Take The Worry Out of Your Wedding Day

Startup Lover.ly created a one stop shop search engine for brides to be.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Take The Worry Out of Your Wedding Day
So we begin with wedding season which is right around the corner but planning it for anybody who's tried it I've done it. It can be a bit of a headache. And with so much information scattered all over the web where do you start well that's where startup -- -- comes and they say that -- one stop shop search engine. Is the answer to tighten up between brides to be and technology and we -- welcomed the CEO and founder. Kelly collegial it's so nice to have you with things keep happening -- so US a lot of really beautiful -- today we did it take a look at things that are available on your site and one of the most interesting things you said. You brought this -- it's an engagement ring. And you -- a lot of people want you. Plan their -- like celebrities and this is a ring that looks like late life it's yeah so a lot of couples are looking celebrities to inspire them for their ratings and this is actually at custom ring I -- lap -- Hearing -- -- and it's. Point 86 carat diamond -- it's obsolete -- but it inspired frankly -- -- hit a rose gold -- ring and people were up fast with that and it is the U reading of the air which is part of what is the magic behind your site because a lot of people I -- are looking to try and be more like celebs trying to copy either -- try to. You get ideas and inspiration from them and that's -- coming at exactly I think there's so many amazing options for wedding planning and -- -- of -- -- some laterally dad as we bring -- the back and yes. People to -- and -- that I in the simplest form you can search by -- by -- by location. Anything that you want to make your dream wedding a reality and our whole goal is to make it simple easy delightful and -- This is a space I mean there's a lot of big big multi billion dollar business around weddings so when you got in. How big the concern was that that there's other competitors in the space that are also trying to be that one stop shop and on the -- -- we actually look add to the industry I -- kind of the leader in disrupting as far as bringing technology. Add first and foremost there so many options out there but we'll laugh really brings it -- -- you can't search and so we work with the top blockers in the face. Top -- -- some brands we get close to 3000. Have brands on the site -- -- -- thousand product you can search in one place that. While there -- a number at a meeting media sites out there. -- we can be partners with how we can drive traffic so. We really are first to market as far as building search and and discovery engine for right well how about discovering that deals because that was important to me when I was planning my wedding I wanted to figure out how to do what I -- -- but not spend a ton of money on. Now we have a whole planning component of the site which actually and we get tips and ideas about how to say it -- what yet why what not to you. A trend is to DIY I have a lot of your items your wedding but we say don't you and -- -- thirty days for the -- because -- you want. Is to be on your wedding day -- I have put the sweat and many weddings friends of mine and -- out. Doing that DIY part really 24 hours in advance stuffing that get a Pakistani for president as his trap for the morning. What are the things that you would say are are appropriate for do -- yourself. Here's out of these are like really fun favors and gifts for ascent I think -- -- -- point antique shops and getting cute little. Into its peak -- and potting analysts Aquila and keep thinking this a week in advance and -- a month in advance maybe not that aren't -- And -- a little intact the back it's personal. But not sleeping over at just be sure you plan something that doesn't need a lot of water and and I can integrate and -- the green get you can actually use as to acquire and then give it -- gas. At that they are really cute stuff in terms of of the web site and what the future of it holes. What's the debris what's the goal. Say we -- that its total letting world vomiting and -- but beyond that it really is to make wedding planning easy and more fine and so bringing more tools to brides. And launching patent and I had half an android apps -- Any bride on the -- -- act with our technology can reach our hot acts added an R&R retelling it. On the -- And you have raised funds from a number of investors who recently investors the big names -- we've raised money front numbered Angel on pastors -- and -- and his promise into hearing you act. -- received money from Comcast and -- the catalyst and I leaned out and after. And is now my montage -- -- and part of the reason why I loved hot. Is he mean to venture capital fund after the place he got married if we did a lot of hot -- which is perfect when you're running a wedding business exactly. For those -- future brides who were out -- planning their weddings what is your number one -- Number one -- is actually in -- and remember what the wedding is about it's about lap and celebrating and so. Don't -- the weeks in advance months in advance gas lover got -- -- and often we haven't -- maps you can download and on the -- Kelly thanks so much for joining us -- for having me.

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{"id":22897418,"title":"Take The Worry Out of Your Wedding Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Startup Lover.ly created a one stop shop search engine for brides to be.","url":"/Business/video/wedding-day-planning-advice-worry-wedding-day-22897418","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}