Alfonso Ribeiro discusses new season of 'AFV' and why he's not interested in a 'Fresh Prince' reboot

Alfonso Ribeiro talks "AFV," "DWTS" and moving past Carlton Banks.
14:20 | 10/06/17

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Transcript for Alfonso Ribeiro discusses new season of 'AFV' and why he's not interested in a 'Fresh Prince' reboot
This Candice Williams ABC radio and I am super excited because I have the amazing Alfonso ribeiro he combat it. Right across from me Scott bet that's that's an amazing don't use those grammar. And he comet impact ethnic epithets and talk up the 28 season yet America's funniest home video all of which you know we we love to get our last. Odds absolutely that's less the key right leg that met. That's what I love about America's fuzz on videos that simply I did to go to work and laugh every day I'm at work and not everybody gets to do that so it and and at this time with all this going on in the world leg laughing it is important we need more of it. It is fitted and you know I think one of the things we love about the show is the fact that it's kind of like it has its own theme at times news new video that people are sending in right. Little bit about some of the old videos it or anything that your specifically interested in seeing Pete. We'll send end well I love will -- what we elect to call epic fails where people try new things that they should not try and do and they go horribly wrong. And written typically hurt themselves. And I get to laugh at and that those are my like favorite videos. Bomb and then I am you know I guess because as a data. The the other videos about love of the kids' videos right you know you get the babies and a you know do such them you don't just awesome things in. Those videos are like my second favorite I love a love the kids also. And you get this is your third year third season so we shot it we've shot six episodes so far. On the were we're doing our eighth and ninth episode next week so yet we're aware of word full full steam ahead right now and don't get it. Three season is there any health. Video that stick out your head that still makes you laugh to Tuesday Ullman guess there's one video that I that at absolutely the it was one of the finalists from last year there was two kids. And it was the little brother who asked the Big Brother to go all on this wild ride and and so that the Big Brother decided he wanted to even right now and I'm out amount executives and then the rides darted into the. He passed out a penny comes to any written. It as that again and he comes to again and you like. Or. I didn't. Odd to me like your comedy you're gonna love I guess my favorite is so original you can't be that you can't be it's authentic Latin you know that you'll. You'll pass out as you try to be funny yeah typically are clearly you you you was re it was real reels. Real scared grip yet. And I'm of course you know I think one of the things we also like about the show is that these little surprise that come up is there anything that you can telescope but having it. Six episodes in her Ed yet that we should look out for. There's a real surprises. This season so far I mean obviously you know it's you don't as a prize every week would be who's gonna win outright but. You know we have we have a team of people that ultimately. Choose the three finalists each week and you know we've they're dead though the videos that of one so far all bay in the videos that should've won so far so that's always a good thing and you know but people don't realize is that we have. The whole the actual studio audience. Actually votes for the videos so it's not like you know were deciding. Who's gonna win this week that the three videos but the studio audience actually votes fort lied in studio. Yes and I think that's what's great about it that you know you you feel like you have a chance that I will not get here they haven't there's nothing political about it and we just simply we present an except absolutely absolutely now of course I. I have to mention this because people love to see you. And and love you. As still Carlton Manning or Brett friend and I know it's so many years ago the Dow many moods and I don't many loads but still you know I'm sure you get this a million times. Hey you know are you guys doing love reboot you know we recently saw U at that charity event rat with a Mazie. But just to set the record straight back. Not on an idea it and then that'll be a Fresh Prince of Bel Air anything. Vote of the in the future. Eight you know if I can never say never but you know I feel really confident in in the fact that we would never do it in a look I've said this before but bombed when James Avery passed it was basically that that was the last possibility. Of polish of the show coming back in any form on you know a mean look. I don't want to do I know that will wouldn't wanna do it. You don't I don't know whether other people would want to do it but I just feel like. You know the passes the past we have to just kind of let it go like I know. A lot of other shows are doing their own reboots and that's great for them if they if they feel that that's the right move for them but I just. You know we stopped doing the show because we felt like we could no longer live up to the quality of episodes that we wanted it to be. Bomb and so that's that was the reason for stopping then. And so why now right let what what's the reason for doing that and to meet all you could do is rule win. The legacy of the show by coming back I mean if it isn't going to be better known doing my. I just not yet and that makes sense and talk about let me go I have to ask this because the I cover entertainment news animal is. Have mayor to the streets of Atlanta on online I feel like you know there's just come Rodham either such report with all the cast members but then you know. He originally and Dave she always has something SA. What what is the real beep I never understood that like why did she feel so passionate about saying something when there's such a positive. Ain't going on I. I can't answer for her I think that's the the best decision I can make AM you know you know looked. Don't you don't you don't poke the bear as you say so I'm not going to poke the bear its and no we haven't talked and you know. It's hard it's hard to understand why someone is feeling and reacting the way they do you and I think it's. One of those things where you know for some reason. I am always the you know on the on the on the on the scope of her attacks and but it is what it is on the you know I I wish her nothing but the best in her life and for her family. Bombed you know we don't have to agree we don't have to be friends. But you know I I wish her the best. Dancing With The Stars wouldn't Celtic and you want an asset alvare. And I think some people may think like a you know use YouTube kinda were able to take over. America's Funniest Home Videos after Tom Bergeron. And now he that it there was SARS if the start our expert. At. Listen I don't think Thomas ever leaving Dancing With The Stars so that's a moot point we don't have to worry about back. Obviously look I've said