to fruition we are starting to see though a much bigger trend towards -- -- that your chair absolutely absolutely. All right Lauren -- thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it and say hi -- people in the newsroom -- -- -- -- -- Take a look at these shorts do they look from the that was studies known as the most radical shorts on the planet just last year than it grew over 230%. And now major retailers. Like Abercrombie & Fitch they say are trying to steal their style. How did they do it. And they did it with just know dimes from investors well let's ask -- -- and -- and reader is still -- co founders of chevys are here you're shaking your heads in agreement. I was doing -- which -- always like anybody who agrees with me in my book. Yeah we brought you beat you brought. The Chevy's Rick yeah. Absolutely you know we we don't leave home without them obviously I think thanks for having us should days -- being here -- I think as is -- we spent the last couple years going. We spent a lot of painstaking hours. Ritter's team developing all these awesome products. How did you come up with the name. Why many in -- Israel. I mean we we would be lying if if we said we were looking for something that was tongue in -- that was easy to spread. And just generally pretty funny and -- We we we knew we ultimately shared with our friends and they couldn't stop talking about it -- a great sign for us that that we should be sure I would. I think it speaks to me it speaks to this whole trend of going online and having to be viral and if you want to make a splash as a young new company you do it. By getting you know creating an -- and an environment where people are gonna talk about it online. Absolutely in the worldly -- discuss this and obvious store closings I think for us like being online being in the unit as such it. Easy access point for people to its own people you know are -- is -- -- story an -- -- stories how you do it right so there's so much of opportunities social development. Took to reach a lot of people how many of these are you selling. -- we've we've sold we've sold over 200000 pairs of these sorts. And and -- then it's been an awesome awesome journey and -- I think as we think about our brand. The really interesting things that we built on the back of this massive community. So we look at her community across all of our social networks it's over 800000 people. 800000 people and so and so that's that's fascinating obviously that -- to expel him. But you helped him but there are engaged to overdo it. What -- this has been this unseasonably cold winter. And you're selling a product that most people are gonna think it in the summer although you did -- it and it both of you wearing shorts are even though it is. Ridiculously singling out the night single digit windchill outside. -- -- but that isn't typical business I would assume to be -- at a time especially when it's cold. In particular when it's cold after cold after cold for -- period of time. Absolutely I think for us you know we looked at a lot of major retailers big and focus on Schwartz enough space station -- the additional singular in the winter -- that's sure we're obsessed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have a break you know have fun wearing shorts with -- for. There is that element. If you have the pair of shorts you have the swimsuit or whenever it is. In the closet or in the direct you look at it reminds you that there is something warmer -- -- your biggest customers and are -- in LA are they in Miami or they spread -- Country and our guys are guys are all over the country -- there there you or your influencers fifteen to thirty really active. You know super excited to end the work week -- school and get into the weekend and so the mentality that I our guys take 5 o'clock on Friday. -- slacks or whatever else they're wearing and they're in our shorts and doing. The growth through excited we should a lot of short -- -- of -- army post offices around the world so no yellow lot of excitement around America is it really is and we have a ton of soldiers in and this is the reprieve is there ski -- drawn -- shorts from their -- today. They're excited to view the bodies and their haven't agreed time shorts are -- thanks to -- exactly it also we mentioned this -- the introduction Abercrombie and you say is stealing your style how does that work. And they think we think you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Where we're a small start up were really scrappy you know I think as we think about it we're gonna continue to do our thing. -- will always design really neat awesome products. At at the end of the day we're gonna compete wouldn't compete in our own way we have an awesome community that supports us and that's how we'll be successful. You did all of this. With zero investment no investors you -- -- at what's your advice to people. Court trying to start companies I think particularly when you're talking of constructing something that is -- -- -- that we don't teach art first as. Make sure you're -- you -- for us. You know starting this company was something we did on the side there are nine we had cars from companies so we -- -- to do it mentioned financially and place where we're capable starting something. In a second piece for us is because once you do it you really -- And so you know that was for us what is being scrappy actually looked like -- exam so perfect example you know we didn't have any money -- spend on marketing budget. So I went online and answer to all of these different I have seen so -- fraternity council web sites online for colleges and I find the presence of attorney Melvin. I'd say hey you know industry company we want introduce -- junior college. Can you help us. And these guys were incredibly responsive you know we were funny we had. We had a good time with them when you probably it's added that it frees up exactly as having been in for us it's it's it's it's a mentality -- -- -- -- -- excited to -- -- -- -- And and that was that was -- -- -- I think I think it's also trusted community you know once you start having people who were really behind you reach your customers like -- -- and that is something that. It's so important for companies our size and started particularly constructing it. You're you're dependent on on those customers and those of the people we're going to be on supporting human and we had the opportunity to it to help them communications. What about competition like Amazon or Abercrombie and that they're the big players in the space people who know -- there's name recognition how do you deal with that -- -- get around it. Yeah I mean differentiation in this world. Is is your community as your brand there was a world ten years ago where and when people were competing online by. You know using Google arbitrage know that there is over now you need to build the real brand. To be able to it to have a loud voice on line. And and fundamentally in the short three years for us that's all we've been able to do that's the secret magic processes in this community and this awesome for -- it's great voice. As we think about the retailers and you really successful online. It's going to be those types of brands -- successful. -- legacy chevys for women. -- just in question. And -- and -- it's always one of our most requested items I think for us you know so far we've global little boys club we've had a really good time at that and I think you know. We would not release an insurance and I was hurt and so there's more to do before it's easier perfecting the witness Eric went somewhere and some play on someone's mind when thinking about what it looked like not yet. And have another piece of apparel lets you build that brand recognition -- -- -- to other things. I think for us you know civil law went lot of ways to go in shorts and a lot accomplished there are certain things you know. I think I think anything is possible future get a lot of requests from customers I think. It takes a lot of energy is there you start with and I think overtime we'll -- figure out what went almost as we can present -- hospitals can do that through peace your work. I think -- -- like to think about what the -- represented I imagine for all of those years you sat at desks to Illinois -- -- -- -- imagining this day and all of this coming together and seeing your Abbas. That's absolutely. -- thanks so much guys company is -- -- their shorts and -- so much for joining us on real as we want to hear from you. Do you where -- what do you think of that -- -- that -- but as with RJ until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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