Tony Hale on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Episode 86: Emmy Award-winning actor Tony Hale talks new season of Veep, making it as an actor, and M&M's new flavors on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
15:32 | 04/22/16

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Transcript for Tony Hale on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
As much as Melissa take it personally. It's hard not to tapers and when you put yourself out there auditioning. For yourself out there and to legislate note note. I thought you were coming on the show I don't know if there's any when I was more excited. To fight I'm not really is the only well that's really needs think you couldn't stand. Keep your expectations who who. My age and their very high for repeat I have now here aren't going to you think that. Anybody knows it mobbed you arrested development and they love you would be so excited to see the new season. This who so much to bear. Fishing has. It will last season ended season borrowers there was a tie and so this whole season is just her desperately drying them office and and you should got a bunch of morons around her that are trying to you know help around we have no we're doing and I'm a co dependent disaster congratulations. On your uncle runs. Fast it's fun but that's it's like mistake after mistake after mistake. Kind of like what's playing in the real world that's politics are a lot of parallels I think Celine who would feel if she was running against Donald Trump I think they'd be better. Partnership do you think it would be more afraid a truck van admire. Somebody asked him recently as would you be the bag man to frank Underwood and house conference. And I was I could be dead. You can't have you found yeah you would have waged many secrets that you accidentally spilled every. That's why do have about being so much is it. It takes immigrant where satire hope to god it's not happening in real life but it looks behind the curtain will that's like the super humans are. Lots and Connecticut dip there for us. My act and act that takes Middletown a bullish here in this case you grew up in Tallahassee. The Florida seventh grade through. And you studying journalism and actually I did. And we're you gonna be injured. Laura just like overtime like I just like people and electronics had always like Xavier fans Cooper. And because it was a big field and I also kind of dabbled in advertising what was the point in your life where you decided. I want to be an actor that's what I wanted to I knew then. Right a lot. And high school. And then I went to college in Denton are committed career asked as liking what I think I'm getting gavel little bit. In acting insulin moved to New York in 1995 and started my first show was. Shakespeare in the parking lot where we did Temi Visser and a parking lot in the east village. How did you feel doing that where you always like angry fans there OK because it was when he five and I had that you know that young energy announces let's go it was. It was pre twittered everything O'Malley and getting the word I don't even know linked flyers on the ground fliers and. But they did that night syndicate and I did every job in New York possibly and then I'd started in the commercials and really loved to but it took me. Seven or eight years to find an agent for film TV people couldn't see beyond you being commercialized. There's a lot of people out there who are aspiring actors and they're going to initially get into you ask me are you commercial work. How did you make the point that hey I could be worth honest what it take. I think about New York just so Grey's PeopleSoft fear. And in LA they don't really it's not really a theater town so you you have a lot of opportunities to circuits are working here so we would I would do all these suitcases I would just. And where you can do scene work and you can show people outside of like that. Kind of commercial stuff I get the question a lot of like what advice to give the actors one mistake I didn't do as I always I always looked at getting sick ominously. My big thing of like. But when that sick comes comes in that was I was looking of that which is great but I wasn't present I was always like when that happens if that whole thing if you're not practicing contentment where you want an occupant contentment what you want when I got the sitcom I remember thinking. Who. I gave this a lot of weight. And he didn't it was a real wake up call. He didn't satisfy me that we thought it was an assessment because I haven't been present from some. And any actor I'm like I know it's hard I know it's hard. But just a present to us try to stay present because I think in this business as those of what's next for what's next with it and you're always looking ahead. And it's like you've got to for a moment as you and we do yourself a hundred times a gateway. Which is really hard and I talked about a lot. Let's look at your academic and not get out of bloodletting and what are the things that you do they put you an amount that help you get there from reminds us their best. Smith whose unwitting. Paint whenever you live in the what if refiners of what I think you just say not now. Not now and so right now I'm having an amazing conversation and that's ran right now you have to do it sometimes you have to do interest throughout the day because I can find myself checking out. In living somewhere else it's like not now. We're looking at the moment we need about swinging commercial and Marion I had actress. There's two songs were either mr. Albano or. Rock me on the days when you're trying to choose. And teaches them mr. about it and just to just go crazy in the car and game on. That it showing interesting development and then got a call back and Arrested Development where I got my hook Stuckey. The truck thing might Pakistan Afghanistan Kai. Don't let me Duluth. Normal. And. Or go to buster a little bit because they think. Or buster how did you get into the character buster was based on real. Buster had recently brought home a turtle. In an incredibly misguided attempt to make his mother jealous it does scare me and actually character came to me to come with a mind icons migrant where Tim Conway and Bob Newhart and one thing that they both did nice open issues they sat intentions they did it many times of common people feeling pushed the comedy. This is finally got pushed pushed pushed. Rather than just the circumstances being crazy like a rest development was crazy. And just sitting in that tension and just sitting in an awkwardness because that's life you know many times crazy things happening just sit there. It's funny to watch do you think the office you watch people now awkwardness. And I thought about that would buster because of so many nutty things happening around them with him just sitting there. And just kind of taking it in and always being on the defense he was always on the defense. I was that's coming. I also Google's Ewing found that you're renting out. Can. Hear you're at a lesbian and and if air. And then we will meet still on the market. We just accept this week might have found somebody to her kid to rant here there's just screwed up my daughter. We're trying to get my and the daughter into this other areas where moving houses and it's actually going to a smaller house not that we lived in a massive house but it's a small smaller. And so we are houses is on the. The US immigration and I have pictures and you just add it to beavers held my we will in my Memphis from the south I'm from the south and LA tends to be like heat and cool. But