Stock market remains volatile

Consumer spending is strong despite some uncertainty in the market.
1:53 | 12/27/18

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Transcript for Stock market remains volatile
We're gonna move on right now and to New York the activities here in New York that's having repercussions all across the country. The stock market had continuing the roller coaster ride we had a banner day on the markets on Wednesday the first day of trading after Christmas and today. Well we're still trying to wrap our heads about where exactly this market. It's. Rebecca Jarvis can kind of give us a sense of what's going on. Hey cat is Gary you scratching your head. Well the only certainty here is volatility. And we've now seen that in the last couple of days where it's Ben. The most dramatic lows and the most dramatic highs with Christmas Eve the worst selloff ever on Christmas Eve. Swinging to the best day ever for stocks their biggest single point in in the day ever the Dow up more than a thousand points so what's changed. Prickly not a lot fundamentally. It's the same economy it is today as it was five days ago we did receive some positive news on the consumer front MasterCard says that Americans spent more than 850 billion dollars over the holiday season that was a six year record. Also Amazon says they sold more items over the holiday season. Than ever before and that really helped retail stocks but overall stocks were up across the board. Now if you look back over the course of the year the market is still down about 8% so that nest day if you have money invested. Is probably still down for the year what lies ahead we'll anybody who tells you they know the answer to that question with out a doubt. They're probably trying to sell you something the biggest certainty here is more volatility ahead. And this. That indeed and the markets did have that slow start to the morning. We can only hope that that volatility will end up being. The positive bag after a brawl.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Consumer spending is strong despite some uncertainty in the market.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"60036614","title":"Stock market remains volatile ","url":"/Business/video/stock-market-remains-volatile-60036614"}