Alison Moyet on Tour

80's new wave rocker Alison Moyet wraps U.S. tour.
3:00 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Alison Moyet on Tour
-- voice that emerged in the dance clubs but strong voices like -- -- only days. Do not go away easily. She's back on tour promoting her latest album the minutes and she is here with us today but first. A look back. The new wave sound was washing over the early eighties dance -- when the group. -- has released don't go a dance floor and found. The woman belting out those synthetic pot pleading lyrics was Allison -- yea just 21 years old from -- -- And remember this one. After two albums with guests upstairs at Ericsson and you and me both. More EA went solo in the lady -- -- of her first album -- was toned down. But that powerhouse voice is still there. -- was hit album more day. He's a superstar now. Performing alongside greats at my -- in 1985. Though -- -- was reluctant to report any radio friendly pop albums just say relevant. Her trademark sound of the eighties stood the test of time on several other top selling albums who'd -- -- six and it turns. Not bad for the girl who once said she never wanted to be a solo singer. Thing. -- but proving herself. And the rest of the world wrung out some -- stopping by IQ so my things that make you you made some comments to that bringing back a few memories well. We'll kind of memories of me not uncle called in the memory anyway but is funny -- if -- that of those these figures were Nvidia it was a really need -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nothing to -- -- buying me in Reno community need to that would implement was going to be until it was at -- isn't what yet little is let me ask about when -- first the first video you saw that back -- That's not exactly how I envisioned it to what you something definitely are in Iraq and that doesn't -- and -- -- -- and we yes yes I just remember how annoyed the cameramen with me when -- because those are speaking in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what they admired the work the united. I didn't have Stockton it's OR we're gonna go back in history in -- the first -- -- -- -- now the minister about the tone of it. I'm wolf. I mean it it's. It was the -- is it it it's it's an if I want to make an intelligent album that the arts electronic product united. I started out acting as a weapon that -- -- of of -- -- Organic instruments but what I like about that Tenneco is about an article quiet you know would you -- voice and -- organic instruments that back on the seats inside. -- electronic it's good when I walked from folks like you conceal this type of arena. Always be intelligent I once -- BI agent right that doesn't mean. Us tonight you know -- You know site for which is is often the assumption that surrounds me tonight because when it comes down to in my generation. Of the Buddhist -- -- education of thinkable government. What I think that speaks to the legacy -- speaks to the tenacity and the dedication that you have from your friends that you've never played it safe. And you're not playing it safe now. I think you know I've been thinking about stories -- what is with -- I got my my fight back growing up was Elvis Costello. So as a role model for made -- -- Elvis -- always -- it. Was to to be really eclectic you always -- sense that he was. -- -- looking for those who could do he was you know -- moving things -- around -- -- I've never had any desire to appear festive and. I would much rather take Johnson -- -- and to just. -- -- constantly trying to keep my star a certain line in -- You know offend me being really really famous uses those that you you know and is -- the -- products in is this the work that you do that that -- me. Which jobs he comes across in the product are at which and a spider permanent Elvis Costello that I meet somewhere in either crash. An exciting about it no it wasn't the assuming and pitchers are right it's it. I I didn't have a cautioning me was my you know he was lying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't let me I'm going to meet him when that's ten times and yes that's going to policy -- -- -- house often discussed and I constant. Don't feel good that came from where I came from at least -- -- that together. But I met him. This policy -- tonight you can imagine ounce -- three goats to see him and I want to -- and. You know you just -- to you Britney and you manage your voice is incredible mrs. dole was that done at this gun in my head. And I preparing your script for this this was just like you know you know I was the first channels. Kind of me and kind of like -- -- essence that's that was -- my -- and I want to look like this is natural thing for me today. And you know it's actually the fantastical stuff about what came out of my -- was. Huge expense didn't. -- finished. You don't allow Alice that I'm not really not allow them. -- and is the first on a spokeswoman responses. The first