5 Tips to Quit The Job You Hate

Tim Ferriss reveals key questions you should ask to help you make a decision.
2:41 | 11/06/14

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Transcript for 5 Tips to Quit The Job You Hate
The first thing you really have to do you is what I'm called dream blinding and that's just creating a timeline for certain that. Goals and dreams that you have so what do you want to you today. Have. Do you and the over the next six months twelve months go out to about three years I wouldn't go beyond and really quantify. Right how much is it cost you want that ski shell later that vacation once you're to the Bahamas or whatever you think your ideal lifestyles comprised of what is that cost on a monthly basis and which you actually. You actually figured out and you have a precise number that's your target monthly income. But then you can sort of look at if your job is serving those things you want to do you. And have been so well and in very often times it's it's not the job you hate that's dangerous because I think having a job you really hate. It's like having a a massively physically abusive spouse you're you're 99 times out of a hundred your likely to leave. It's the job that's just good enough and it's not terrible. That is the dangerous one because that's how you week up 1015 years later and realize that your life is past you by six thinks that. Another question should ask is if if I. Did not have this job right now what I apply for this job knowing what I know in new if the answer is no then the question becomes well. What is your life look like what you lose what opportunities do you miss. How much does your health declined to say 135. Years should telescope out like if you're currently working. 607080. Hour week. A year from now secondly better or worse and it's the answers worse than the question really isn't. If you're going to quit the question is when are you to quit and I think people need to realize that. Life the universe doesn't a line all the stars for you for any big import for the most important decisions like whether that's. Getting married ending a relationship having a BB. Quitting your job the timing is always terrible. Simple I think yes. Yeah and in the last notes say is you're and you are the average of the five people you associate with analysts so. If you're drew if your boss and your co workers. Are making you less motivated pessimistic etc. you shouldn't underestimate the impact of that the during the average and by people you associate with most. That is perhaps the most important decision you'll have. We want to hear from you light gusts between us that Rebecca Jarvis and comment below. From the studios in New York City I'm Rebecca Jarvis have a great day.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Tim Ferriss reveals key questions you should ask to help you make a decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"26726785","title":"5 Tips to Quit The Job You Hate ","url":"/Business/video/tips-quit-job-hate-26726785"}