Flashback Friday: Hit 90s Band Returns to Support Philippines Typhoon Relief

Gin Blossoms perform an acoustic version of their classic, "Hey Jealousy" and discuss storm aid.
7:52 | 11/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flashback Friday: Hit 90s Band Returns to Support Philippines Typhoon Relief
For over two decades Gin Blossoms have been -- in the years of fans around the world with hits like hate jealousy -- -- down Allison road. Concert staples. And the band continues degree in music and -- globe. Guess -- joining us today Gin Blossoms Robin Wilson. Scott Johnson guys thanks to stop but I had -- and I have a great job but today. Is particularly so -- it's an honor that you guys are here to thank you we have been active. We work we play a lot when we. Probably -- shows this year already. So in the -- it was not a couple -- -- months left in 2000 that we're not done actually doing nine shows this week so. It's pretty busy no rest for the weary in recent album chart no chocolate -- cannot three years ago. We definitely gonna. We're writing his songs yeah. You are writing are to -- We're now at the time to kind of let us -- now. That sometime next year will world record and yet. -- -- -- A month ago you guys were in the Philippines exactly one month ago we were in Manila. In the capital and typhoon high on it and you guys are obviously -- -- very impact the way -- helping. The relief effort -- Well I don't know how much impact will be able to have but we're donating all the proceeds from our show tonight. Two the local Philippines chapter of the Red Cross so -- least we can do we wouldn't. Having just been there those people are on our minds we we really. Wanted to do something to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Playing together obviously getting to know each other well in the Austin and know your audience even more civil when your plane and plays like the Philippines -- around the world. You different reactions based on base in the country based on the crowds. Yes perhaps on the song. Yes. I'm from song to song there there. They'll react more -- but that it. They definitely have a different sort of -- stadium five then you might get here in the states but lot of enthusiasm but it's still somewhat. Well behaved. Nets are there some songs from that you would put on a list wars stationed in the Philippines or Europe where that you wouldn't play in and we -- -- here and -- yes absolutely we really we. Had a really big hit over there with a song called as long as it matters and it started here but you over there was a really significant. It's it means a lot -- -- The promoters insisted that we played that song every time we've ever hear them. So what you're writing you take that into account -- which is what what you're gonna be on the net which spot here. About what doing what we're putting -- -- we're -- -- You know. -- want to make sure that it is it is a worldwide attraction to any song ever had. I was thinking globally. -- -- -- and the fact matters any you guys have long -- you guys have staying power how do you keep yourself relevant. I think -- -- I don't know that we. We certainly bite by performing and by continuing to make records it's the only thing you really. We just keep working. So it's tonight's fund raiser in New York City and -- and you've got others concerts also throughout -- -- -- yet as well yes we do so played straight through Sunday every the next. Fortis -- -- nine concerts in ten days yet to the life and life on the road though I mean that's a big smile on your -- you continue to bring in. Record crowd giving -- is correct but in general Clark on the road -- agreement and really. Yeah it's it's pretty boring spent four hours -- in the car I'm not complaining the rest that's what we do you know we travel around we get somewhere we set -- we sit around. We do is show rag -- we wake up the next into exactly the same way blow by blow it exactly the same time every day in them. It takes a certain type of personality to be able to survive to it's you know state of being veterans. And having. And doing this for decades you know this -- somebody bands break up it's the travel. Yeah it's it's it's instrument's -- obviously not in the relationship that -- -- within each you know within the group itself but also within the larger public. Here's your -- After the smiles the looks -- Caesar salads. The got. I want you to because if you do -- -- help because obviously it's agree because they're monitoring at the website correct on on this one the website if you want to go out is US share. -- Red Cross that wars dot PH. Forward slash guys it's it's amazing yet a song -- -- clearly the guitars and not just props that they are not proxies -- actual asset. -- It it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Times. -- -- -- Now I say Robin Scotty Gin Blossoms guys -- have you so much appreciated your ravenous and thank you for helping us promote it's it's it's an amazing cause that's you discount.

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{"id":20971258,"title":"Flashback Friday: Hit 90s Band Returns to Support Philippines Typhoon Relief","duration":"7:52","description":"Gin Blossoms perform an acoustic version of their classic, \"Hey Jealousy\" and discuss storm aid.","url":"/Entertainment/video/philippines-typhoon-2013-relief-gin-blossoms-raise-funds-20971258","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}