71st Annual Golden Globe Nominations

Rolling Stone's Peter Travers and ABC's Lesley Messer give the lowdown on this year's nominees.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Transcript for 71st Annual Golden Globe Nominations
As 2013 is winding down Hollywood is gearing up for their award season and earlier in the nominations for the -- for annual Golden Globe awards were announced and so. Of course the waiting begins the questions will go who will win and who cuts -- -- -- surprise stories go. With some insight. Of course Peter Travers from rolling down. And our own -- -- thank -- so much for being. I'll be somebody go first stop motion picture drama and here eleven nominees out there twelve years a slave. Captain Phillips gravity -- -- and rush Peter. Oh you want -- ally in the -- what did you think there's only -- There that are even in competition they would be twelve years a slave and gravity. Everybody out good they should have a nice table. -- the Golden Globe party. And my prediction is that it will be twelve years and plus why didn't grab -- that's laying in the public in the public. Court. It didn't think it was it was just criticize so much for the accuracy. All I see what they criticize everything for actors well I -- basic rule when he came home he wasn't wearing an -- you know. Africa our goal when the Oscar last year and everybody said that didn't happen right it was really the Canadians -- did it you know it doesn't hurt about it. All right accuracy when you have Sandra -- Looking like -- and doing everything she can do with George Clooney floating in May -- an accurate -- surprised by the list not at all I was surprised that certain felt weren't on the list -- -- We were talking earlier at the Butler seems like an obvious omission. But yet -- when it obviously. I young opening up a pandora's box but why was -- -- because everyone was talking fantastic was a mean it was up cool school that season. But Chris when you talk about the Hollywood foreign for -- nothing something they have reasons that. Nobody understands because past anyone who they are what they there's nine -- there they'll have other jobs some of them -- travel agents. Some of them working yeah I'm not defending. Anyway try to don't need to have a -- we have travel -- they -- for the Hollywood fire Hollywood foreign press and they have dinner parties and they going junkets and if you're not nice to them they won't moment. Heartless. Well clearly XP is putting them out of business and obviously -- canyon -- There are so -- -- talk about it obviously best actress and best actor refers to start with best actress Cate Blanchett for blue jasmine Sandra Bullock gravity. Judi Dench for Philip -- Emma Thompson -- mister banks and Kate Winslet for Labor Day Peter. The two on the top part of the main competition here I Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bullock and I how does anybody beat -- plants and she's like from. Some of the planet of -- -- I mean this is not just a Woody Allen movie where he wrote her a small part. This is everything she's playing streetcar named desire -- -- breakdowns. She spectacular. She is she is absolutely beautiful unstoppable. In this. Well and she she -- every part -- seems to disappear every characters is. As she adds -- incredibly well we could do it just I think it's. You mean you're not agreeing -- -- -- All right tricky category that's your best -- by an actor motion picture drama the nominees. -- someone else has got -- I practice this but I'd hand Tom Hanks I could say it. I can certainly but typically it does he is -- a -- ratio for. -- short for you we were doing we used to be called that now he beats people up on them but still he and what he let me do it but then he tossed -- But met twelve -- a slave Idris -- remand long walk to freedom Tom Hanks kept up that economy. Dallas buyers of of course Robert Redford all is lost what a spectrum of actors all great if anybody could of won an Oscar on that list. At any time you know Robert Redford. Oddly enough is -- guy who doesn't get much attention as an actor and this is that he's alone. On the screen in this movie but. My prediction I don't know what you would says he would be -- French yulia there for twelve years later a British actor who is. It's on design and I think Andy there's so much fault in what he's do supply just knocked -- And -- embodying such a real person -- -- real story which I think. Is sets him apart and I also thank. We're gonna hear a lot front -- going into Oscar's going into the Oscar race you -- right I've learned how to spell his name. I feel like -- if -- -- -- that in evidence and outright grants we learned that I -- learned how to sell them and. Ordered televisions I wanna go into -- nominees for drama breaking bad of course and that obviously that was given on there Downton Abbey. The good White House -- masters of sex -- let's start with you. Who's leading the list on this one. I think -- breaking bad doesn't come away with this especially after their last season there will be a huge. Outcry from breaking bad some of -- to get some nasty habits maybe I think Sally -- fetus neck -- -- The -- well why not do that. Down to -- Andy's head. It's moment media. House of cards I would say if there's one on that list that could give the competition. Two breaking bad it would be them really well it's a big deal that Netflix has CNN's that's out there and it's doing so well. And it's really good but come just want to why he -- this is read Bryan Cranston has peak in. Swan song from you're not yet of the others of their produced -- and you didn't don't have a year. Everyone's -- on everyone's had their moment I know you do great things. That's the director's cut -- I have an oddity is that for best performance by an actress in television series drama. Julianna