Pact App Pays You to Exercise

New app helps users stick to New Year's goals by earning cash to live healthy.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for Pact App Pays You to Exercise
Wanna get right to -- with a new app it's called pact. Formally known as jam packed and it's helping you stick to your New Year's resolution by paying you. Yes paying you to eat healthy and exercise -- keep -- -- joins us now from San Francisco via Skype. And and I have to admit. I try the app initially. And -- I kinda gave up on it and my question is to you how are you keeping people in the mix and actually following through on their commitments. I was so we use cash incentives to motivate people actually for the majority -- -- users. They stabler has averaged longer than six months and the reason is because he is positive and negative incentives to motivate that they get our money for accomplishing their goals and his pain -- remembers each week who don't result -- -- Which makes you eat your veggies and then there's the food locking up pact which also keeps people eating healthy. Explain how each of those works. Yeah also gender is easy you made a commitment a power immediately you want exercise. And we use our -- our wells are only half measured -- -- all the work on the G yes -- -- -- and stat tracking. Wit Betsy how you get to connect how many vegetables you'll you commit to eat each week each -- -- bear execution there -- -- community power users. I would Lawton -- partner with -- popular at my fitness cal. Which -- -- don't -- everything that you EA each day that you that we get to halt all that Bernie show. And -- your commitment. So people get paid based on the amount that they commit so that you -- -- the app you say how much money you're willing to wager essentially against yourself your batting. On yourself -- against yourself depending on how you look at it and that's what you end up getting paid how are you -- fine though that there are cheaters at the Max. So it's important RS to bear all activities -- there's no honest sense yeah. Believes a variety of innocence including voter verification GPS and cell -- -- occasion bush and partner asks you track at a meeting that people are committees. But you couldn't. Take a picture of a vegetable -- 85 and say oh I hate that but really you've got McDonald's burger sitting to your left. -- -- so we are not trying to prevent you from eating unhealthy days and Ingrid financials and a -- that's the big no no. But I used to get you to take composite -- -- eating that answer vegetable or -- Not you're getting yourself you did you end and that half an option is what it really -- difference on this and he says. This is the time of year when Jim's -- -- -- to -- up -- -- at the -- over the weekend in the class was so over -- because everybody was trying to fulfill their resolutions. How much time do you really have to get people -- get their interest. Off the top of the year I mean do people start giving up on resolutions by what is that February march when -- they dropped. Drop the resolutions. Yes even -- prison. They asked yes I -- early January imprison people doesn't even lots of positive -- a couple of days. But the -- at the half you last net how did time and so can harness all the energy needs me now make that commitment and and that -- financial and its validity. In years carried -- Al you know even in a couple you don't deal. By the way I should mention I was in the -- this weekend because of my New Year's resolution because I'm trying. To go more frequently. DE I'm sure you use the apple what's your what's your wager and what's your system. Yeah so I usually -- for -- -- In -- IDE. And exercise. And now that we how does it passes while. This. 35 C a -- asked by each day. -- -- trying to out as he held out or -- and it as we want to know what it's like for argues there is. Miles you know four days of -- blocking every week. And how many veggies and he had -- are today. What are -- Up today if ASEAN does it end here is not -- I'd say going well and -- -- -- and. As my executive producers that I would hate to be the bathrooms at your office -- -- Happy new year -- lot get to work on those veggies for now. And keep us posted we'd love to hear back from you everybody the app is called packed and it's eat I'm saying and they just got one and half million dollars. In the first round of funding so we're really proud of them an excited.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"New app helps users stick to New Year's goals by earning cash to live healthy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"21437632","title":"Pact App Pays You to Exercise","url":"/Business/video/years-resolutionpact-app-pays-exercise-21437632"}