Artist Makes Anamorphic Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait With Shoes

The artwork was crafted to promote a theatrical production of "The Mountaintop."
2:53 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for Artist Makes Anamorphic Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait With Shoes
Harder to sort of mixed with an interest in piece of art you know it's very popular in Philadelphia's streets are people who toss you lace over power line hanging and one artist bears and Philadelphia area has. Kind of taken that into his own work of art it's a check this out this is and they know its talent. Who has done this sort of portrait to call an amorphous portrait of him okay. Yes I'll choose Paul Hughes. Like all different kind. Stated in my view human all of onyx and there. A couple of can accuse. You let us see the exhibit has suggested to say I can't get if they have the new jordans I definitely wanted to see it it's hard to find otherwise but. He's an all sizes all the colors to do this photo and it's also that. For most production there in Philadelphia called the mountain top unbelievable I swear I didn't have that vision let it happened. Must be a share isn't. A diskette and a pair. This is a mockingbird. Who had a little problem with his behavior say there that they call it not filling one it's almost like his feeder and a permanent fifth yet and it is a lot of problems that campers they can't walk properly you can't grasp the things. Well apparently there's a very easy fix. So the California wildlife center outfitted the bird with what looks like it's the fact snowshoes. And apparently they say. One of the virgin walked behind Matthews on an after about a week wearing them on their feet are just fine so they say this particular little birdies a mockingbird. Is getting ready to be released once again to speak for. Just about back to normal and I'm sure it's popular about a mile from birds that are opens month effort. From Goucher. Cut and mocking. Bird it's much right. I couldn't miss me that much paso. Has Zito candy garner popular this time of the year and proceeds what you've always wondered is runs flavored candy corn haven't you. Not shore road now you have it. This isn't out now in target stores they include the French toast very little maple. Syrup taste conversion this strawberry waffle and the chocolate chip and Kate I was told you love buffaloes. Here. They've got reviewed level up of course to motivate and what they don't have our bloody Mary flavored candy. Those can this woody gone there go home and down the pullback and now we'll leave you with a chilled and enjoying a blow dryer. Susan Love and a Golden Retriever from California. Uday a fair thing. Dozens lined up trying to convince my friends and the if beyoncé was a dog this is what the godmother. A written. In just days living crazy in love.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"The artwork was crafted to promote a theatrical production of \"The Mountaintop.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42025550","title":"Artist Makes Anamorphic Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait With Shoes","url":"/Entertainment/video/artist-makes-anamorphic-martin-luther-king-jr-portrait-42025550"}