Alexandra Daddario on Being in Her Favorite Magazines

Hollywood's newest "it" girl returns In "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters."
4:36 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alexandra Daddario on Being in Her Favorite Magazines
She is one of Hollywood's. Brightest up and coming stars. She is on the hit show parenthood she's been nominated for -- MTV movie awards and now -- -- reprise her role. In Percy Jackson -- of monsters. And adventure no less than Alexander to Dario is here to talk a little bit about the reprise his role in you've got so many projects coming up right now. Yeah I I mean I'm I'm really excited about this movie Percy Jackson -- monsters. August 7 and it's just I just -- last night for the first time it's just. Such a fund's typical movie would. What does the disconnect when you when you're making the movie and many actually finally -- incompletion officer you ever wonder what. -- I didn't feel it that way. Yeah it's -- really I think especially as an actress you sort of get you know. You might -- -- -- have no idea what it's gonna look like and no way you always sort of patent. Think about what you're doing a little bit too lax and that many see it it's never are it's its third of its sort of cool to see. To see yourself and see how how well everything turned out -- -- it over on -- EP. And then especially with the movie like this with all the CGI in the green screen you have no idea what they're gonna put an even know what it's gonna look -- -- watching it is. Is super cool because it's it's seeing new things that you didn't expect. And it challenges and actor no -- as well after an idea with actual you know people in season you're dealing with this kind of play cat and Nina are acting off of that. For the acts are blinking red dot that -- Geithner -- do that properly did that work and then seeing it. Where is is the coolest thing -- back. So it is so in the first -- I think it was a huge success that the that the great fantasy premise. Did you know that it was going to be made into a series it was going to be users have you -- We knew they signed a -- for three pounds and it's based on a series of five bucks so we knew that there is that the possibility that there is a little bit of -- -- -- I I was really. Surprise but it's extremely happy we found out they're gonna make another one but it has been has been a few years. And you're also working at -- -- -- with -- HBO called true detective yes working with Matthew McConaughey Kate and Woody Harrelson act. I mean how exciting is it's really exciting. I work more closely at Woody Harrelson and he's just so fantastic and and I -- I was so excited to be able to work with him and the show is so well written and I think I think people are really -- allotment at some really cool and different kind of project. We're switching -- back and forth -- is clearly obviously two different characters as well and obviously totally different character and characters quote. -- do you find yourself thinking that you can identify more with one character in those the kinds of rules which would rather gravitate towards -- you still kind of. I'm I think -- and I like I what I love about acting is I I mean I'm fascinated by people and who they are and -- of why they do the things they. We're all different combinations of different things good and evil and bad mistakes and all that stuff -- I think. For something like Percy Jackson she's a very -- very good strong character she has her flies but Patton. Something with you detective it's it's. A much more fly did not leave character and I think there's a little bit have all that stuff and all of us it's about finding that in yourself -- Conservative you know just focusing on that for the particular role and. Not only have you been -- with that you've been featured and magazines in style Cosmo. Glamour yes things moving at break -- speed for you right. It's so cool I like growing up those with a magazines that I read and -- and as just thinking about it the other -- it's it's crazy that spat in the first time I was ever and magazine I was and one agent I was so excited and now. To see a few years later that I have like a few pages in the magazine in its. It's exciting you walk into the drugstore and you see yourself understands that it's. It's sort of surreal but it's it's really cool. It's just and that's very serious. It's it's it's it's nice to know that that that my career is progressing to the point -- do that -- Well we're certainly excited for your success -- -- obviously be tuning in obviously for parenthood as well as true detective and Percy Jackson. Seat models comes out August 7 out of there thank you so much for stopping -- -- so much.

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{"id":19807858,"title":"Alexandra Daddario on Being in Her Favorite Magazines","duration":"4:36","description":"Hollywood's newest \"it\" girl returns In \"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/alexandra-daddario-favorite-magazines-19807858","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}