2016 Oscars Predictions

FiveThirtyEight's Walter Hickey recaps the Oscars best picture nominees and predicts who will take home the gold.
10:27 | 02/25/16

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Transcript for 2016 Oscars Predictions
You'll fought that being. See you probably have focused the company and these United States of America not a blow. Chemical. The but I think we've got to we but the Republican president but coming up on the get a help fallout from that and analysis of that makes -- 1009 in Easton so is that a mere 22 and a half minutes why. We will talk more to you about violated his youthful past elections but you'll have passed the Oscars which load from that segment through this law. You quite beautiful meals is. But advocate and Utica. If not just previously if you're looking at how the other awards who goes right and and a week. So and I goes in with each other essentially want to look at the was predictable awards historically speaking in new stuff like that DGA awards to directors guild of that it places the health exactly yes they're the ones that typically have most often led to predicted the winner or answer categories like the Screen Actors Guild is very very indicative of who actually winning best actor actress and it. It's which which saw. Historically the most accurate to predict seven you always get back to act right you'll get best actress is best threat to hawk which is a bit of its small production so that. Is pretty in his previous world best director category which is just human the DG eight cents. This year with an active for the red. And so those. It we were pretty certain that that it was look like George Miller for a while. Like ours I guess this. The first two time back to back wins fifties now this is not things back to back best practices that it. That is an awkward that I. It's an original that's like. Regulars and let's see so with. Pictures it was it is hard is getting the most of them were looking at what the writers. Actors the directors the producers. In the hope pointed statement is that. We look at the 7000 people who vote in the academy. Will we really want figure out is is how they're not looking at what the best movie the outlook and find out which movie deserves the hospital is looking to see which movie these folks things can win. To do that we gotta have attacked the problems look at those of us forget that. It and it and companies are that it is our. Premium spot it's spotlight. The big short revenues. Net next ferry route for despise. Brooklyn. Britain yet and of course effort. It. A cop yeah it got so you think based annual prediction. That. Best the rights goes to. Best film is right now revenue. About anything and obviously it would be about that yes that's slam dunk that's the easiest thing if somebody says like I got the best actor prediction last year right next you don't believe an adamant. And it's that is them for the good yeah I thought it might it. An option. Other martian yet it was really want to do it again. Com and Steve like Matt Damon in this theory is nominated for best actor and let me I'll look at this narrative that like oh lead deserves it has been nominates a few times. A look at the numbers of of how many good movies each performers actually been in. You can actually get even more persuasive case for why Matt Damon really deserves an act like he's got a really good longer movies. And even if they were both in the departed which is what little of this kind held up differently it's a really interesting here and how the narrative kind of took Colbert if. Before this is more pressing than. They in Damon's it and run things in these two fellows. I mean million deal to work without scripts and he got. It's as a lot of grunting it's a lot of I migrants yet and he's in the evidence the story of how Leonardo DiCaprio that you coat and didn't feel great. It's a great film it's fun to watch it's visually basically that's where there were times it I was tribal or opens the would have with quiet bulletin is hard but I. Rooting for the bare head of the Internet and. But it red while reporting on. Yet. He's like like he. Came and ultimately. Ultimately it was we can't in this year's game I don't think there's. A lot the other forms is perfect adult. Things. It's. Because you Korea I don't about getting the basket full of irony is that with the law. Thought man let me. I am there that's not that's not what it ward. Think we'll answer the rather folded need for several hours is not necessarily that's right Oscar's. Having to go to Canada briefly is not transparent. Could. Who did not Leo goodies. But Republican debates going to be. I. I'll think. Than those things though than coming that's been. That's live playing someone else entirely that is transformative role given to you he will win this year argument we don't have to be happy that is something we yes or other awards brie Larson also very very best. There are passing performance of then going to act venomous and we agree the gamblers agree model is that worlds are reaching out pretty different ways agree it's pretty much program Larson's point in the candor and the best supporting actress category that's all day yet. Com so Kate Winslet has at a recent burst in kind of winnings passed awards that popular one. She's great Steve Jobs but it's it's referral of an American ally model looks at the whole season overall we don't factor in recent season if there's a late surge an update now on animal little wary about what's that one. But we're we're back to camp. Hey that's the best supporting actor it's gonna be used alone and it's been weird it's been interesting in the baptists there's for a loop. Into getting mark violence finally getting. Some recognition. He Britain's. Malt rockets is is a British. You throw objectives. It's the media he's possibly best in the vote duly elected is. That they are easily craftsman. As a craftsman I think you'd actually really he's been back and vote but almost all his book is on the stage. Was that I was Conan Douglas that I advisable Diana and affection in the road. You have to feel it feels that he does went on Sunday it's just as welcome moment and it feels. Is that people are thing. Without. Oh that Oscars were hurt her career work she got passport. And it was all this experience and it reminds me eight. On the Screen Actors Guild award for best supporting actor for peace unease in which on Netflix and that was just an eight it was very much and rebuke to a peak and it went into harmony members. The physical category Chris a lot of interest. Economic regulation if you see the big show. And it's really. A quite. Yet I don't give it up and us. So yes I did complete. And another question you know. But the pixel is about one happening allies and that and about like how the people who buy able to pull past while. Why but it ally but ultimately and it's funny thing I've might you know minutes ago. From. I. Think you get them all if you will if you want to vote. Why happens in 2000. The think that the market I read the book first and it's gotten an idiot and single up about time on this method involves exactly yeah I remembered accurate. And into. No I just thought the book was that. Bush is great. I mean what better see like I liked the book that I amount of heat better yeah maybe. Art and yet it was a very well themes like how to solve this particular problem situation and it was a really good book yet know the films gray last and that one I think that they exceed internal problem. Lower points in the book. What Angela characterization one I think they really be lifted off the heat well. But yet big short fitness film Producers Guild of America love them yet that's one of the ones like it when we were looking at the awards the producers guild is actually pretty highly predictable things considered. So what we saw on this and mighty. Whites as issues that we got the Screen Actors Guild. Back spotlight they got the best best cast toward the top prize and it really sorry I love spotlight after sorts and it's a good Fella. The producers guild back to be short and in the director's guild backs backs in Gary do then. Us the revenues so we're really it's upon contest because it's really been going every which way the through manuals for what this kind of crisis. We've. You. It might gasoline powered. Batteries going to be lots of ways of life that was. A lot. Eight part of it. It while. Giving you everything you need air go away on right now. That small. Properties. I'll the only way that's about respect. When your further wins on the look smaller. If indeed there's here. Maybe make and agreed speech that'll medals. You may happen. I'd. Like new Labatt bull. Thanks for. We are. Offered. A reward but he. There like an accurate it. PM eastern 4 PM that they the Oscar. Watch. I tweak the way.

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