right from the very beginning I love the show. Bomb idol I loved AF CNN and I love dance would start fresh from the very beginning I wanted to be on the show from the first season on and so. I I truly enjoy the show. Armed I had to take over for Tom one week when. His family was going through turmoil and you know they called me and asked me to come in and villain for him so I did get to host one at one episode of of Dancing With The Stars. Armed but I hope Tom never leaves I love what Tom does I think he is absolutely an amazing host he is perfect for that show. He has the right side the right energy. On and and and we love him there and so I would I would hope that he does that show until that show is no longer yet. We love you Ed and I think one thing that I am curious about partly because the fact that you know when people see you'd be the automatically think oh my gosh. If he'd argue against is he going to be back at at and I guarantee you he not understand. My question to you did that. You know how many times I'm just curious that I'm sure you get after the ninth on tummy time you asked within like a week or our month due to do the Carlton quote unquote. Are you let the point of where. And I. What night I don't do I haven't done along time on the idea I always say I get asked to do the dance every day I leave the house. So the only day in my life where I'm not all get asked to do that dance is if I stay home. So I I I I find it very funny because I always want to tell people you know you're not under Rick that's not a ritual idea right asking me to do it whatever it is like old I don't like I got to ask you like note note that you actually don't. Have to ask me you can you can just sit there and not ask and it will be the same reality because I they as a boy it. Armed you know look I I I it's a blessing or curse of the same time like I IE on this Lee. And honor you know the fact that people loved something that I was a part of and created in some form. Bomb and it brings joy to people's lives and so I never want to take away bear. And enjoyment of the moment you know arm but yet but I mean like I'm not a dancing puppets so. We're not going to be actual lead dancing for people all but along. But he has so you know. An act and some days you don't looks on his arm and a good mood someday homeowners go to mood and and you know I might have. Nice comeback form but you know I the every once in awhile I will say to people when I'm just like in a bad mood I'm like you do realize you just asked a black man dance right. And their light. Oh well I. It that way out like Bob Smith would you but the Mets would suit but had to do about it Orszag it full second. There. I'm not yeah. And Alan flat yeah but after but I had I tap dance so it's really and they have asked people haven't momentum could do little to implement. Is habit. It's happened. We'll leave it at. I would even add that but of course Tito were super super excited about this new season of America's when he home video yes and new time slot in new time slot yeah well that's only make she got her tune into that new and 8:7 central on ABC's Sunday night's. We we we the lead in now for shark tank so there right behind us it's a great two hours of family entertainment family entertainment again you are thinking of that because you bring joy and happiness not track and if if if if every time we see you and Doug you know because that we are ABC and you know they're gonna ask me. About gets a look to start you're the expert yard out to guy any pigs for this season then. You know I you right now my feeling is Mark Ballas and Lindsay sterling I feel like. Marks choreography this season. On each each episode has been the best of the night. I think to this point like he is such a great teacher and he's a great performer and and a and a wonderful choreographer I think that. They have a lead it mama I will say this I think Jordan Fisher might be the best dancer they've ever had on the show. But the show is not just about dancing right it's it's serious personality there is how do you connect with the audience how do you connect where. All the different age ranges of the audience right bomb. But only critique Ford for Jordan is. I feel like. He has that New York Broadway. Energy. Arm and that doesn't always translate around the world around the US arm and so he. He's a likable kid. Aegis dike needs to bring Matt -- true honest. Real. You know personality to to the TV. A judge. Decide I guess I've got oh yeah. What I'll say I what I did do my guest judging on the show I went out at the wrong way I think. Right like I was actually wanting to give the contestants things to think about to be better right whereas I think the whole audience. Wanted. Me and most guest judge to just praise them. Right don't tellem anything that they've ever done wrong don't tell us that they made a mistake just tell us how great they are and come would great ways of loving them. And I felt like you know and maybe that was the wrong way of going and I felt like look. I have information that might make you better next week let me give that to you in hopes that. It might make it might not who knows right but I wanted to add to it do do that and I felt like you know bit via the whole audience didn't see it the way I intended it yen and you know. EU is still multi talented as a problem I. Had a terrible brought back Donna helped the brother that you know. Like hey if you do it is like like during the season ended during the that bed the night I guess judged it was like Carlos and a vegan Alexa pennant Vega and I was trying to get them to understand light look. You all need to connect with your dance partner and stop being husband and wife or your show right dole. Don't make this connection make that connection your husband or wife when you go home when you're on this show it's about dancing and it's about your dance partner. Ease your partner on the show right make that the connection because. That's what you won a seat right a lot of it isn't it like a citizen the dancing necessarily it's the other stuff it's the personality. How does the two people come together. And create a perfect union that's what. People want to see and I was trying to get them understand that and I got attacked for lax for not like you know that's my husband and a put out. Okay okay okay. What luck with that will we love to talk more about it. For the whole show on itself and what I I think you so much for stopping by ABC radio gastric I'm about the new seed then. Much blessings to you doing N of course please please. Well this man there if you he got that going on of course is Candice Williams ABC radio thanks so much stuff father Rivera you're stopping by.

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{"id":50331189,"title":"Alfonso Ribeiro discusses new season of 'AFV' and why he's not interested in a 'Fresh Prince' reboot ","duration":"14:20","description":"Alfonso Ribeiro talks \"AFV,\" \"DWTS\" and moving past Carlton Banks.","url":"/Entertainment/video/alfonso-ribeiro-discusses-season-afv-interested-fresh-prince-50331189","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}