Actress Regina Hall on her new film 'Shaft'

Hall stars in the new film "Shaft" alongside Samuel L. Jackson and discusses her journey to success in the film industry.
4:35 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Actress Regina Hall on her new film 'Shaft'
All right guys on occasion I get to sit down some people that I've loved and mired for a very long time in Regina hall is a beautiful actress said. Has played the lead in some of my favorite movies over the years the best may end think like a man girls' trip and more recently she starred in little with Isa re. So I talk with her about those but also her latest project. The fifth film in a series that we all know shafts of take a look. So this is a little bit different because it's sort of mix is the old school. With the new school AM you're the voice of Marines they aria how was it playing the mother. Yeah. It was renovated its hard cruiser playing opposite Sam Jackson yes and even tent came in tenth. And so you have to be able to. Feel like and at least a genuine counterpart to that intensity but you don't lab I love how it's the first time we see shaft ever. Having to take anything from a woman act. I feel like you always in your roles have. This voice that is the one that's the middle line could sort of keeping everyone. On the straight and narrow keeping everyone together in the united do you kind of pick roles that way. Her rumored they just find you I think katic finally I mean I love this it's something that I would watch. I mean I do you know I love. I mean that I think that I does it made me laugh from the yes it does make me laugh isn't likely to be am receiving all of this. Recognition now you've been doing this for a very long times when he years yes best may end. Think like a man. All of these just classic films again I love. It's it's it's it's it's great to work and it's great to have opportunities to do. You know really good work with with great people that you actually went to school for journalism I didn't and then. He switched in to acting I think want to know how you made that transition it's not the best story. I was in new York and I didn't mean I was working and I would think I can't do this. And I was not and I wasn't now I know I wasn't working and my mother was language in these kids in New York yea and job. The end of the school and a they have a back to school. And in my parents were like. They were divorced but they were very. They my father really love the idea of education and I loved journalism. I mean employment was something that I wasn't really. Connected to because I was like pets hard doing Pomona College. You're like pretty I'm supposed to be thrust into a world the book at work yeah I did didn't feel right but. I did love school and then and then. My father he had a stroke he passed away. And so that just kind of shifted a lot of things in my life. Let feel like your movies you know how people have like a soundtrack to life. Men like your movies have sort of been like that soundtrack. Being back to certain moment in and where you were when you were with your family in song and like them manners sol. Best man dad would be like you remember that my winning from a man out and slice saute with all of them so grounds. Every night at Yale and my friends were so mad and I. Regina. Needed because there was fan could. And no one expected that from the trailer now turn on you tricked us. He's not coming you know what it's so crazy because it was fine but we were like. How people don't kitten there realizes in the most new movie and then met the net like you never know out of alienating it was absolutely mayhem as you saw from. The reception dad no gas and that's. Been great to have an audience that Blake. My grows with your movies you know throws at CM movies and we now have little. Kids who like I was vision thing that I was ten when scanned leaking around mantra that was at Arlington look pick. Yeah but Tom. It's great says have people you know who are all of all different ages and he now walks of life and gender and race lake. You know have a response to anything that you've done its intent to. And I have work that they can recollect throughout you know of their life when a little old lady. And they can tell their kids. I used to lectured movie Miller Lange who are. Seems amazing and staff the movie is in theaters today so go check that out.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Hall stars in the new film \"Shaft\" alongside Samuel L. Jackson and discusses her journey to success in the film industry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63716929","title":"Actress Regina Hall on her new film 'Shaft'","url":"/Entertainment/video/actress-regina-hall-film-shaft-63716929"}