it's a mix of lakes learn in modern and comfortable. Very much yeah. It's funny because I tied my stories are about how to make your home. But more present. Is huge would be Iraq and that's I think I think you've a lot of our laurels there is good pops of color to the else's notes and pictures down. Yes all the family pictures and let your famous heidrick. Could put that picture you Oprah. Atlanta's. Emergence of in the end it was a rude. You have to decide which one. To enter the pictures on your while. We addressed the pictures we have we have the staircase he Munson in the picture. Where there's like all these kind of family photos up we left those in whom we took the ones off of dressed up it's really a shame that an axis of. As president. I filtered you know wanted east ocean we have like old Annie warns you probably took those down. It's a shame as say that you. Aren't red I think if people thought this video you'd have. Yeah could falter. There's a lot of security deposit coming Edward arguments and you also wrote children's I didn't it's called Archibald. Next big thing and it talks about you have so as I mentioned before I was me in this business you get the question what's next for you what's next for you. And it's about a little check in who gets a card in the mail that says your big things here and he's like where. He goes and all these crazy adventures but every time is on the adventure is like I got to get through and expect that I gotta get my next big thing. In this blue travels around with them is like you know Sabena. You don't just be in the Indy realizes the car's red and our big thing really is here it's sitting here it's right here just you know this is our big thing it's a race here here here here. So that I can't really ask you question what's next and expand its really European and urge him about it. That's a good point there because. I've I was doing this kind of talk to students once and they said do you saying you don't have ambition to dealt with what's next. And I said no not at all I think dreaming in ambition ales grape I think many times and this business. You place your value on life when I get this when this happens all have value and I think you we subconsciously think that like all Albee this when I get that truth is. You me you you we all have extreme value exact radar it's not about game. Rejection I don't know how many runs smack that's their front. But that is something we didn't act about anything I think it's really lot of us that. Because you Ben are really candid about just the experience of being an actor and one thing that I. Genuinely want to get too unreal bids in general with all these different world created things. Rejection is a part of all of it. It's just a part of it it's the majority of it. You you you sign up through a career and rejection when I do talk to students are due. Talk to people are getting into the business. You've got to have people around you who love you and support you because if you don't ask an obsolete to a life. Because it's hard as much as they'll say take it personally. It's hard not to tapers and when you put yourself out there auditioning. For yourself out there and to legislate nope nope nope and in to have people around you that's like that's not. If you don't defined by that. I also think that it's really hard for people who haven't been in your shoes. Or any issues of very successful actors are successful anything to understand that that rejection exist. I mean we're talking constant knows constant failure when I was doing commercials and I mean I still. You don't get jobs all the time when I was doing commercials New York I would say every. Thirty to forty auditions you get a booking up. So you would constantly just go out for these you know castings and nurses like no no no no and then somewhere below earlier this is instant because it. It's what they're looking for you know. If you're very young actor and your thinking is at New York is an LA what he's. I love the question and I love this conversation. And really get. A many times you looked tenure canal is America. And if anything when you go to this place it's really easy get lost in the shuffle I would say. It's issue acting any ties you get more comfortable in front of the camera whether it's local commercials. Or on stage can come on stage. Just doing that and exercising that muscle then when you feel somewhat led to try different market. Try it. But make the most exactly there. That he can really exercise. Start at where you are exactly because and in many times people broad thinking but we'll dots was gonna happen that's right in which it. No train and make the most of where that peninsula it's. An and I can imagine to its inhibiting if you think that that thing that you need to deal with somewhere out there and he can't do anything until you get there you're delaying. Apparently they are and you're giving a lot of way again yeah giving that a lot of weight and if you give it too much when you're gonna get there ago. Buddhists again didn't match that where it. You know just kind of really find that we ER. What in your life if you get into sweet tea when I was really on Africa gave a lot of weight to fame I think everybody really does want to be known I think that's a part of us but I think the truth is if you're known by people who love you then that's all the known you. You can try and try and try to get more people to know you're more people who know you. But it's never going to be enough day. And B you're already has known as you need to be if you're not my people love you and my faith is important is I would include god and god knows me others know me. And that's all. You're doing. This partnership with Avant. Yes. Ericsson open at him. Coffee and honey in Chile well home and removed fusion restaurant that kept combined ransom an abrupt these events immediately hoping it ill will. It was an episode is that America. Is gonna vote on which is then the next flavor that's gonna go along side him and we're. Still our next June. He doesn't look anything like let me look at sacrament. Of life. It was your name printed copies and happy is there. And the difference it. Yeah this might dismantled Uzi. Welcome message hey this is the number right OK and that the colors are the same sort of play like your parents. That is like honey let me know there's a cat it's chilling verdict is still. The better. So these guys Kelly and then it's these immune to a Kelly Rath thank you thank you. An injury and just a clear. And passed it professionals do him that's got a kick and that is and if you. In the congress. And definitely seen. And that is where women went on net and that the government had demanded that you do have been in this I'm just glad to receive the recommended. As mad men the park this actually is Rell are more like Eck. Oh. My favorite things. Let's say I used to like. Coffee. Now they don't like do you like it. But I enjoyed the killings. And honestly think that yeah I like Chile I like him and the securities and my dad's best of the way it. You can bet he doesn't. We're. Yeah its music and its fans who. Member of men's unanimously. Okay at its best.

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{"duration":"15:32","description":"Episode 86: Emmy Award-winning actor Tony Hale talks new season of Veep, making it as an actor, and M&M's new flavors on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"38595980","title":"Tony Hale on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis ","url":"/Business/video/tony-hale-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-38595980"}