Amy Schumer: 'I'm the same kind of happy as when I was waiting tables'

Schumer appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about her new film "Snatched."
17:06 | 05/12/17

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Transcript for Amy Schumer: 'I'm the same kind of happy as when I was waiting tables'
Well my. When his piano next plus me up when all the billboards and bus this and they put about 36 hours. I know man who can take care to do. Oh yeah no I'm sure he can am rooting out this house sex slavery start and amendments some reason on you don't have to leave. Those kinds of people one don't beautiful females diversity. Well yeah well that's good okay how dare you liked that is so we're it. That's crazy well we don't like how dare you that's my mother penny Havoc on paper but if you think to be safer for me to kind of like. Go hiatus when she meets your friend who knows how can a suspect who managed to not do both city. I mean. Jim who could face would protect you. Hello everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn where. I tell you what's going the movies and as a movie quotes that note it is next so it's not pornography. Well of a little but let me Amy Schumer is in it. With Goldie Hawn and she brought go be down so much to too hurt and I mean it's like get it to heart are raiding. You'll laugh but you'll say. What did she do to her forget you can look at me without guilt. Sierra you just on K soul it's an airlift Seoul experts say that any war and this way way and I talked to two years. Things have changed ware of CB. Now you're like car dash and things I emulate mr. burns. It is fit my Ireland. Asked if the Internet yeah this the famous too much for its much. How we knew he. I'm handling it I'm OK I think really have an issue it's me or nobody hires. You know you walk around mile island and arrow any knowing there's no hope he can start I heard that would just millions. I am every media outage. Just everyone's holding a radio rather. Yeah. Everybody and let's be costly to hire people to do that if it's important that and as weren't bad anyway. I give them all health and the answer you yet they don't want. A really good important. Let them look. So you're just this week as you've ever been. This whole Goldie Hawn experience with that yeah man mother and daughter. I've heard you talk about this and I heard you you know tell the stories that Hollywood once it. All that you ran into Golding said I want you to play my mother she said what a wonderful idea. She didn't know I was Steve was he actually yet now with out I just want the unvarnished truth of this unvarnished look I'm glad it some. Yes they Denton and we flew we're both on a flea cross country and dying. Decided not to bothered during flights. How weird he chizik if you know someone. Knows you're there that you're kind of aware of them looking a U haul flights things we just leave her alone. We got off united stair hall and be sure and she looks beautiful she sleeps. In the airport I just went up but I said I am I'm a comedian and some meaning and I would. There's just the script and I would. And I was looking at him and other in this movie but that's usually the queue for her to say security. She's not that person Hughes. But yes she's like very unguarded in Sweden opens you know and she does that look honey in gene idea. Anything about me and then we met a couple months later in London and I again Leno ever and I that I just allowed apparently and you know us a student I'm lake and you know not known as the real thing that's happening in. And I think he told her this girls I mean and she tilted to watch train wreck in the mingled near the scripts he's. And immediately we were like let's do everything we can make this movie to get there. I kept seeing lives watching you two together yet you re making gold these movies in kind I saw you was private Benjamin and I immediately. It was your Goldie Hahn an obsession or model cars were you. Our whole family was obsessive quality. You'll analyzes Saturday he had yet to sponsor Ehrlich love villas a lot of funny. People but she was this a very special person house and she but you know overboard I can relax and mostly but. And all the finally death becomes her and and house that are in the once you forget about but then I also lumps Overland express in. In cactus flower and you know only she's just she's a different saying than anything else I've ever seen it now. Really difficult when you have. Such a fan worship. And that he got to work with that yes yes and we we you on the set thing tell me about overboard where you because come up. Yeah I did I have to use nickel on you're gonna be like Al Ansar Al Islam. Air relations and let's not let up on this that it would do you. And she's given up what you learned about her incur. I've learned in that day. Being there together because they want to be they want to be with each other and there are huge fans each other. But their real you know it's like in their and there are really independent zoo which is one of the nameless island from Goldie just like you don't have the loser and. And is to be with somebody. So she didn't hand advice. Sheen. I'm you know it scares some things but she's not a pushy. Advisors. She parents at either. So if she's very fair haired. But look it says on the posted to its Mother's Day weekend. It's a first for everything what are you doing for your mom on Mother's Day we. We're in a citizen in this. Yeah what a perfect thing yet she's very in my life it'll be about mean well there's so much evident her like I. Meet certain rate. So she's laughing harder than anyone because its exact moments. From us did you share hypocrite you are trip to South America that turned out to be. Very bizarre now we denied we did not a trip that this way but. You know the data days play where did mom comes to the set and meet golden. No. It was all eyes are. And but did you meet LT date yet again beautiful. Beautiful it. Cool to go to you in some men this is definitely. I hear that inside even Schumer is on the little bit of a hiatus now. Yeah I get more from and he did not your thing then I'm visit breath. And what I mean when you undated I am producing other kinds. What are you do MEI I mean seriously Peter yesterday theory is all much. That EU in asking a doing anything like it really hurts their aside as a matter of time. Critic it's just again I mean spirited I question right this you know yeah not like got supposed to ask any act. There. What what are you doing here not you were at liberty but. It doesn't feel like I'm I hear you're doing a movie that prevent them to act as coolest thing kindness is my all time favorite characters. When she was on the show she ate most I could see that she really was that and yes is this more of a dramatic role for. I'm its. It's not