How to Win Your Sweetheart's Heart on Valentine's Day

Godiva talks chocolate trends and tips for Valentine's Day with Rebecca Jarvis.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for How to Win Your Sweetheart's Heart on Valentine's Day
Time is running out to finalize your Valentine's Day plans for Friday and if you wanna impress your lot well we have a few tips to get started -- an art of good -- the president is here to talk. Tips to win your special someone's heart it's and I dispute Gerri good guy thank you think it to be here so -- underwent hip to winning over your sweetheart -- valentines day number one -- -- not to forget that it's Valentine's Day. So -- a lighter to set a reminder Valentine's Day -- -- it is our single busiest day of the year. And so you want to make sure you get there early. Because there will be lines although we -- gonna try to get people to -- quickly as possible. But that there's always a long line usually guy is not the -- Democrats there in the Atlanta journal online Netherlands on long lines and they don't dare go home without something -- from Godiva so what is the breakdown between men and women buying it for Valentine's Day is it. Definitely in many many more men are buying -- -- Whitman by a lot of it is well. Women are -- quite a lot of as well but it is heavily dominated by men so I -- take probably 6040 split the men are usually the ones who buy things like -- beautiful. Keepsake heart. Because they're very romantic they tend to be buying for their special someone the women -- in. And there also find that special someone but in a lot of cases they're buying for a lot of people -- they need be fine for you know their sister and -- everyone as usual -- -- -- thinking of everyone for -- and what is -- those purchased chocolate at a -- for Valentine's. I -- is the keep that -- this is it because it comes in three different sizes Celek. And whatever your price range you can you can find something and -- these three different sizes plot. If you really know exactly what your loved one month. You can go up to the cup chocolate case and you can personalize it and hit which chocolates you want to go into one of these are -- like personalizing it and Harry thought okay it's. What is it lunar chocolates. Four is that tell me what those are what that even -- so that's different that's not about Valentine's Day that's about their new here and then a new year for the Asian community started -- January 31 and it goes for about two weeks. And so we have special chocolates that -- shut me up for Lunar New Year and a few of them are still running -- few of them are still in in the -- -- -- -- that there -- some of them -- healthy. That there are healthy chocolates but I believe that topic is practically a great idea I think when you have jerked up and especially practically -- Are very. So -- people are out shopping right now what is the average amount that people are spending on Valentine's Day items so the average person this year is expected to spend on Valentine's about a 134 dollars which is up slightly from year ago so that's good and up quite a bit from the years of -- recession of course I think announcement -- something that people now they want to splurge on. And because you know their things and different price ranges and and at what your price and couldn't find them. So it's interesting that you said the economy because maybe we were looking at all the wrong indicators when we're trying to figure out where the big turn in the economy was we -- been looking at chocolate as the indicator. I think so I think and I think that's happened it's even when you don't have a lot of money this enemy you're not taking that weekend in the Caribbean you can always afford to go into that shop and just by a couple of chocolate from theory expense. What do you think in terms of the new chocolate trends. Where is the world of chocolate -- But dark chocolate is still a big trend but one -- that we found a lot of our consumers our food and they're very -- in kind of exploring chocolate. So this is our Valentine's Day -- And -- flight and our -- actually athlete he's in order kind of -- -- plate but it's chocolate flight. And they go -- -- progressive tasting journey and we a lot of our new chocolate in this as well and help for what's that it. A flight data up to you that is up -- -- but there's six in here and -- and it's only sixteen dollars and really affordable. And the last one in the flight is the -- -- -- which is a little touch of cinnamon. It's really really love. Like that they -- so much for joining us you -- -- happy to thank Godiva chocolates ready for Valentine's Day if you're one of those men who will be waiting in line. You've got some ideas right here we have I didn't think -- and -- you so much for joining us -- real this until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Godiva talks chocolate trends and tips for Valentine's Day with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"22462409","title":"How to Win Your Sweetheart's Heart on Valentine's Day","url":"/Business/video/valentines-day-2014-gift-ideas-win-sweethearts-heart-22462409"}