Margulies the good wife Tatiana mass -- mess Laney excuse. Or blacked. -- issuing orders the new black Washington scandal and Robin Wright house -- I love Robin Wright that's just my personal. I want this to -- Washington so -- -- it. Do you Pope on scandal. You know the one thing I'm always -- -- -- people on news because I don't think they know what it ran -- -- as easy to have that right yes. But on TV they're much better than the Anthony's. Because being home weekly energy -- there. And last year they gave an award to girls and Emmys will take like five years to recognize that the ban on carrying -- -- in the scandal the world -- that -- Well frankly I see her and it rests -- her baby -- obvious rumors. She's pregnant she's ever confront. I'd like to see her when -- integrates it. You were just talking about -- a short time ago you've been unhappy people out session. I am constantly under any -- on my show because Jared lead on had actually played a woman I keep him being right. Now clearly Kerry Washington incoming justice -- Washington on behalf well I appreciate you -- you may be -- something more. Best companies that for an actor intelligence is -- -- -- this Bryan Cranston breaking bad each driver ray Donovan. My -- -- of sex Kevin Spacey house arts and James Spader -- -- Mr. Travers yes yes there's only Bryan Cranston but that is I commend them again. Because we have Shriver and ray Donovan is a new show and he's really good -- -- James Spader black with new show. You know. Michael -- masters -- sex thing recognize this. They don't have to wait years to decide it. Did so I'm choosing the one who's on an older show. But is there he's right up there with Gandolfini in the soprano and this is one of the great performance and easy comparison without. -- this is one team. -- greatest characters of all time you know when you're playing someone like Walter White an area last season he deserves every award that you can -- I think the golden and yeah. -- gotten it from us. But didn't listen more of these movies from I what do we expect that obviously from the show itself because -- -- I was -- for the fact that they just go there and they drink. You know that you drinking you have fun if you walk home with an award bonus for you. But what about the host Amy Poehler in -- -- -- -- -- there's no way they can't be quite as they aren't they great and their loved in that town. And the reason is the best party really good in the Academy Awards you're sitting there bored to death can't say anything because somebody who made -- of the moves behind me. Everybody is drunk and beyond at the golden -- having a good time TV and movies. Meet they talk to each other and that fueled by champagne and entertainment and Maureen. Aren't -- letting it pool beside and above the we're talking about who was left off and a big surprises from the -- this morning. Well I think that it's in the TV. Fields. Homeland didn't get anything. Clarity and didn't get -- not anti tank and didn't get there weren't no -- -- the show at all and some are saying it's having an off season. But I thought it was very surprising this is an award that clarity -- one. Year so. I think they've moved on you know there's a lot of I don't know if your big homeland fan but a lot of people would just yet pointed with subsequent seasons of it. So I can get that the beach. Which is the movie shocked to read it goes to TV's Oprah Winfrey how could -- not be nominated she is Oprah. By name recognition sit alone question what is said that but -- -- that Forest Whitaker also. What -- enemies they don't what they don't need to have parts would -- sitting there to make their friendship begin the ratings are I don't think they do want to have a little hard to do that. And when I'd look at who -- -- rebound in movies. I saw that. Did directors that -- nominated these nothings like Martin -- says he ran Cohen Brothers Mike Jones Woody Allen who are there has been blocked a losers club to belong. I would movie's drama and comedy -- we it would and we hit the list but because it's the biggest joke of the golden gloves that comedy that they nominated Nebraska which I love which makes you wanna go home with a paper bag over -- add insult -- -- At the end of the comedy American hospitals -- comedy right wolf of Wall Street is a company. -- Will Ferrell was on my popcorn -- recently he said. What happened in my movies like isn't anchorman Conway isn't -- -- how many -- This is the end all popular movies of they're just trying to get it -- possible movie that could be nominated for an Oscar on. Well and speaking of an asset for me I was very sad that it was left off not only where James Gandolfini and -- -- Dreyfus. An incredible in the movie but it actually is a comedy it is that we don't want they've read don't wanna genuine copy. If they're looking for drama in their comedy that quickly. Matthew McConaughey Kate douse -- a lot of talk about -- and and why would think that if there's an upset and it's chew -- tell I feel for is not the winner. I think that both Matthew McConaughey and in the supporting race -- -- especially -- those guys our -- and use the heating and errors out there in Hollywood. -- voters that movie is really getting to. One we were talking earlier Jarrett Idaho is unbelievable in Dallas buyers and frankly a beautiful woman in this. Pepper transformation -- -- Yes well that wasn't there would maybe there's a career -- replacement right. -- back into this whole thing doesn't work and athletes -- what we'll certainly get out. And -- well and it Leslie Peter thank you got so much we'll have to wait -- and we'll obviously marked on his predictions but rookie scored all. On the net and you'll come back -- -- -- -- -- very -- move. You guys for the Oscars.

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