Tesla Charging Up Battery, Parts Deal

CEO Elon Musk says talks with BMW ongoing.
3:21 | 11/24/14

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Transcript for Tesla Charging Up Battery, Parts Deal
It's. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York as the financial markets close on Wall Street for Monday November 24 this is story stock. Tesla Motors the darling of environmentalists and Wall Street making news after CEO Elon Musk told Germany's der Spiegel magazine. That his company was in talks with B and W. Batteries as well as charging station collaboration. Iran must also praised BMW on its ability to create Rell Tivoli relatively cheap carbon fiber parts. Something Tesla is keen on using. With more on the story has been Dyer a fortune magazine hi Ben you. Good sounds like this deal is mostly about batteries and charging technology but how big of this is this for Tesla. You know it depends it mean the deal right now it's still sort of informal is that the official yet but I mean. Work with BMW they'll be huge meat Tesla is sort of uses disrupt her of the auto industry. To be working with sort of one of them out old school new elite auto companies will be big. And just look at partnerships of course with Mercedes and Toyota and the past why could this be different what. Could this mean if they work with BMW. What they key here again it's about batteries in battery from one of the most important things for Tesla unit had been rumored sort of that. The reason Cassell has cells may be a flag at times. If you get it is can't produce enough batteries that they're working with a major player with major money like BMW to make batteries that could have a big impact of the number of cards are able to sell. Our rights as sort of an apprenticeship. May be over mostly batteries and charging stations but could we see more collaboration between these two companies. Yeah that it wouldn't shock me I mean you know you never really know with Elon Musk this sort of what he does he drops hints like this and no one's really sure where he's going with that but yet wouldn't shock me see more collaboration between Catholic BMW. Well last quarter Tesla had to bring down the number of deliveries that had been expected to ship next year. Didn't capacity issues could be and W deal help the Silicon Valley based Tesla ramp up supply. You have to think so I mean working with working with BMW access to. Capital gives you access to infrastructure can he be ability to work with. Put a major player and a lot tree player from Europe in India or the way they build their capacity. Isn't something that BMW can learn from Tesla also. We mean I think that one in the community from catalyst how to stoke the media mean anything new on Maas said we're sitting here talking about I think that. BMW can learn from forming on Elon Musk and Tesla you know. How to make products to get people talking have make products being gay people wondering what's coming next. And that's obviously always an important thing in cars especially in luxury cars people are talking and investors are liking what they they see Tesla stock is up an astounding 63%. In 2014. Have investors kind of overly charged up the stock. Well no the mean Elon Musk himself with petty things in the stocks a little overpriced so. I don't know I mean it certainly seems like it's sort of gone up quickly and hadn't necessarily correspond with an increase in sales are product to match that so we'll see I guess. All right Ben Dyer from fortune dot com thank you for join thanks so much for having me. And you've been watching story stocks stay with abcnews.com. For your latest headlines I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"CEO Elon Musk says talks with BMW ongoing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27145533","title":"Tesla Charging Up Battery, Parts Deal","url":"/Business/video/tesla-charging-battery-parts-deal-27145533"}