$7 Million Super Bowl Loss Based on Flip of a Coin

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale says his store chose the Denver Broncos to win big game based on chance.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for $7 Million Super Bowl Loss Based on Flip of a Coin
This is a special room. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York what does ABC news digital special report. Well it's time to pay the piper on all those bad Super Bowl bets but there's one wager that -- all the others to arrest and now furniture retailer and Houston. Owes his customers get this a whopping seven million dollars that's her -- his name is Jim mattress Mac Mac and Melanie joins us now via Skype. -- -- -- -- Jim first things for -- illness you -- the bed. So I'm Michelle I don't regret -- do not regret it one bit excited about our customers. Our. Customers. For a break -- -- our grandkids. -- thousand Houston -- back averages 7000 dollars apiece and three current it was a great promotion rate payment customer relatives are -- Well Jim isn't the first time you've Garnett wager here but explain how -- specific wager came to be seven million dollar out. We we we had a promotion on two championship games two weeks or where he picked a minor both games got to remind -- hundreds and he -- -- prices. And again back 685000. -- during that promotion so it really created buzz in the community about it get money back of their for the response in this. Big game promotion Seattle -- Denver worst. Tremendous three times bigger than we ever thought possible and the teammate Nicklas Seattle the only -- -- was picked him Seattle winds. And so there or over a thousand families are getting seven million dollars -- dollars back answered right waited to say thank you our customers tremendous support. Well that's true it's definitely creating a buzz how many customers though so -- called to get their money back. Well we're having to refund parties -- -- Sunday February 9 ceremonies Sunday February 23 another -- can't get the customers inside the store and get him engagement -- -- and hopefully sell more -- two -- here and bring their friends neighbors or relatives. But did you read nonpartisan -- then although investors already come by other -- -- -- I only artery under some money so it's it's a great way to say thanks to our customers this report and to make us a relevant. -- -- -- We'll certainly -- that you chose the Broncos of course in the wager was out of the Broncos were going to win the Super Bowl we all know that it did not turn out that way. But Ari would die hard Denver -- -- why you chose the Broncos. Now we flipped a coin to see which team -- The story get -- -- went beyond the Saturday customers thank god just retired Seattle so customers in this promotes Internet media huge winner and -- -- and -- is that's what it's all about it's all about customers. It sounds like your feeling pretty good about this but how are you feeling last night as you watch this game on full. I didn't watch the game last night and exercise are we so I have powers on the on the -- tempers we have -- jam here at this hour -- none of the employees were coming in town news Goran David. Seattle added. When I got reported Monday underwent an ounce or less so it was a great outcome when I got that there -- separate impact that was. Well certainly exhausted we understand -- you mentioned he's lost big before on that this isn't your first time doing this you say that he lost more than 600000 dollars on the AFC and NFC championship games. After that deal. Said that seven million dollar -- are you considering is not doing this again and. Now you know we're trying to attract younger customers trying to -- -- -- and we had hundreds reminding us coming out or they've never been -- or their comment was. We know he had this type of selection got the best body anywhere you'll -- -- purchased or the rest our lives so I'm getting -- attacker customer response is well worth the seven million dollars and the medium does -- -- -- -- tweets and FaceBook posting those type thanks notes in this new Asian media getting -- -- hype and buzz about the brand is well worth billions. Taken care customers in building custer's life. All grown up well that's certainly a good good angle but I have to ask you you know seven million dollars is -- hard. Loss for any business let alone -- furniture business are you able to make up the difference for this loss. Absolutely we'll make it up next couple months one thing outlined -- my third year aren't -- career if you make a loss -- the bad buying decision. Areas about it recently had a thirty million dollar -- several years ago you can always make back the money. Getting back customers almost impossible make -- -- -- easy getting back just as impossible as long as we can maintain and grow our customer base will make playing mind. So has your accountant quit at this point. He's got a lot more gray hairs this morning news yesterday were -- about customers not without being -- ghetto. It seems like you're very dedicated to the customers but when you made this. Sort of wager of course the last time he decided after that 600000 I heard you say something like I will never do a contest like this again. And did you take out any insurance on this waiter. No insurance and W via the money we give back and read in my research and so we don't -- these are things we're we're insured by our our our cash flow and business. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That is -- the customer's always -- is all about what's good protestors get gallery furniture. Well hopefully this will be good for gallery furniture in terms of giving them a little bit more exposure as you mention getting -- The customers then now are you a college basketball fan you say that you'll probably do another bat March Madness isn't that far away. I -- -- of the Olympic Games coming up sort of thinking about that you never now more of uplift. Mattress Mac thank you so much for joining us I look forward to hearing about the next -- And thanks for thanks very -- maybe next time under an Internet and it came across the country great day have a great day. Well this has been an ABC news digital report I'm Michelle Franzen. In New York.

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{"id":22348701,"title":"$7 Million Super Bowl Loss Based on Flip of a Coin","duration":"3:00","description":"Jim \"Mattress Mack\" McIngvale says his store chose the Denver Broncos to win big game based on chance.","url":"/Business/video/super-bowl-2014-interview-million-dollar-bet-jim-22348701","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}