Unemployment claims hit another pandemic low as key industries hire more workers

Experts say the leisure and hospitality, health care and transportation industries are the best bets for Americans looking for jobs.
4:26 | 06/03/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unemployment claims hit another pandemic low as key industries hire more workers
Economy now earlier today we learned that 385000. People filed for unemployment last week that does not good for them obviously but. It's a good sign because this marks the first time that number has dropped below 400000. Since March 14 20/20 one Covert nineteen. Forced shutdowns across the country. But what did these positive new numbers mean for the millions of Americans who are still looking for a job let's bring in ABC news business correspondent dinner Bolton. So agenda out what you industries out there. Are doing a lot of the hardware to which of the best industries if you're looking for job to go looking. Terry there are three industries that are stealing all the other's thunder but in the best way possible so leisure and hospitality. This is really where we're adding the most jobs back to the economy not a huge surprise this was this actor that was really hurt the most during the pandemic. But if you look at comparison charts here you will see its basic at least three times the strength. Of any other categories so certainly standing out at bars and restaurants reopened at full capacity. As hotels reopen in his people feel more comfortable even going to outdoor concerts. All of those events all of those outings this fall under that category as far as eat peanuts this are taking this data from. That all fall under that category next up he's. Haven't tired for silver and bronze if you might. Health services a big part it is. Think about your dances thinking now sound elective procedures or check ups and needy people wouldn't put off during and me. Oh my shoulder hurts but it not hurting that much you might put off that women during a pandemic. Now you're going back to your doctor's office outlook an act that doctors office is also bringing back his or her stash. Interestingly enough on the third category. Trade and transport which are very much linked to sell ads department stores reopen as we all want cheese shop a little bit more in person they're obviously passing begins for us to look at lower in those places. So the trade and transport is really adding up and you can kind of team to weigh in for a huge reach out part of that Terry. Well general Glenn now let's talk about the geography of employment as we come out of this pandemic. Is. The entire nation coast to coast hiring at the same rate or. Assume there are Red Sox any spots that are still struggling though we're really at this pivotal moment we're seeing a huge shift for well I'll just point out. That this stage that we have at least it strips we hit Julio regulations which locked down there the winds that if you look at their unemployment rates compared to the others. Had held up reasonably steady so Florida is a good example of that. The governor resisted for better or worse closing a lot of businesses. And so Florida as a state unemployment has held very steady if you can parents you for example California. Or New York. But here's the underlying factor here are your it and admit we saw a huge economic shift. Towards good news and waves from services because quite frankly most of us were scared to interact with other human so obviously that's an up and patterns and spending patterns. That is beginning to shifting. So in his latest set of data and what we CR tons of services jobs being added. And today's jobs being. But army starts you're beginning to see basically the West Coast and the north east gaining strength as we returns you. Cheers number every economist and engineer at every marketer does it and paying attention to it. We're gonna find out how many jobs were asked the US economy last month. For those keeping track their home there are still still rather seven point six million jobs missing if you like from the US economy if you compare that he February 20/20 number so that's going to be a big pivot point for investors and citizens are Terry. Partly because job growth has it seems slowed a little bit people reluctant maybe come back ABC news business correspondent Deirdre Bolton. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Experts say the leisure and hospitality, health care and transportation industries are the best bets for Americans looking for jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"78072344","title":"Unemployment claims hit another pandemic low as key industries hire more workers","url":"/Business/video/unemployment-claims-hit-pandemic-low-key-industries-hire-78072344"}