time on anyone I can't about and is on listings with something in looking through the the the wrong end of -- got -- -- -- just -- million miles away where this is because spots than that you know I couldn't even see because I think my I think it was about the blackout we -- So I don't even know I mean I've seen him a couple of times he be perfectly charming but -- -- -- that the end result of that was. For the next ten years -- every -- that is that you have a nice as I always -- I just couldn't listen to them. I couldn't isn't -- my pain was so gripe. And here in the voice of shaming myself I think probably. He probably did in nineteen that would affect matters probably -- it often and I think he probably brought. -- thank you -- that. I thought that back matters and he obviously -- -- -- dedicated person you were in which which would an admiral admirable you know. In person he was in your life love I've met on line that got them -- young and make let me try to -- -- -- -- -- I. I hate the great thing about you know acknowledges you stop having -- -- Marcus -- you know a pool of memories. I'm glad -- I'm losing their stuff not because I've got beyond it because I remember thanks for. Angela until someone else brings it up yes exactly what it thank you that I'll want to go what -- -- sons and I was your growth Nicholas. IAC a strong resemblance. In the committee. That's that's might go -- and. And and and witnesses film -- them himself and which is remarkable cup comes to Wellington college -- -- this -- that yet that that's my youngest Caitlin and and well I wanted to this video is this this song is -- Angel went on Tico. Who wants to juxtaposition. That the voice that goes on in the child's hands compared with the voice because only the adults -- but -- But the same -- you know that the way that you perceive -- -- when you're young -- chipping out of but the weather rain it pull it down as it is -- to do that and it right nowadays we managed like. Tee shots and we bicycle outside 35 and it's rubbish that. But I really wanted to had to present as a kind of event as a very blank page which is why she's not it sink in and waste on make it look realistic it's like -- -- It's kind of more there than that but it but we go to such fickle rubbish -- rubbish make over and. And she does not the kinetics I don't know that I described as Robinson and constantly is if it looks good great actor. The messed up I thought -- act and the that the midst of Lula made appeared look fantastic and I. Nice guy and it is atmospheric and you know and highlight the fact that in the -- -- a very much claiming again without ones are vacant middle aged and you know this night. You know it's not glamorous -- -- on the united. It's you know and he can say it's you know it's it's very. Why it's it's it's it's it's beautifully raw eggs is this is real life yeah this is what -- -- on I agent in the eighties. Culture music fashion there was this great convergence of all of those forces and really you were at the forefront of it and you were driving a lot of it creating a lot of it and steer you -- A lot of the directions you look at pop artists now Heidi Heidi compares -- -- -- influence and some of the art school. What I see now is is is that -- in the eighties -- you got a great sense that the free community -- a great sense of the individual senate. If we -- rubbish on television is because that's the way that we put it together if we did something good is it is because that's that's definitely -- did it. Nowadays you can't tell. Committee whose cool and who isn't cool because everyone's -- -- -- stylist. Everyone looks by the -- everyone's dressed and and you know. You know I think the first elected to for the pulse which is not the biggest iconic music program and was elected six in the seventies -- -- And when I posted that TV show but I hadn't even had their records -- companies' -- and my mom and dad to let me let me fifteen creek which is what like. Twenty dollars to go -- -- true -- -- the the marquee in a really rough market -- stuff which Monday night from school. Romeo Petraeus on the on the same machine -- when I went on television this is my first. I read it parents and it was a big -- big picture. And the cameras you know they said you know 432 and -- has -- -- I thought I haven't figured -- arms in the face of what's on it ought to -- a -- phobia of visual. -- -- Amid you know and I think an advocate -- getting you know -- at choreography. And it was kind of business. And. You know I have to lead in my mind -- -- my job doing it. You know there was -- -- function on the slide by accident in front of the camera and -- -- from the -- to bring a picture of U envoy George this is a great shot. If this again I think that was as on the brits with a broken up with something was -- Islam upon there. Schmidt and you know obviously live -- in 1985 and that was a huge it was a games well. Engine that this is so telling about who I