April 27, 1992: Kirk Cameron on life after 'Growing Pains'

Cameron would like to focus on projects with “integrity and substance,” which he says is hard to find in Hollywood.
2:23 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for April 27, 1992: Kirk Cameron on life after 'Growing Pains'
Kurt downing joins us this morning we're here the only person we can say so how does the water bad water compared bottled water and then went back back back. It was at it was finding it it was a little sad watching. And I loved all the flashbacks and everything for all of us who enjoy the show over the years but it would additional bit of footage of what what went on to Kenya ended the taping. I guess because about a month ago today and you know knowing it would saying divided the audience for that. Night for the last time but students won't this thing had been involved. Feeling a little bump in the road it was. They used how many small ball I was fourteen. So then got what that family really like their Hollywood even spend eight hours a day. People accidentally. And it's hard to sometimes think invited everyone's hugs and find a lot of fun times. I would ask you for your fondest memory on the show that you'd be a bad boy if he didn't say it was when you met your wife who thought let up. I couldn't say anything else what do you want to think now I mean you've got. You've got you can do more TV. To movies. He had there's a lot out there to do. But. The sole purpose that that I have been in in Hollywood right now is to do projects with integrity. And with substance and it's so hard good luck pop up I don't I thought we talked about little bit before the spot new said that it really bothers if everything is based on. Sex or violence or something that you want to bring back the old Jimmy Stewart movies with something that's. Yeah I think it everything has its place but. Some of you watch some real classics for I've ever when I was little or. In the evenings when I was a kid. We remember that we what we saw you then too perfect and it shows leads you back there we're just so great and and children could sit down and watch it with Edward in the family and they. Left you're such a good feeling and and inspired and uplifted and. Was the kind of shows I think people want to see you think it's realistic manner the movie studios too afraid to do that. Not my philosophy is. I hear people saying all the time that well we want to show what's really out there you know how the world really is well it's maybe you kind of violence nowadays you can influence at hope for change for the better. By doing something that. You know is above that and that's what I think we need to.

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{"id":50425110,"title":"April 27, 1992: Kirk Cameron on life after 'Growing Pains'","duration":"2:23","description":"Cameron would like to focus on projects with “integrity and substance,” which he says is hard to find in Hollywood.","url":"/Entertainment/video/april-27-1992-kirk-cameron-life-growing-pains-50425110","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}