that dramatic I mean it it's more it's not like in. Good comedy lake train wreck thinks that she. But. Her movies. Personal velocity in Jack heroes I just bleed blue anyway and and she wrote this part for me has like this came from him but I haven't drama coming out. And what does that it's called thank you for your service. Yes it was the guy who wrote American's paper project. And spiel berg. And that's Altera. You just hang with. All of the Greeks and all that you know being just everything's Davies silver up. Seems he'll he'll yeah that's it and it's a super dramatic yet it's as true story yesterday and later real woman. Yeah putting a real woman last seen him and I guess the trade act regulators and it was yeah let you know what. Yeah that's the toughest thing to play in Natalie to you I'm seeing you. It's division I have a view clutching the Oscar. Lake from Saudi court. That that. You guys uncle is her business owner here it is but you know two years ago that you wore rain this virginal. My hymen was fully intact it everything everything I mean I just don't have been managing and yet you have now like California system. Hollywood's has yet to select few ranch and yet you sit. Survivor. Absent hill of the new versions of act what they have to deal with. I would tell them. To listen to your interesting piece and fight for what you want and if you can't get that they instantly. And it's as it feeling in the arts in the art. I I really don't feel it I'm part of Hollywood at all actually. Do you have a place that we now if you just won't be there. Well I'm here it's just so you're gonna stay away and it's harder to win the Oscar that way. I have to warn that site being important what. Always to me. Yes cake and I do it Andrea Zuckerman. Two. And he's a fake address. Accesses you can go to school to help. My chance I do like that that's where you draw your lessons at your life lessons and drop all because. I see you have a sister and a brother yeah. They are you still this titans you. Crazy house. And so when you watch movies where you all always obsessed with particular ones are we yet know what all I who has reached. Would do Mila Neal Simon. Right beach memoirs she makes no sense but I love the fact light. Because the kids don't they go Neil Simon I don't know that is on c'mon they don't. Seems little sample is. Right beach memoirs was right reach Mars and he would do the lines we still give us. We love Christopher Guest in Alton C spinal and that's her evening. Can't we just like had. Favorite movies to watch over and over again and the Muppets. Yet I think there I think we. Might my favorite thing still is it just kind of watching my brother and sister I think it reminds you when you really felt really safe and just cozy as a kid. You know it's iron. It's it's like her favorite things to do. And an opt torture. My brother love's game shows which is why we just we're going to be a family feud NG and we shot auditor and I see just the very belief sorry he. If that would memos saying. It's what one family feud we love family feud. It's we love it we've been watching her all eyes oh three at him and his and his wife and and liquor are close family friend. Yes brother sister we got so and again jackets mean we're really we're determined to enjoy our lives yeah. So when you had the dream of doing snacks when you costs that go on the plane cracked. Actor and said this was my image yet. Did back. Did the movie fulfill what your dream was. Deion Deion Deion just doing. Yes it's a watch your favorite scene in snatched. So you don't have to praise yourself or say that the one that you felt this was when it was something fulfilled your dream in the oh well. Emotionally it's actually which I area. Lecavalier scenes and my sister and I and that its of the one lake gold quality in the jungle. You know those real moments of you know your boundaries you preteen years and years hostages. Lake let go and and then my man my seat with her in jail cell. Where way you know and I are emotional scenes I think we're the most it was it was really cool to see her live it out and and just. You know so moving and and Kenya and this is felt earns ends and special so all right you. Amy Schumer some who grow the tree hunt have fulfilled. Later was severe economic honestly we need more I know that you get your treatment. She's services not a good jury also what's the other intriguing I have well honestly yes. I'm look an ankle these life and how she's lived it and like you wanna give birth to take us is that fine now is that possible hope at least reenact it. This is his foundation in she's like truly helped so many children and people in. That I would I have an interest in doing that I want to do. You know work that I can be really proud. And yes feels it's that's so sad because you know sorry backs. Out here in an audience grave addiction. Something sex crazed women standing next grades and I am addicted to things please it didn't seem that way it seemed like. You were Angelina Jolie for a very high poverty and very rubbery I don't I don't seem to be exiting. Healthy energy I didn't want it it's just I'm not only once you. I was going I wanted to go now I I we're issue I love we ain't picturing him. And yet no time I'm addicted to things. Hope I'm. Things. Art and I can then ask you to Albert anxious song. Oh yes he taken OK can definitely do. OK I need. I'm ready is a time it is time okay when you are ready okay and university with a person I do you know what do I have to be blind and makes you. And. And I want to film makes you soon. And no one is that some money he is seen bill and do moon landing seeing. As. Go last out Lance. When she's tired feet tall. And eighteen and go home. Chasing rabbits. And you know he going to. Tell enough Luke. Smoking caterpillar. How men is in the mean I love. I. Call now Lance and when she was just. In. Beautiful and inspiration when Diana. Doesn't. Get up. And it. Team just had some kind of must. And dying. And him. Lasts and and and I thing you know. Okay. When god. And bush in the and the. A but. Oh right back pain is talking learn. And practically is with. And and Reid and. Out. Yeah. To my god. There is no more exploration of thought about it. What I got it everybody. Would hang your acts that it'd take your mom there. Think. You're verdict. This is the big your suddenly you again. I admit it's. Thank you meaning here you so much.

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{"duration":"17:06","description":"Schumer appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about her new film \"Snatched.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47352413","title":"Amy Schumer: 'I'm the same kind of happy as when I was waiting tables' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/amy-schumer-im-kind-happy-waiting-tables-47352413"}