Adults Learn How to Ride a Bike

ABC News' Will Ganns heads to Bike New York to attend a bike class for adults.
15:09 | 06/23/16

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Transcript for Adults Learn How to Ride a Bike
Good afternoon this is looking into the ABC news did spill and I am here on Roosevelt Island right underneath the Roosevelt Island bridge and you guys are with me. And like New York which is really really awesome program called learn to ride. And where with books over the age of fourteen adults ranging anywhere you know from fourteen. They are learning right now to ride a bicycle weed that out here for about an hour and a half at this point the lessons started. Not on a bicycle as you can imagine it's art but this right here actually. Getting your helmets fitted. And getting your bike city. And after that these folks that you're seeing behind me. Came out on to this this basketball court and really just hook up started believe they're not without pedals on the bicycles. Our inspectors season. Way across the court over there in victory. Has been teaching these folks. From the get go like I was saying they started out their bike pedals and their kind of balancing. And walking and having getting the feel the might be. Me things are going pretty well out here not Roosevelt I'd like. If you're just joining us now on our lives by militants were out here on Roosevelt Island. Which like new York and the words ride. Right now though I want to bring in the communications director Sam policies and housing Guile and experience spirit today Yasser cabinets out here is none. I am so excited again witnessing like and an important moment for a lot of these adults. You know lives mrs. Tell us a little bit about like New York in this. I'd prospectuses stated our. Their boards but but if it's probably in a long time coming for some ways similar. About like New York like here is one C three non profit. You teach New Yorkers and anyone who wants to learn how to ride bikes to each other like skills city street skills classes. Right safely. City traffic and I think might mean an end to teach kids teach adults we have. Programs summer camp program it's all three communities Marxist as far as we know the largest free bike education program in the world. And are able to do it. Primarily because it's. Your way. As the country's largest might. Miles are free streets every day New York City. But yet this is day he learned to write plus we have learned to write classes for adults or kids. Once they finish this class they can go on to do. Bicycling basics we have a whole curriculum in some of our sincere it's over the likelihood you'll step. Style and so I mean just since we've been out here there's been a couple of people you know that had come up that it is a class full. How popular are these fees plus they're popular and getting more popular. As time goes by we have in the warmer months actually we have nice. Every weekend in multiple occasions like your pads around eleven like education centers in all Five Boroughs. In those like Ed centers provide a bikes and helmets instructors the volunteers. Says he can imagine we have. Like the sign implicitly list for every class now it's great it's great to see cycling is good for the individual that's good for the city it's good for the environment. As more people do it even more people do it has to see someone riding by just a hint that something they. Right now on the and you were telling me. You know work especially adults lightness and you know for kids as well done but especially for adults plus day. At this bus. Remember how that important time it means boarded up and just you know saying I'd try to fight for a lot of people. You know this opens the door to a couple other things what what it's been your experience. Saying that this is kind of like in its. Grace for sure I mean writing about it's one of those things where I think when you become an adult you don't know how to ride. We've responded you know the only thing you know you never forget how to learn how to write by right ring what would. A lot of people don't remember is that some people never learn so. For some of these folks it's an empowering thing puts you. For soldiers showing up is a big deal right. You know it's it's it's scary it's it's a not a matter ride and pentagon might. So just showing up is a big difference and then they show up and environment and some of them might not be sure that they're getting get a by the end of the class. And then when they do it's a very empowering thing. They've now overcome this challenge and how many times do you we have picked up something you don't know how to do it every day and then. Two hours later things he's doing it so yeah it opens doors it increases confidence. It's healthy so yeah you you've now developed a new healthy habit need to get into. I don't get me started on the cost of commuting goes. I kind of things right that's the way things have now I want to see if there's. Grab one of these students hearings it's get a little bit of a personal story involved here and inspectors seasoning it was busy. Class I got to knock it trouble here it states you sand and my. If we can go over here so. Like I said. It all starts with this and if you guys are watching this is important and I know that that's neither here. I had my helmet but in this morning so. About yeah I had to give the largest size in the heads. Mom and ended two finger roll you can get two fingers here no more no less than you know inside and outside come OK here also I'm not itemize. I look a little silly way. No Plummer folks over here. You know as the afternoon. Honestly it's called a lot so. However Tennessee and it out and that has begun on the cases have gone from a little nervous to more and more exciting. Here. Here's my friend right here just before how are you think you look like you're doing so much. Not a silly. Is this your first time. That's lasted like New York okay. Could hear. UN you seem to be doing a great job so. Did you never learned to fight