Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor' Tops Spotify's Top 5 Viral With Help From Bowie

Paramore's Haley Williams shows off her dance side on Zedd's 'Stay the Night.'
5:44 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor' Tops Spotify's Top 5 Viral With Help From Bowie
-- the most viral songs of the weak -- -- top five list and we got Emporia this week a bit of a theme impressive collaborations and my most favorite collaborator. Spotify Shannon and -- an impressive collect my. Stan -- collaboration it's all about team work yes. So number five doesn't -- I think constantly. Hear the crickets awkward silent art and girls this -- -- number five. High profile -- coming out of this -- to -- monies given what they laughed and this featuring prints. On -- and I'm going -- holidays -- really unique. -- -- talent she's got serious fine she's got great style and the fact that prince collaborate again. Is basically the final soon period for me that means I was -- But he really is negative because he doesn't collaborate with anyone really he doesn't need to know. He doesn't know he doesn't even need a name frankly he just needs a symbol yet that's -- -- it is his. You're gonna -- -- this is simple and formerly known as fourth on the list collaborating with the guys guys guys you two. REC -- -- artists' collective. And this one let go. This is my favorite son. This is great I love design review the music -- because it isn't really interesting and by introducing. Hangings entry. Think you're thinking his beautiful looking woman -- life. If it kills someone needs them I mean it doesn't get more -- and. Now but it's based human but when you take the tune by itself it's fun it's any it's catching it's something went up late for the kids but not necessarily show the -- -- -- -- campaign. Island and I've been listening to quite a bit without the music media so -- -- have just didn't know exactly awake at 3 o'clock in the morning number three. A bit about a movie music collaboration this of course coming from the big hit the Hunger Games and this is Coldplay -- atlas. I have to say I'm always excited when I hear me cold place I am I really enjoyed -- and other people that they love to hate them back. I've seen -- live enough times to -- that they're just. They're fantastic. Music is -- -- gets me up behind me this song was written specifically for the -- which is really -- references a bow and an arrow. -- clay surprise well you're listening to a dance he can actually picture cat and surrounding. Very fast away from danger or into danger whatever she feels like. Which is the conundrum that we face on a regular basis. Going towards or away from the fire this agree it's it's a great saw -- sometimes it's like you know when you get us on the comes up on the soundtrack -- and it's so closely related to the -- think you can never listened to it without actually. Watching the movie over in your head -- which you know depending if you like the movie -- I bet you this knowing that this song is for maybe I could actually picture in the musing some of the that the cost of the -- -- have larynx. Throughout the navy and I can it could be a great credit song. As well isn't sure isn't -- the box office as well -- pair Morris Hayley Williams is showing that about a different side there's -- -- rocker and she's teamed up with said. For stay the night and I love this one. Staying in the we're paying nine -- And then is. -- -- -- -- -- bid for the legacy will go -- sales and sales in Canada as well I believe -- I think so. If he had said anything about Canada. That -- the Russians and in DJ he's real name is Anton and some -- -- -- to say anything Russian whenever I can't. He was nominated as and as one of them -- to watch at the and the MTV innings he's kind of bubbling up a lot of people really like what he does. He -- a couple of Lady Gaga has hit songs and she really liked his work -- so that sort of helped make -- its camera bond fund beat driving. Kind of an ear worm. I Lanier -- I love it right and it away mark's there again there. -- -- Mean. Like this potential sounds like you just -- here again community the last -- -- before we get it dirty as number one Arcade Fire working with David Boeri on reflector. Actually -- into the David. On its own right media they Wear these really strange. I liked this song and the -- has recently come under fire -- doing sensitive outlandish. -- -- -- for this this particular album they. Think Saddam graffiti they're close -- over the place hasn't -- things got a little bit -- it. They must think those critics up and on the -- Kanye West and information they had head. An interactive music video a that you could actually be it out of your reflections that appeared in the video which is clinical anyway I like the song. I love David going. I love it all you -- be your own Internet start by getting involved on that that's the -- bullets you can get that you can do that mean your five minutes of fame if you can as it reflects it -- carry that tune. It's getting good response but always a pleasure great -- -- we thank you respond I think we -- -- -- --

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{"id":20284960,"title":"Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor' Tops Spotify's Top 5 Viral With Help From Bowie","duration":"5:44","description":"Paramore's Haley Williams shows off her dance side on Zedd's 'Stay the Night.'","url":"/Entertainment/video/arcade-fires-reflektor-tops-spotifys-top-viral-bowie-20284960","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}