Top Tips For Buying Toys

The Toy Insider Mom shares expert advice.
5:19 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for Top Tips For Buying Toys
Are you a bit of an uncertain -- not quite sure what to buy the kids on your list well lucky for you the toy insider mom Laurie Shaq is here in our studio today. With tips on figure out. The perfect present for -- child whether you're shopping online or in stores and -- and -- -- the first thing is exactly what you said about. Knowing the child -- find something away. If it's your child what is their passions you know it's great when when -- -- toys on. -- commercials are when I bring them and share them with you but it has something that your child is going to be interest and in. Has nothing to do with the price doesn't matter it's and expensive aren't inexpensive -- what matters is it's gonna give you a child. Hours or years. Fun play that's right and you have some -- on how to do that you say. Once you know what your child is interested and don't forget though there are some food some signals on the packaging in the gas and -- the most important guideline is going to be Ames on when you see the age on and you will see that on every single -- you by there's always going to be and so helpful. -- if it's -- not for children under three -- -- real safety tip. Because chances other going to be small parts you don't want to worry about kids swallowing Nazis and are not you know he's this thing like this this is -- seven last. This going to be more because it's a challenging scale. It's a craft kids will love it if this is what they light. It's more challenging. Don't let this and a four years old old tan because they'll be on spring up -- that -- are very very frustrated he'll -- weight to challenging. And it's a great I -- them -- but it needs to be in the -- -- Now what about it you know when -- you have a certain budget you have any tips on how to keep it in budget there -- so many great choices out there when it comes to -- you will find toys. And replacement toys so you know say we're talking about construction toys some construction items are very very pricey but you haven't I don't like slot now. 1999 for 266. Peace and love that and that by the way is good for a girl horrible way yes. Age range for -- okay we'll let's talk about construction in general and -- highs. It starts with our youngest kids construction is actually one of my favorite categories to talk about. It it's something that kids should start out with when you're young and you want to encourage them to block it is because they're learning as they play they are learning and children do learn as they play -- don't think that play is just -- it's very important for kids. But with construction you're gonna start with the first builders. Where you have. He chunky blocks that kids -- use and play with. And they're going to learn about problem solving and role playing once they've created something. And then they picked him to -- in the castle right neverland they create and speaking of role playing with something like this Hobbits that Condit that as well yes -- you know. Whether it's hot and or whether it's Dark Knight rises that -- Cinderella. Kids will love to bring home their favorite. Characters and TV and the movies they're putting themselves incidences and situations exactly what -- -- -- promote -- -- literacy early literacy there's so many toys that promote things like that we have some items of -- -- LeapFrog. Eight tablets so you know from them most simple where kids are learning their ABC's. To some of the tablets that have come out this year -- -- -- to the Kerio. There's a whole -- with them. And all of them have so much contact for the can't tell us some toys that are really -- -- promoting together -- so that's going to be nights hoops hot choices will be he was first informed us. On -- games come in all different price points so take -- left center right it's something it's easy to for the whole family to fast paced game. But when you put scheme in front of children and family ever -- sit down and placed -- family siblings brand it's just a great way to connect and get together. And amp RO -- too many choices a fabulous games out there -- evening. Begin. Right there are so so -- happening as new once anyone my other favorite is words with friends and we -- used to playing an online it's now physical boy games sell. -- some learning and that you know now the kids have to figure out the word. But it's also taking an online game and making it real in front of them that's so exciting and you know and so many of us myself included. Shop online these days because it's more convenient and it's easier but -- don't forget about your local -- absolutely you know certainly your targets and wal -- and -- everything and looking for one stock. Just because you have great relationships with your neighborhood stores. -- important resource for mom and dad and forget campers. You know you're buying something for a child that might not be your own -- your niece and nephew not -- the local oysters. Usually you have great stat they you can now when there aren't saying -- -- -- -- twice for six year old girl and regular birthday party and you know what she likes and she likes -- and they're great they're so great at helping. So you know besides. Supporting your local neighborhood when you do that and your local twister there's a lot of great actions that you'll find. At your local twister that you're not under the bigger stories two -- fact that the toy insider mom thank you so much pain any Elena and happy -- happy holidays to you --

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