The Art of Coachella

Architectural designers Erin Wright and Andrew Kovaks created one of the main art installations for this year's Coachella. They aim to create a unique experience for concert-goers.
2:50 | 04/13/19

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Transcript for The Art of Coachella
In your comebacks and Aaron writer architectural designers and they're debuting there are working the challenge. First time this year I'm geared their pockets office the math and science can't help way we're gonna find out more about what exactly a front that's why. I don't hey how are you or not gave but immediately. Yeah yeah yeah. Indeed there is possible to tell me about how you Kenya's Indian nuclear installations. And what it was like those early early stages. News. An interesting process trying to. Get your name I think TE hands it to go more like the scriptures and very straightforward. So I can't protect the highest it's description. The seven large cap diet healthy. So if you thought I was. Kind of personality when she really took a look at them some fresh murder summer taller an playing here are some beer yeah stop here. You mentioned something about sign is assigned the games and finding out perfect spot I have. Had there not without land for our music a little bit he's. Taking a whole second consideration. Because the cost is fifty TV and it has the ability he has shadows on the smaller ones and it's not generate position. So to have membranes and in the right places really important and we got here this. Under the proposal birds are attacked pat Parker capped guy tumbled ten. Okay vertical towers ashamed of the fact. But hate sort of boxy and always not. Currently nerves are softly. From the natural habitat yes and here with the number of levels but that seems dvds. Sort of safety hazards remember when we have been up there so we reduce the so this is a rich. We've made so people can watch. We'll get an easy that was ideally. Audience I think it would be unfortunate. He's I mean you know wouldn't want want to hear about her telling you that you've stated Saddam Hussein in the sun selling glistening office I'm sure how much pressure is that you have a massive festivals. Why Coachella I mean so many thousands of people are in those brands in your. They are in his didn't know pressure yeah. Oh yeah very normal here and anxieties about everything I do not Batman for displaced this year and see people interact with that in. Yes you live during the day and I mean can we use as a landmark. You know I hope they also may be gaining greater appreciation for art and architecture does everything come we'll then we really.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Architectural designers Erin Wright and Andrew Kovaks created one of the main art installations for this year's Coachella. They aim to create a unique experience for concert-goers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"62368567","title":"The Art of Coachella","url":"/Entertainment/video/art-coachella-62368567"}