Adele pays tribute to George Michael at 2017 Grammy Awards

"The View" co-hosts dish on their favorite moments from the Grammy Awards.
4:47 | 02/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adele pays tribute to George Michael at 2017 Grammy Awards
Last night's Grammy Awards at some technical difficulties apparently a might cut out doing lady god god Metallica's performance. And right before a Dell stepped in. It happened in the middle of her George Michael tribute take a look. News. Learning his way I'm sorry for song again. But that doesn't hurt and one man is a real. I want Nancy is she didn't want to just carrying on what you when you didn't mention it reads as someone who you actually respect. You wanna get it right and yet tell you you would real deal hunt we are not out. The big winner of the evening she's always shocked that should he submit went in Britain that she took home five Grammy museum. Hello came out. This year because I feel like with how much it's been spoofed and played in that it been now for a couple years but she won across the boards for Bentley hello yeah me I love it's Alan and she was so amazing. In terms of her performance last night but I was disappointed that beyoncé didn't win album of the year for. Yeah this is for me it was so transforming it I mean it talked about. Black female empowerment it may black women feel strong capable and beautiful. And it was just a reflection of a black beauty for me. And when you look at her video it she and you see the little boy standing in front of the police and and the sciences says please don't kill us of such a political statement for. For beyoncé and and fur for black women I was. I don't think it got the homage that it that it should have received and I think it Dell agreed because she broke yet Grammy in half and gave it. Two beyoncé. Hey I'm. Filled one piece for me that. I was very surprised at. A delta my tiny moment though for those two things first of all showing everyone what a performer should be that you are willing to instructor actives are not paying tribute to someone. I'm gonna do this right or apartment it would at all that was amazing and then breaking her grab you have to showing that. You know what we can share this because I believe you believe in me yeah he's just such a model citizen I'm yeah. Dad. Me and my friends feel the way you make my black friends feel is empowering and make them stand up for themselves and I love you. So he gave the homage that I thought. Beyoncé dessert. It's hard when your talking art. Though because I feel like you he adds I love that she did that they're sent such humility to it downton but it's so hard when you're choosing between people because you're at the scene trying to keep. Cleat art you know lake thanks some live when you look at award and green one up there is still honors email account yes yeah. But I don't get nominated unless you actually can do the war James Gordon did such a good job. With the words chosen people struggling. SK and I love each and every person in this picture. Come line you gotta up your game with Neil Diamond that's none. Yeah. This discount on a lot of this and I think you can go into the course like and plus me. Leading up to my management so they're all turning around and hugging each other and I. I. I I don't. Don't know all the words either side middle and Rihanna and Drake you know the yet you are excite everybody I'm you've been to every DNC and -- every did not moral wrong now. And I. As Leon. It did not far karaoke song I don't know what you're doing Jim. You don't know adds it's not surprising because what people usually here is so we like yeah I know there are I don't know I don't know I don't know I know the look all. All songs I know all books. I don't none of the words to the rest of great you know because. All you here is are you in the commercials that's when you hear so that's what. So people know yes and I think dads of sex with Neil diamond's a week rat every road trip listening and watching jazz singer of the movie it's light out you know too much I don't. Endearing now when I see performers that don't know where it's like actors when he when you see their blooper reels of film human to me I'm Michael that would be me yeah noble words I'm gonna get hides writes I like getting an idea popped in and all the shows.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts dish on their favorite moments from the Grammy Awards. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45462035","title":"Adele pays tribute to George Michael at 2017 Grammy Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/adele-pays-tribute-george-michael-2017-grammy-awards-45462035"}