'Ain't Too Proud' star on playing Motown singer

Tony-nominated Ephraim Sykes talks the demands of playing The Temptations' David Ruffin on Broadway.
4:40 | 06/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Ain't Too Proud' star on playing Motown singer
I've been checking out some of the big Broadway Show the head of the 73 annual Tony Awards on Sunday and let me tell you eight to morality is pure magic it documents the life and times of the temptations. And I sat down with app from Sikes he played David Ruffin a pure genius so take a look. You know like I have to start by saying when I first saw the show when I lasted all I was thinking was you do this eight times. But we each. Yeah at a time this week they eat how do you maintain in the energy. Man I always say prayer and coconut water pistol out of everybody's days. And I eat everything in sight yet and. Also the thing about it I think is we haven't glued group of people I'm sure you can probably feel from the audience like not just the five bath. Everybody in our cast light we got for real family of this and yes we come in and we do for each other we push until Lou relaxed fans in each other we in the wings like. Offstage Washington let me tell our select a lot of that we get into the food but also slow we kicked him. The gas and acts as the heart officials sounds like a mom probably like to do this I get to be gay rationed in a news my dreams. And then listened to the audience needs audiences crazy. I saw somewhere where it says that you are you have to do like a lot of breathing observing that the injury oil gland oh yeah on the evening yeah because I thought it was so interesting because you're you're you're character it's like a very ross'. Yeah tone and employees how do you maintain the voice. That is true it it is breathing is essential to life before me right now but especially this guy. Which is so tortured we just have this this crazies harsh sound and not needing a dancer first. Dances we were known to breed sort of opposite of the singer but this is we hold our course very tight to ignore things and be very shallow but the Cindy got at least that. So I've been working with a great of voice teacher. Was taught me how to like open up truly like in the open up in the places that I'm blocked and I don't know me breathe a lot of licences across much evil to breath. I feel like hearing your breathing during the show because you leaded all go on yet you really really let an audio apps and so you're nominated for a Tony yes what does that. Feel like because you're inhaled saying you're all these other shows and now. They show that you're leading and in your your starring and Tom this is all about you guys now how does that feel. Hearing about. Nominated for Tonys are shocked to Martha film that I had axes kind of taken keep going. Some still just kind of put into its the putting my my mind around. Knowing what it means to sort of be an option now be visible be representation for kids and young liking the looks like me now that. Vieira strident. Nation themselves and this place for us I think that's a huge part of with the sensation is like. They play David ruff and like I said is there any parts. His life that you can relate to you really and colorful characters are. Some dark yet. Yes there anything that feels lake you know it's it's you absolutely numbing Davey. He came out of the sound like myself his father was a preacher like Monday. He's the drummer Mike meet me an enemy like it was there's a lot of different things in. In just his upbringing. Being this young black man out of south on Catholic Church since I have you know this guy is but especially that men taking him into a hole and approved soon. Away from that life. Having been sort of I don't relate some in the way of being sort of abused like he was. But I know what it means when you come out of the church and then goats will be exceed the internal we forgotten and suck to have. Almost hatred for god because of what you've gone from your past. So there's number of different ways that I'd definitely could see him that I could feel him and I understand his pain. Now I don't need people understand like how intense this musical lives and because she you know I think the mother is and it's like OK people are talking there's dialogue and then there's a song maybe ten minutes and right and then another 15 minutes this is song. After song. After song after song its intent food song the music is like atmosphere. For the script. Also it is not stocks in the news nonstop in the music carries the show is no emotional sort of constant emotional undertone no enlighten the music room still hidden story just in time. So incredibly. Good and I'll remind you again this show is nominated for not one but twelve Tonys unbelievable.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Tony-nominated Ephraim Sykes talks the demands of playing The Temptations' David Ruffin on Broadway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63480165","title":"'Ain't Too Proud' star on playing Motown singer","url":"/Entertainment/video/aint-proud-star-playing-motown-singer-63480165"}