as as a little kid. I don't have the other thing. Why am looking has. Wright is you. So why did you decide now that you. One it's alerts by just. I went. Way back. And I. Yeah yeah. I went right back. So you're here now it and to have this free opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle. You signed up for the class and hey I've been watching you go around the court and get things such a great job. Used to be proud of yourself we're proud of you. Are actually get back to glasses we'll see if you know we can. Governor of your fellow classmates verbally he vikings great things. So like others so he was saying it's pretty cool you know for people who may not have had an opportunity to. Right at night when they were younger just because they didn't have the lakers. Medium where one or whatever the situation is like New York has offered at a really equal opportunity odds all of these books. Inside it for free classes to get this helmet and every night. And I'm really learned to ride in and that's what we've been watching and you like I was saying earlier for those of you may just be joining us now on it all starts. I don't like this with no petals and I'm not I'm not kidding Dave it literally and spirit of medals. Participants in the class just kind of walk around like. You know that's how they learn to balance. And then. Go out of Sony Open up. And that day it gradually they heard their petals at a speed. And that's where we're at. You can sat present and other maintains. This is inspectors is in from and tell us a little bit about your class and I mean we stay here from the get go watching. You heard. And look at them now they're all doing so well. Name grade higher percentage of the writers got this first session and they ready for a Special Olympics were very negative feeling great. Seasoning as he. On the web and on the way up. On we'll let you if you need to does act and act but it comes to tell me about your history written by New York City that teaching but you are about five years now and volunteering before that. I'm in nationally certified bicycle instructor by the league of American basically it's between them qualified teacher a wide range of courses. I also teach in other sports at its certified like teaching them is explaining. And it really make me happy when they get it. Seattle the kids dead at their faces light up at. There are able. And for a lot of votes it needs more than simply learning how to write by what what has your experience and watching people you know we'll. Really inspired by themselves you know. Adults or combination of reasons generally exercise and because they want to use it like to get around. Third reason is that one of the big hit. So it satisfies a lot of reasons for that most of these folks probably lining for answers. So after this discourse which is the beginners. What it's like New York opera. Make your pet theory after his horse they added that you know it's. Sports they don't get sore for the next six. Hours. Holding area. We have here. Number action. Great for advance circuits. After bank practice. Like handling skills. We'll go into another controlled area it was of course is set up we'll taste them and very. Lady attorneys try to get this straight line. Speed sending him back to think for traffic. Terry. Like that led by hand and scaled back after that we'll take them TLC. Salem the leader in front of the hearing back. Both live and remind them again his. This is a whole progressive. And it hurts every. Amazing what we are so. Crowded viewing your students welcome to and other what do you Stevens maybe someone that's pedaling high that they break take your pick in. I think your season. It's partly making a quick turn here. You can all right thank you. Get that nice earnings call and say yeah all right let's move a little bit out of the way of traffic here the hottest. We'll against nice easy of them all right close so we're live on ABC news. I wanted stocks little bit about why you're here today. I really felt like my by season's. More I learn. Cutting casualty. I've been a long time and Helena took advantage of the city bike program in New York City and it's gonna notice and evidence. Laura Bush a woman's bills get some basic techniques. Get comfortable practicing in a safe environment. Toughness thing. Totally so for those who who who may be watching an ardent new Yorker don't know what Citibank is it's like a bike share program. On that there are stations all around the city and you. Check out a bike ride it around ready to go exactly back it not at the six states riding downtown uptown. You know whatever like that but so for you you didn't bite but urea here. It's been alive. So. You plan on biking around the city and you're starting here but this I think we see. Map that looks like here pressing up pretty nicely. Now that I never. Grade. Finally there's some things behind him he thought about it. Lauren. We ye take keeping more classes after this I think this. We're feeling about him I write cool holiday somebody's. Especially since you're looking like it's about there and it's. Still. That's the end where we are in our are seeing here where about. Couple this good couple minutes and here. So here we are guys Roosevelt Island invite to your action. I think for now. We we might be signing up. Like I can find an excellent. And big puddle around with some of my new friends here who you know like you just heard from Pope maybe haven't ridden since they were really young. Or maybe like had a silly told us she never had the opportunity to arrive she's in yourself. It's never too late you guys that's what we're here to tell you about it's never too late today to learn to write a bike and and these folks right behind me are true and that. They're gonna freaked out I. Kind of like in common with them but for now ominous sign off you guys I'm we'll cans of ABC news did so here in Roosevelt Island. Would like new York and we'll see you guys next time on adults and take care.

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