am because he's like -- I. I'm so often clicked off I don't -- was going on if you call me out nominee quickly -- is easily go out there. You Colombia on -- looked -- acknowledging anything so it just so happy -- -- -- uncles my. I agents and -- this thank you to live by which he likes to -- -- commitment. You know as he said 02 of the fencing with Williams currency with William -- denies the -- things I didn't. Remaining casual -- -- it was NASA guy I was prepared -- -- this gig you know if there was at Wembley arena which which -- -- Many times in the south it's -- -- a ten thousands. Not friends -- done and then they put me technical -- thinking. You put him in have a cup to fall and then on an and -- -- with one and -- -- aren't thinking. Why am identical to respond and I get by and then with flying across London and -- were coming over Wimbley started him thinking. Why are we. Underwent all right and what it is like that till -- and -- what you Dellucci waving and under combined again. -- and Freddie Mercury's climbing kisses and I had no idea I was -- Wednesday. I'd nudges and this is -- Kids that were even born in 85 know about life what I know about it now. No public to have known about. And I've never added that the point but the point on I'm trying to say is that with those things you know it's like -- -- -- -- -- -- united years some phenomena decent mignon. Those like you -- things -- -- to do some. It was just. I just you know site you can -- -- -- of being aware of -- -- -- Nigeria -- the -- it was like -- and -- -- somewhere and that's you know I'm not proud of it not just being on things straight now I knew I just know I just -- seconds -- I think. Should be proud of I think that actress next year and humility. But anything I think so I'm trying to -- just in my and authority and I I honestly doesn't and I think -- that's probably one of the reasons why I think people. Let -- so much is the fact that that you are a fairy. Humble performers that -- very dedicated to your craft an ominous got on the upswing will be permitted to say what if you don't ask you but -- doubt the whoever I've heard some -- some -- Welcome to you know to her voice to her style. Well I'm. Attendees is this farm law you -- image obscene careers you know some monument in times -- As -- well now -- says. Is this is more debt than he was looked at I think that again is. Yet for younger acts of that is the brick school that kind of stuff but I you know says no there's no doubt that this -- not think she's united. An incredible wonderful time and I for enough to look I love the way she presents on stage. You know it to say it will with two and a cousin and is -- these ideas that -- and -- thought -- Wednesday that it let's just connect. I just a woman presenting itself and and tennis and -- songs and being a fine. Fine fine role model -- a time when we really need them for women in my heart dispensed like to hostess. In the way that that young women -- exploiting themselves. You know I you know some announcement that -- that it took in about -- many in the industry about you get -- not a -- -- Iowa. You know I recruited sunny you know I was with Colombia with this. Massive. Record companies and that the ones. -- him and tell me. I should change the land route to fix might have turned like colors. I think this -- is too easy to say. That someone's foot in this community and someone is putting them and you will will show you when you if -- -- buy into it for the sake of the Korean united. You eat you have to have some self respect and and you shouldn't -- -- into a -- -- by trade license somebody assistant assertions are nonsense that's it. That's an interesting turn of phrase I think I think your I think you speak volume well I think into the second about is these are women think -- themselves -- Mirja. You're displaying -- -- gotten you can actually isn't so of course she stormed their children receive again -- -- You -- lethal because you know you. You know EU Eli young and -- loved -- so now. If you are looking what we who'll be well I am today in which is midnight and trust me so much better place -- you know so much happier place today. And so why would you risk your invent how -- -- -- -- -- -- and and and so the -- where women can only ever be valued. Four. For that aspect to themselves which is -- -- Austrians and fassel that is sage advice. It's -- families and -- that most of what what's what's next. From now on an island of under the thing to fight nights like like I get Columbus -- -- again upon corn and some of security from a good -- yeah. I don't really get you any good because this really has been a pleasure you know I'm obvious such good -- and -- and I'm loving -- -- united -- it's like I'm an unhappy events on the nine it is in my -- thank you so much that in the album is called the minutes go out and get it out some way thank you so much thinking. --

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