Is the 2020 college football season in jeopardy?

Heisman trophy winner Desmond Howard discusses the latest on the college football session, and how the decision to cancel it could impact players looking to go pro.
5:22 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for Is the 2020 college football season in jeopardy?
More on this let's bring in ESPN college football analyst Desmond Howard doesn't you won the high and Heisman you know what it's like to be a top college player. Many of these guys are now making the argument that it safer for them to play and be at school than it is for them to be home. What do you think. What Diane I understand that these young men they wanna get on they grid Aaron they've been practicing on their lives of the at this moment. And put this pandemic they hit the way it has and pretty minds and it would take this season at risk I understand the most in that they're going through but this is bigger than what they prepare for at this point. I believe that if there on campus is easier for the coaches and their staff to point team the players. I'm not sure of playing big games will be the right answer at this point it's probably safer for them to be at. On campus in dorms owing their apartments where they have that watchful eye of the coaches in this thing happened Megan monitor them. But I'm not sure what they should play games at this point because. You have to keep in mind a weak and don't let me let me rewind the tape a little bit a week ago a lot of these conferences. They release schedules so we were very excited we're OK we don't have college football great. But did think that the heart give it to the left. This week in because they receive some medical information from their medical experts that believed Diane. Points to potential long term effects that may have the deal with their respiratory system. And cardiac issues and I think that's the major concern right now not just from these commissioners of the power by. But from the university's president is Diane. My got to look out for these guys obviously we know basketball and hockey have restarted their seasons in a bubble that seems to be working. Contrast that with Major League Baseball no bubble several cases on multiple teams. So can you have a season without a bubble. And can you have above all in college football. I bode well they're the biggest issue Diane with college Sobel also. Let's put it in perspective. 'cause bubble of the billion dollar industry but made four billion dollar industry right so of the high revenue generating sports constable of them they're professionals what but the issue is. Student athletes in this state is doing that please you rented the professional leagues. They are. Grown men who are giving millions of dollars and they have a million to look out where their best and choose. These college football where they don't have a million big strapping unionized in 2015. Day yes shut down so they don't have anyone. This look at now where there bet it is like the professional sports do I do believe you can try to took pointing them put them when the bubble but don't forget. If you're at a campus where now they're gonna have students on campus is not going to be on lines that these things don't campus. They're going to be mingling. With those student at some point and then you're you're at risk again so that's an issue that the Brokeback facilities don't have to contend with. Thank you know you're talking about the the professional players being union vs the college players not being in not being frozen. This isn't and it's been debated for awhile and now in the wake of not just this epidemic but also the George Floyd protests in black lives matter. We seeing players talking more about this several pac twelve players recently wrote an op bed. Denouncing the NCAA. Saying that exploiting black athletes nationwide that that's what the association is doing so. Do you think this could change the landscape of college sports going forward the fact that this conversation is again at the forefront but with this new spotlight. Diane that there's any sort of silver lining that can come out of this this pandemic in house how it has affected. Congress was specifically. Collegiate full law it would be dead. They were unionized. And that they will come together. Thank god that you have social media because now you have these different groups different at least they're able to link up and share their experiences and now that you realize. That they have a very very powerful voice I do believe that there will be some significant changes that would take place. Once we give back to what we will consider the new no as far as college football this concerned Diane. So what's your prediction Desmond do we have a season and if not but what happens to be seniors. Then all of the have a season more and I do this is my livelihood I love college mobilized this this is tremendous for now we before country. It just seems like the presidents' day our very leery about the lab's ability that they may face if these student athletes. I have some sort of Elvis that they can Trace back to that the role in the virus from playing so because the bed. Act act act I stole I don't think that we're going to have to see them keep them up fingers crossed though I wish they can figure it out and I do want us to have a season but this the help. The student athletes. That's their risk right now and that's the biggest issue. Law I know it's a lot of decisions being made we appreciate your input on that we appreciate him time to talk to us this morning thanks Desmond.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"Heisman trophy winner Desmond Howard discusses the latest on the college football session, and how the decision to cancel it could impact players looking to go pro.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"72306785","title":"Is the 2020 college football season in jeopardy?","url":"/Entertainment/video/2020-college-football-season-jeopardy-72306785"}