76 Trombones in Mason City

ABC News' Josh Haskell visits The Music Man Square Iowa to see this amazing museum dedicated to Meredith Willson, writer of 'The Music Man'.
12:34 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for 76 Trombones in Mason City
ABC's Josh Haskell life in Mason City I find myself in the year 1912. I'm indoors right now. On a street that looks exactly like the Davis street from the movie the music man of course we're in Mason City. Also possibly know his river city the home of mayor Wilson. Who wrote the music man with a musical. In 1957. And on Broadway in the 1962. Became a movie and I want to bring in David Victor rack. He is the executive director here at music man square did tell us about where we find ourselves alive and well to well. Comes to river city 1912 Josh this is where Meredith Wilson grew up. His boyhood home is part of the square and that we have about 60000 guests and visitors that tour this where every year they come. From all across the country and around the world you don't of the music man is still being. Produced. In all refined. Venues around. It was exciting a couple of years ago. When so many lives. Pain. And it's so. And there. From mom New England yeah. And I enjoyed seeing the music man square in the. David tell us about. Why here in Mason City are we on supporters days Disneyland ass. Main street US aid went to show our viewers. Candy kitchen an old school parlor. There's someone playing piano players. Through your shops bakery just what is this meant to bring to your visitors. But this was built the facility of music man square was built in 2002. To honor the life and legacy of Meredith Wilson. And of course is our most favorite son most famous person. We like to say that he went Mason City on the map. And so we wanted to be very authentic. June oh life and times. That Meredith Wilson was born here in 1902. Lives you're talking 1919. Near we have a model T Ford. We always tell their. The school kids when they come here and spring trips. If marriage what and it dates to the ground. He's here. This is. Around. In full disclosure after tell everyone I did play Marcellus in the music man and eighth grade views I did yeah. These are remembering alliance should come and vote we have nothing to sing for you today but I do remember well and I'm out here for Hillary Clinton Campaign event is let's not forget where an Iowa of course I had to stop here. At a place that not only celebrates the musical but. A lot of the songs and done. Famous amazing life and Eric Wilson and what are some other songs that people might not recognize or know that he. We're flailing in the background. Is it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And of course this season we hear so often on the radio. If you check out the Ascap. Age duels you'll hear then it's. One of the top five. Christmas. Songs every year. And you don't realize America Wilson wrote it he wrote for his third most popular musical his third. Musical that was also quite popular here's club. And that is biggest song that came under Madden. Numerous second musical after the music man was the unsinkable Molly brown and that was also smash. Both Broadway. And. And I want to show you guys something kinda neat inside the music grant music room here in music main square. Of course their stronghold. And yes how many around though. This. I accounting and yeah all the school kids count how many Carson at seven this strong moments when victory. In before I arrived here in Mason City today there were a bunch of school kids here and they were playing a concert in. There's a woman over their Nancy just playing the piano she says she says that she comes in twice a week there is actually two competing piano players we had to ask them to stop. Because he was cutting a little. Noisy here and it looks kind of empty now but there was about a hundred people when I first arrived in if you're ever in Mason City, Iowa this is a place you have to stop that and speaking of the election season. As I told you I'm in town here for Hillary Clinton event later this evening not it. A museum but Ben Karstens having event here tomorrow when they're actually setting up efforts are just kind of shows that wherever you go and Iowa. You're gonna get a little taste of the political season Welty but why don't we show our viewers a little bit more about Mir Wilson is to take us to that museum and a couple more things. We should see here as we passed Nancy plane and a and here's the river city bank. As a go Nancy. So you played here twice a week like mine disaster in what is it about this place that makes you wanna just come here and played piano and entertain folks. Magic atmosphere and it's time mean kinda share mine I musical gift with doesn't like to visit him. And what is it about myriad Wilson that has had such an impact on decency. Futuristic. Uses a lot of fun getting to know music and. The music man and also. It also seems that mirrored Wilson has never forgotten or never forgot where he came from sister. Tell us a little bit about that and how that's reflected in the music man in some of his other works. Well here now a lot of the people from the area it talk about Meredith Wilson it's. Big part of our are in essence in the spring and that's one of my kids' favorite musicals also watched on TV. I'm dvd over and over again. Thank you so much news here it's lets you get back to playing this David and I where we going right now David. But let's take a look at Marsalis. And remember Buddy Hackett. Your mentor and he is my mentor we don't really looked out much of light and sign. We're still playing Marcellus at a car Shirley Jones has the band and music men's Wear five times. Most recently winners I'm Patrick. It last October. And she has performed. Or us. Born fortifications. This is he changing exhibit gallery and museum square. Console. In times. An exit will be four. About a month and half and in the archives committee. This time a new exhibit and install apps for another month and a half. Exhibit that. You hear so many. Words. There Wilson. One throughout the years eight dvd optical record what's his connection to the grammys. That medium easing. Am. There we have the very first Grammy that was ever bestowed. In. In 1959. Main board 1915. The story goes that Meredith got a phone call. From national academy of radio arts and sciences. Asking if he was available to present awards it Dinah Shore. And explain that the new award the Grammy it was named after the Grammy hall. He walked into the ballroom was not televised here and the tables were turned Dinah Shore presented the first Grammy to Meredith Wilson. He was hired then the next year as the person. Holtz televised. Grammy Award you have folks first Grammy Award and BT our viewers into the museum. Where. Oh and severe is probably recognize the name theater Geisel. Doctors issues. Here is an regional lines. Specifically for Meredith. By. Oh. Theatres. And Ted. And addressed this to hear capital Meister which means German. Direct. There were very very close friends and now those that are familiar with river city which is where the music man takes place. What are you tell us why. Mayor Wilson decided not to call it Mason City and why he called river city nears a shot from the film of course filmed in Hollywood but this street skate that we were just on his modeled. After the exact us cents from the film. Well throughout the music man there are reflections Meredith Wilson's childhood boyhood growing up. We have several. From media articles. That. Quote Meredith Wilson as saying you know I really didn't have to make up too much I just had to remember good at one of the memories. That he had was his mother and another group of ladies. Heart that the creek. Running behind their house should be called a river. And they had petitioned the state they petitioned the City Council to change the name of willow creek to willow river. Mariner pat. When he was young and we think maybe that's why he decided to name. Instead of Mason City named it river city him he and even musical. David what we take our viewers quickly adapted miert Wilson's boyhood home truly here on the property that's why music me and square was built here. And that's why people still come here at such a recognizable site. And asked her passing the studio staff. That is there Wilson's desk from his studio that is. Piano man mayor Wilson used to compose. Andrea Rosen never it's. Please Ian Healy she's chairs in place of piano bench. We wanted to be authentic. And from the Wilson stayed. Mom. Musical instruments and furnishings. That Meredith used both in his home in California. Animals. Rumors. Currency. We have begins women's Wear. Nor thought Iowa community credit unions. I there and dry goods. How are you guys. Yeah. As we take a step outside that greenhouse you have right there of course the boyhood home. Of Meredith Wilson he was born in 1902. Passed in 1984. But took a number of visits here to Mason City and as David mentioned he is the most famous resident here in east city. Like David wants to take a since idol quick so we'll do a quick look and sign off from there. Is it is little chilly out here not snowing yet in December so we're thankful for that. Been what you stand right here with David and if your date were inside the kitchen of mayor Wilson's boyhood home. Definitely a place there has to visit. As they should also be on the lookout for any campaign events as I said Ben Carson here tomorrow so alone especially. Thank music man square. David the director for giving us great you were and showing us some history here in Mason City, Iowa for now ABC's Josh Haskell signing off.

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